Christopher Lowther
Since 2008
Works in Birmingham United States of America

Christopher Lowther is Assistant Professor of Time-Based Media at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He teaches Video, animation, interactive design, and 3D modeling/animation. Lowther is the recipient of the prestigious College Art Association Professional Development Fellowship (funded by the National Endowment for the Arts) in recognition of his innovative use of space and video projection to reference stereotypes of masculinity in Hollywood film.
Lowther's videos and installations have exhibited both nationally and internationally. He has created video for theatre and is currently working on a stop-frame animation and digital cabinets of curiosity. Consideration of several aspects of space - cinematic and cultural - is a direction that he has taken with his work in various digital art mediums. In some instances the intersection of these directions reveals faults and cracks, fissures that need to be exposed and re-evaluated. The slippage that occurs along these faults suggests new ways of looking at space and the ways in which we experience and negotiate space.