christopher otto
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Chris Otto lives and works in New York City.

Activities have ranged from being accepted to speak at ICA London to helping VJ Kevlar with visuals at raves and fashion shows, to designing a website for male model Ngo [one of Ricki Lake\'s ten sexiest men:)].

His background ranges from studying at the infamous SFAI New Genres program to doing Flash for Organic to interning at Gyro Worldwide, practicioners of advertising par excellence. Past influences range from Gilbert+George to experiencing Rap+SS on the first formation tour to Hal Foster and Baudrillard. Currently he is inspired by mashups, rinseouts, freestyle skateboarding, and dangerous parties.

Amusingly, his current work is mainly large, somewhat AbEx paintings done with materials from KMart and St. Marks Place. Upcoming work will involve airbrushing.

Chris Otto is 25.
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Re: Re: Does the artbase have an historicization function?

i think the broken image has been an interesting new idea added to vocabulary with the www - i used it first in connect/disconnect [no longer extant] to show missing webcam users around 96/97 - then later to play with realities and the crash in 2000 by posting broken stickers on advertisements around san francisco. i had a tshirt too, but only two people bought it. check them out at


Re: Re: I promise...

good idea i tried it with "financial pop" a few months ago someone offered me a cheque for $20 which isnt so bad.

i think alot of sol lewitt's list is great, and also break some of the pre-conceptions often aired about it. i think what is often described as conceptual art is more aptly shown in robert irwin's "notes on a conditional art" which reads very differently, almost like tractaco logico philosophicus by wittgenstein but based on form. i've said this before i think, and lewitt's text adds to this, that conceptual art is as much punk rock as it is academic.

michaels point about london has alot of validity. los angeles has a similar vibe too.

i am all for the return of hardcore conceptual art! i've had similar problems as Eryk in terms of grants though. especially in terms of speaking i get conceptually based projects accepted though the travel costs involved are often more than i want to spend [ though less than another year at art school i guess:)].

lately i have felt that some shows have been cropping up around here ["trespassers" at is one example] that are very conceptually based. also MTAA's new show sounded excellent from the postcard how did it go?

t.whid wrote:

> >My most recent grant rejection was almost entirely conceptual art. It
> has
> >proven to me: Conceptual art is not a good foundation for a grant
> >application.
> >
> MTAA hasn't quite figured that one out yet.
> >As a conceptual artist, could I write a proposal to a grant committee
> that
> >says my piece is based on thier rejection of my application, and that
> >payment is to be expected in full if they reject said application?
> They
> >would then have no choice but to accept, and pay me anyway. It may be
> weak
> >ideologically, but it might just get me paid, and I owe money on a
> new
> >Hyundai.
> >
> >Ultimately, this is the value of performance art, yeah?
> i'm not sure i know what you mean...
> the ultimate value of performance art is getting paid?
> --
> <twhid>
> </twhid>


Re: Re: the onion is funny

i disagree about the turner prize, though the onion article describes
almost exactly the show upstairs at kenny schacter conTEMPorary:)

On Thu, 29 May 2003, Michael Szpakowski wrote:

> Whilst I absolutely agree with the general thrust
> nevertheless the Daily Telegraph as a source of
> comment about the arts ( or anything for that matter)
> should be treated with caution.
> It's the paper of the huntin',shootin' and fishin'
> classes, the ones who still haven't grasped the fact
> that Empire is over and who probably find Van Gogh a
> little avant garde.
> best
> michael
> --- curt cloninger <> wrote:
> > the turner prize is even funnier:
> >
> >
> >
> > _
> > _
> >
> >
> > t.whid wrote:
> >
> > > Magical Gallery Transforms Dull Objects Into Art
> > > NEW YORK-A magical New York art gallery has the
> > power to turn dull,
> > > everyday items into brilliant works of art,
> > sources reported Monday.
> > > "Seth Clayton's devastating Untitled No. 7
> > captures the despair of
> > > urban ennui in a way that's post-ironic yet
> > somehow pre-pomo," said
> > > David E. Sherry, owner of the David E. Sherry
> > Gallery, while admiring
> > > a rusty bucket and tattered boot lying on the
> > gallery floor. "Its
> > > eloquence is truly heartbreaking."
> > >
> > > ++
> > >
> > > hahahahaha
> > > --
> > > <twhid>
> > >
> > > </twhid>
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rv transformation

i stumbled across these images the other day - a result of meeting joseph
mcelroy on rhizome raw and selling him my friend scotto's motorhome:)

chris otto

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hello + nyc + etcetera

hi i finally rememebershipped i have been doing other things for awhile. anyways i now live in manhattan so i would be interested in hearing about exhibitions and such.

chris otto