christopher otto
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Chris Otto lives and works in New York City.

Activities have ranged from being accepted to speak at ICA London to helping VJ Kevlar with visuals at raves and fashion shows, to designing a website for male model Ngo [one of Ricki Lake\'s ten sexiest men:)].

His background ranges from studying at the infamous SFAI New Genres program to doing Flash for Organic to interning at Gyro Worldwide, practicioners of advertising par excellence. Past influences range from Gilbert+George to experiencing Rap+SS on the first formation tour to Hal Foster and Baudrillard. Currently he is inspired by mashups, rinseouts, freestyle skateboarding, and dangerous parties.

Amusingly, his current work is mainly large, somewhat AbEx paintings done with materials from KMart and St. Marks Place. Upcoming work will involve airbrushing.

Chris Otto is 25.
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Re: Re: Art Star/Sausage Factory

This was a great event! I stumbled upon it and had a great time I highly recommend stopping by if you are in town. My drawing is the x and y thought bubbles with a whale in a lake and malibu in the background drawn in blue pencil on the right when you come in. I did the one below too to warm-up.

I really wanted to go to Drinkin and Drawin but couldnt make it I'll definitely be there if there is another installment though!


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: an answer to : Who's Afraid of Blue, Red and Green ?

i made a piece about red,green, and blue once. it clashes the system of time vs. color rgb vs. hms.

M. River wrote:

> Roberto Echen wrote:
> > hi mark>
> > i like it very much, and see the differences as well, but i'd like
> > you
> > to elaborate why this one is net and others web art. what i'd say
> is
> > that yours is more conceptual, though others are too in some degree.
> > best
> > rechen
> >
> Hi Roberto and all,
> From the call from Creative Time, (one of my favorite arts orgs):
> 'Selichar invites participants to design an animation comprised of 15
> vertical compositions in blue, red, and green.'
> It sounds like an interesting project but what is being asked for is a
> timed animation. So Jimpunk and Co. seemed to have re-purposed the
> call by sending links to net art not web art. That


my new moblog

after the unfortunate loss of my old cellphone i got a sony t616 which takes pictures. i just setup a moblog at

with my photos. ive added most of the ones ive already taken, and should be adding new pictures often.


new>> flash animations

hi i made some flash animations with my friend chris stanchak

check them out at


Re: Re: W3C sides with Microsoft

definitely it would cause a mess, though looking at the microsoft documentation at:

it seems like it could mean javascript freelance work to me. which wouldnt be so bad.

t.whid wrote:

> >W3C Sides With Microsoft In Patent Fight
> >Thu Oct 30, 3:34 AM ET
> >
> >Antone Gonsalves, TechWeb News
> <snip>
> >
> >In its letter to the patent office, the W3C maintained
> >that the Eolas patent is invalid because its ideas had
> >previously been published as "prior art." Prior art
> >wasn't considered in the Microsoft trial, nor when the
> >patent was granted, the standards body said.
> >Therefore, the patent should be invalidated.
> >
> >If the patent is allowed to stand, the W3C said, it
> >would cause "cascades of incompatibility to ripple
> >through the Web."
> Has anyone seen any info on what prior art Berners-Lee submitted to
> the patent office?
> this is good news IMO.
> --
> <twhid>
> </twhid>