Christophe Guignard
Since 2002
Works in Lausanne Switzerland

Christophe Guignard is one of the founding members of fabric | ch (, an studio for architecture, interaction & research based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

He studied architecture at the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne (, as well as in Montreal and New York. He completed his education with a series of philosophy seminars before obtaining a master's degree in computer graphics in the media research lab at EPFL. Christophe Guignard has also been a lecturer at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne ( since 2000.

In 1997, two architects, Christophe Guignard and Patrick Keller, founded fabric | ch with a telecommunications engineer, Stéphane Carion and a computer scientist, Christian Babski.
Initially the work of fabric | ch was essentially oriented towards the exploration of electronic territories (networks, data environments, artificial or virtual spaces, interaction) as well as “immaterial” (digital) architectures. Later, fabric | ch worked on the combination of these non-material territories with the physical ones, seeking to link a universe made up of bits to one made of atoms. The latest projects undertaken by fabric | ch reach further into the “real” contemporary world, dealing with different dimensions and driven by a concept of spatial interferences (variable intertwining of heterogeneous spatialities, times, climates, locations and parameters like the presence of global into local, public into private, distributed into localized, digital into physical, etc.)
Through these different approaches and phases of work, the architectural processes of fabric | ch have developed around the manipulation of dimensions (bits of information, time, space, climate, geo-positioning, gravity, pressure, etc.) or elements (particles, molecules, physiology, etc.) and the association of related architectural and technological concepts (combination, multiplication, reduction, hybridization, displacement, ubiquity, s(t)imulation, substitution, interferences, miscegenation). Combining experimentation and production, the agency has sought to formulate new architectural proposals as the result of combinations of the different dimensions contained in contemporary space.
For ten years, the works of fabric | ch have been exhibited or presented in different artistic institutions, universities, art and architecture festivals and biennials such as the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) and Contemporary Art Center in Geneva; the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London; Swiss Institutes of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and Zürich (ETHZ), Architecture and Information & Communication Departments ; the universities of art and design of Lausanne (ECAL) and Zürich (HGKZ); the Instiotute of Contemporary Art and the Archi-tectural Association in London; the Modern and Contemporary Art Center (CAMEC) in La Spezia; the Swiss Cultural Center and the University Paris VIII in Paris; Art Unlimited, Art | Basel | 35; Siggraph Art Gallery and Postopolis!LA in Los Angeles; Swissnex in San Francisco and Boston; the Festival Lyon Lumières in Lyon; Boston CyberArts Festival; File international festival in Sao Paulo; Article Biennial in Stavanger, LIFT Asia in South Korea; the Nuit Blanche in Paris and Noche Em Blanco in Madrid, etc.
fabric | ch is the beneficiary of numerous grants and cultural supports from the Swiss Office for Cultural Affairs and the Swiss Art Council, the State of Vaud, the City of Lausanne and other national or international institutions.
In parallel, fabric | ch has been commissioned for architecture and/or interaction projects by Nestlé, Canal+, Box Productions, the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA), the Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education, the Swiss Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL), the University of Fribourg, the European Community, Ringier Press Group, the Swiss Confederation (OFC and DFAE), the City of Lyon, the City of Paris and many other companies and public institutions.
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DISCUSSION at Contemporary Art Center Geneva

Dear friends,

fabric | ch is pleased to present at Contemporary Art Center Geneva (Switzerland) is a contemporary art museum created by fabric | ch (architecture) and Simon Lamuniere (curation).
It exists both in physical and digital spaces, in localized and distributed environments.
For this exhibition at Contemporary Art Center Geneva, invites five contemporary artists to create original artworks which define and modulate their presence inside an extended spatial spectrum:

+ Joelle Flumet
+ Yves Mettler
+ Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner
+ Nedko Solakov
+ Heimo Zobernig

Physical: Contemporary Art Center Geneva, June 29th - July 31th, 2005
Images of architecture:

For more information, contact Patrick Keller [] or Christophe Guignard []

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Siggraph 02 - Microarchitecture in-between San Antonio, Lausanne, Brussels and Berlin

Thu Jul 25, 2002 00:00 - Thu Jul 25, 2002

[Sorry for cross posting...]


this week, fabric | ch launches @ SIGGRAPH 02 Art Gallery

First digital/critical/experimental_scape:

electroscape 001 [ ]

fabric | ch vs LAB[au] //in electroscape//

During 6 days, fabric | ch and LAB[au] *fight* with/in a pre-existing 3D microarchitecture.

Working from 4 places (San Antonio [USA], Brussels [Belgium], Berlin [Germany], Lausanne [Switzerland]), in 2 time zones (GMT-6, GMT+1), our purpose is to investigate digital and mutated landscape, mixed reality, infoscape and electromagnetic territories while experiencing new possibilities for architecture, new memes, new schemes of design.

electroscape 001 3D environment will be transformed *live* by fabric | ch and LAB[au]. What should emerge from this architecture in progress is the *crash* of 2 time zones and 4 places into one electronic architecture where the teams will become the *crash testers*, where they will investigate in real time distant collaboration and digital architecture production.

But the best is to experience it by yourself, so, if you cannot join us @ Siggraph, connect to

Best regards,
Christophe Guignard

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