christie scott
Since 2009
Works in Los Angeles United States of America

long-time resident of venice, california . christie graduated from ucla and currently plays and writes in the larger los angeles area, working toward a masters of fine arts in creative
writing / critical studies and integrated media from california institute of the

she and her partner stane's experimental pop project just finished their first full-length album 'fire petals in the sky' on loveearthmusic
a product of their curating and playing at the two diy sub-avant-garde los angeles artspaces 'il corral' and 'zero-point' ***

she looks toward the future with a hope to be part of a larger experimental educational collective environment.

she loves vegan cheesecake, her little dog boing puff, found precussion objects, birdsounds, circuit-bending and yoga.

she has finished a book of poetry in six movements : 'travel thru spiralbound' and is working on her first novel.

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home site is in phase three:
not so much a cocoon
as electronic wings

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