Christopher Fahey
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Works in Brooklyn United States of America

Christopher Fahey has been making computer games and graphics since childhood, and he continues to experiment with new ideas in computer art and design. He is the creative force behind the online laboratories and Christopher is a founding partner of Behavior, a New York-based interaction design firm, where he serves as the Information Architecture practice lead. He has led many interactive productions as an art director, game designer, interface designer, and information architect. Christopher graduated from the Cooper Union School of Art in 1993 with a focus on interactive sculptures and installations, and has worked in the new media business ever since.
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Re: They Rule II

> > Because sometimes it appears that the same "ruling"
> > systems for big business are at play in the the Art world.
> >
> >-muserna
> what sort of conspiracies are you imagining?
> just curious :-)

Yeah, me too. I'm sure if you suggested this to Josh On he could quite
easily build it. It's just a database.

Then everyone would be able to finally see who went to the same art
school as who else. It would be like a Hans Haacke piece, except it
would be petty and trivial.


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