Chih-Liang D. Hwan
Since 2008
Works in New York City

David Hwan, grandson of Hakka Taiwanese poet Tu-Pan Kang-Ko, is a media artist, printmaker, and writer. He began writing poems and prose since he was 15 and ran far away from home to seek life's profoundness in art. During his study at University of California Davis and New York Academy of Art, he broadened his horizons to Russian literature (Yuri Druzhnikov), education, design, ceramic sculpture (Annabeth Rosen), and video art. His woodblock print "Firework" won Merit Award in ARC Juried Art Show and is in the permanent collection of Memorial Union. In New York City, Hwan co-funded Nerve Island, a new media literature initiative.

While working in his Astoria studio in 2005, David devised the term "component(s)" as his foremost concept in visual art. Component(s) are abstraction of time and stillness of an organic process. Individual parts exist in solitude until they are composed on another surface. His work also explores the dynamic dimension in poetry. Recently he is experimenting with the idea of emergent system and simultaneity. He now lives and works in East Harlem.