Artist/conceptualizer and professor ( ita). Studies: Artistic Lyceum, Fine Arts Academy of Rome where graduated; master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Lived around. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome.

My artwork combines different media as: internet-art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, digital art in public space as site-specific artworks and video-sculptures. I develop also internet-artworks as widgets, apps and web-apps for mobile platforms.

Full CV at Resumé:
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The Widget Art Gallery at DigiHub 'Art & Chat' - Wednesday 26th Sept

Wed Sep 26, 2012 18:00 - Wed Sep 26, 2012

Dear friends & colleagues,

I'm glad to announce the Widget Art Gallery's presentation at DigiHub 'Art & Chat' - Wednesday 26th Sept.
DigiHub is a Weekly "Open-Mic" evenings for artists using digital means to present and discuss - “show, tell & crit” - their works with the public in a relaxed atmosphere of a local pub.

Best regards Chiara

Chiara Passa (Ita)


"Not Here Not There"-Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:05 - Tue Sep 25, 2012

If you happen to be at the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose, we are announcing there the special issue of LEA-Leonardo Electronic Almanac on Augmented Reality Art: "Not Here Not There".

Best regards, Chiara

Chiara Passa (Ita)


"AUTOMATA - Electric Picnic"

Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:50 - Sun Sep 02, 2012

Dublin, Ireland

AUTOMATA - Electric Picnic", curated by Grace McEvoy at BLOCK-T Dublin.
BLOCK-T will be transforming the late night forest area of the Picnic into a labyrinth of geometrica! themed visuals and installations. Picture giant illuminating screens hung from trees and floating shapes that come alive with light.
l n stark contrast to the organic forest forms, the geometrica l theme wiIl keep with the spirit of the Algorhythm stage set up, which will be entirely built from giant cubes which pulse with coloured lights.

BLOCK T have invited Slipdraft, a Live Visuals and Stage Design collective, to take over the forest floor wh ile the screens wi Il be featuri ng work by internet artists from around the world curated by BLOCK T's Visual Arts
Co-ord inator, Grace McEvoy.

Featured artists are:
a bill miller, Adam Cruces, Alan Butler, Chiara Passa, Chris Collins, Chris Timms, Dylan Fisher, Eilis McDonald, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Eva Papamargariti, Francoise Gamma, Georges Jacotey, Giselle Zatonyl, Haruko Hirukawa, lsaac Hickss, Joe Hamilton, +Juan Manuel Morales, Lorna Mills, Manuel Fernández, Michael Manning, Nora O Murchu, Paul Flannery, Rea McNamara, Rodell Warner, Rollin Leonard, Sarah Weis, Stephanie Davidson, Daniel Rehn, Sarah Caluag and Yoshi Sodeoka.


Grace McEvoy at the Widget Art Gallery! Aug. 10 - Sept. 10, 2012

Wed Aug 08, 2012 16:00 - Mon Sep 10, 2012

Dear friends,

I'm glad to share with you the Grace McEvoy's site-specific-exhibition made just for the WAG - Widget Art Gallery, on IPhone, IPod touch and IPad. Aug 10 - Sept. 10, 2012.

A special thanks to all the artists ( Valeria De Felice, Roberta Lisca, Lorna Mills, Anthony Antonellis, Rollin Leonard, Manuel Fernandez, Jacopo Vecchio, Yoshi Sodeoka, Flavio Doricchi, Andrew Benson, Helen Adamidou and Grace McEvoy ) that have participated until now showing at the WAG various wonderful and interesting digital artworks!

Have a nice summer. Best Regards, Chiara

About the exhibition: "interactivedreamz"

Grace wanted to transform the gallery itself and to bring a virtual "outside" environment "in". The environment itself is made up of a collection of online images. Manipulated and stitched together, they form a type hyper-dream-landscape, in which both the possible and the impossible amalgamate.

About the WAG:

The “WAG" is a mini 3-dimensional, single room gallery that fits into your pocket 'cause I've developed it for IPhone, IPod Touch and I Pad. Every month, directly on your mobile, The “WAG” hosts a solo digital art exhibition related to the dynamic site-specific contest. So, the Widget Art Gallery works both as a sort of kunsthall showing temporary exhibitions and as a permanent collections museum because conserves all the past exhibitions inside an online archive. For IPhone and IPod touch, just copy this url in Safari and choose: “add to home” and the WAG's icon will be saved on your IPhone. Do the same for IPad but paste this other URL:, or download the widget
version for Mac osx dashboard at: . Past exhibitions at:

Chiara Passa - new media artist (Ita)


Inside Out - Kunsthaus, Dresden

Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:25 - Sun Jul 15, 2012

Inside Out
Kunsthaus Dresden presents local off-spaces
C. Rockefeller, F14, geh8 and S T O R E have one room each. 11–14 July 2012

Opening Tuesday, 10 July, 7pm, Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art
7.30pm Nikolaus Woernle aka 20goto10: ›GITARRENPRESSE #5‹ Noise/sound installation (guitar, guitarpress, modularsystem, FX) After 10pm DJ set: Nikolaus Woernle & Markus Prodehl

C.Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts with Andreas Grahl, Andy Kania, Andreas Ullrich, Doppeldenk, Lucie Freynhagen, Matthias Marx

F14 with Martina Beyer, Maja Gratzfeld, Jan Kunze, Matthias Materne, Martin Paul Müller, Marten Schech, Pascal Spindler, Marcel Walldorf

geh8: ›Verbunden mit nichts‹ with André Obermüller, Mariёlle Buitendijk, Daniel Nicolae Djamo, Topp & Dubio, Josh Hite, Ninia Sverdrup, Jonathan Johnson, Alessio Rutigliano, Dorotea Doreen Etzler, Albert Negredo, Karolien Soete, Su jeong Shin-Goldbach, Paul Wiersbinski, Draga Jovanovic, Mehraneh Atashi, Chris Joseph, Michaela Bottková, Roberto Santaguida, Jorge Catoni, Kok & Deiman, Maurice Summen & Markus Fiedler & Lucian Busse, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos, Tetsushi Higashino, Juliane Schmidt, Nicolas Carrier, Mattias Wright, Morgan Meisters, Isabelle Desjeux, Chiara Passa, Maurice Summen & Markus Fiedler & Lucian Busse, Tanja Szallies, Alwin Weber Stephan Groß, Henry Gwiazda, Maciej Nowaczyk, Cora Piantoni

S T O R E: ›video violence. optional commemoration and the future‹ with Trisha Baga, Alexandra Barao, Marie Julia Bollanseé, CLPPNG, Dylan Fisher, Paul Flanery, Mekhitar Garabedian, Adam Harms / Kat Harvey, Naho Kawabe, Sara Ludy, Veronica Luyo / Alvaro Icaza, Lorna Mills, Fernando Visockis Macedo, John Miserendino, Galeria Perdida, Jozef Robakowski, Anselm Ruderisch, Yorgos Sapountzis, Sutter/Schramm

›Inside Out Giftshop‹ in the cashier room

The exhibition ›Inside Out‹ is the starting point for a dialogue between the off-spaces and Kunsthaus Dresden – Municipal Gallery for Contemporary Art. The budget of off-spaces is small, often they are only active for a short time and run collectively. The discourse starting with ›Inside Out‹ deals with the potentials but also with the downsides of these specific conditions of producing and exhibiting. Doing so, it adds new aspects to Kunsthaus Dresden’s current exhibition series ›Terms of exhibiting, producing and performing‹.

Program ›Museumssommernacht‹, 14 July 2012, 6pm – 1am

6.30 – 7.30pm
Round Table Discussion:
Off-spaces and their potential
The conversation will be continued in one of the off-spaces later this year (Time & Location TBA).

Reading: Marcel Beyer reads from his book ›Putins Briefkasten‹

6.30pm – 1am
Conversations & Drinks

After 11pm

Karin Ziegler (Press and Marketing)

Upcoming exhibition and program:
›Various Stages – Bedingte Bühnen‹
3 August – 14 October 2012
Opening 2 August 2012 at 7pm
with Nevin Aladag, Nairy Baghramian, Steven Claydon, Yael Davids, Discoteca Flaming Star, FORT, Hella Gerlach, Liam Gillick, and others
›Salon Rähnitz‹
3 August – 14 October 2012
Tuesday, 7pm – 11pm
Festival ›Test Run – Probelauf‹
part I: Kunsthaus Dresden, 12 – 14 October 2012
part II: Muzeum Sztuki/Kunstmuseum Lodz, 11 – 13 January 2013

curated by Petra Reichensperger.