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Secret Arch by China Blue

Fri Apr 21, 2006 00:00 - Tue Apr 17, 2007

April 21-May 20, 2006, Opening April 21 7-10:00pm!
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, 38 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

China Blue's piece "The Secret Arch" an interactive sound sculpture that uses a Max/Msp audio engine to deliver live streaming recordings that the audience makes on site, from the sculpture. The Secret Arch is based on the secret arch, an architectural feature located at Grand Central Station, New York. There, when you whisper into one corner of the arch you can be heard clearly on the opposite side.
Users of The Secret Arch are invited to interact with it by recording their passions, fears, phobias or secrets at the arch on site. If someone is shy or far away you can also send a short one or two sentence recording or an e-mail (which will be converted into a sound file), to The piece will be shown at Dam Stuhltrager Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. She will also have paintings of visualizations of the sound waves in the room. For more information go to
She will also be showing paintings which are visualizations of the sound waves in the room. These abstract works are based on the dashed line, a method in cartoon illustration to show speed and movement. They are painted on circuit boards.


Acoustic Society of America presents China Blue

Thu Jun 08, 2006 00:00 - Wed May 10, 2006

Acoustical Society of America

presents a multimedia exhibition
by this year