Christine Leclerc
Since 2010
Works in Vancouver Canada

Christine Leclerc lives in Vancouver. She is the author of Counterfeit, a book of poetry published by CUE. Her work has also appeared in 42opus, The Apocalypse Anthology, Dandelion, FRONT, Interim, memewar, OCHO, the Open Text Anthology (Vol II), and subTerrain. She teaches Creative Writing at Langara College Continuing Studies.
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Enpipe Line: a 1,173 kilometer-long poetry collaboration

Thu Dec 01, 2011 00:00

The Enpipe Line wants your poems!

A 1,173 kilometer-long poetry collaboration, Enpipe Line is being written in resistance to Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal ( and projects like it (more info below or at The "and projects like it" part makes it very broad, so submissions do not have to limit themselves to a particular theme.

The Enpipe Line is being called a "communal poetic response" (Rob Budde) and a "collaborative protest" (granvillemag). It currently includes work by Ray Hsu, Stephen Collis, Krissy Darch, Peter Macdonald, Wiesia Kujawa, Jen Currin, Michael Nardone, Cortney K Dawkin and more. As of today (Nov 19, 2010), the line is 12.014 kilometers long, and the site where it is featured ( evolves according to the suggestions of the line's collaborators. So far they have had the brilliant idea of having the line scroll across the top of the page. Other ideas are in the process of being made real.

If you or anyone you know would like to collaborate, please do be in touch.

Although the deadline has been listed as 2011-12-01, the deadline is always today. Submit today, and submit often ;)