Artist/conceptualizer, professor (Wikipedia). Studies: Artistic Lyceum, Fine Arts Academy of Rome where graduated; master in new audio-visual mediums at the Faculty of Modern Literature. Lived around. At the moment I’m living and working in Rome.

My artwork combines different media as: internet-art projects, animations, interactive video-installations, digital art in public space as site-specific artworks and video-sculptures. I develop also internet-artworks as widgets, apps and web-apps for mobile platforms.

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128kbps objects both on and at The Meter Room in Coventry UK

Thu Feb 28, 2013 08:00 - Thu Feb 28, 2013

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Dear All,

Hope all is well. will re-broadcast an edited version of the show 128kbps
objects on Thu 28th February both on and at The Meter Room in
Coventry UK.

From 8am to 8pm on Thursday 28th February a programme of sound works, readings and music that respond to the idea of THE GALLERY, will be broadcast on internet radio and played simultaneously at Meter Room for visitors. The programme will explore THE GALLERY, consider what it might be and how objects might be displayed and experienced within, outside or in-between it. The programme has been edited from 128kbps Objects, produced by and broadcast by A selection of the sound-works previously included in the original broadcast is available here:
More info about The Meter Room can be found here:

Best, Marialaura

Marialaura Ghidini @
m. +44 (0)7816 483221
skype: mlghidini


Sound Device n.2, 28th February at 18.30 at Rathmines Library, Dublin

Thu Feb 28, 2013 18:30 - Thu Mar 07, 2013

Dublin, Ireland

Dear friends & colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well.

I'm glad to present the next Sound Devices listening event - Sound
Device n.2 that will be on 28th February at 18.30 at Rathmines Library, Dublin.
Sound Devices is an exciting new way for both artists and audiences to
explore the connection between sound, acousmatic music and literature.
Join us in celebration of historical Rathmines Library’s 100th anniversary for a series of curated monthly events in the form of
imaginative journeys through sound. All events are free and open to the public.

The lineup for the event is:

Intro: Pride & Prejudice: movement, past, possible, present plus
letters: verbs by Maura Hazelden (5:02)

tsuka mo ugoke by Olivia Louvel (5:25)

Persian Cat Blues by Una Lee & Peter Wullen (2:17)

L’Etranger (deducted) by Jamez Dean (2:28)

Ombre by Daria Baiocchi (8:00)

One Quick Memory by Jonathan Johnson (1:00) video

Cullando Parole Svanite by Lorenzo Scacchia (3:33) video

Caladan – Landing by Florian Hartlieb (2:38)

Tales from Space by Chiara Passa (2:22)

Caladan- Exploration by Florian Hartlieb (3:51)

L’Imaginaire by Elsa Justel (5:06)

Special guest: Steve McCourt, introducing 'Ideomas (2nd and 3rd movement)'

> The lineup above will be listed on our blog from tomorrow, where you will also find any updates as the series progresses. Please spread the word, and if you have any friends in Dublin make sure to let them know!

> If you'd like to get a sense of the series, a podcast digest of the first event is available here:

> And here's a facebook invite you can pass around:

This should be all for now...thanks again.

Kind regards,


[ La Cosa Preziosa @lacosapreziosa ]

Sound Devices: explorations in sound and literature
Opening event 28th Feb 2013
Rathmines Public Library, Dublin.


"The Naïf garden" OUT NOW!

Wed Feb 06, 2013 19:05 - Sun Dec 29, 2013

Dear friends & colleagues,

Hope this finds you well.
I'm glad to share with you my project "The Naïf garden" (from the series 'digital art in public space' Interactive video mapping screening created especially for gardens and forests 2012; realized demo 2013 at:

I built this enchanted garden basing myself on video-mapping technique, using Quartz Composer programming language, as well as, After Effects and MadMapper software.
Since an art festival takes place mainly in the dark, I thought about turning a part of the garden in a sort of virtual and interactive nocturne happening as a 'Live Painting', where the viewer is totally protagonist and associated with the creative process of the artwork itself, that is in constant transformation. In fact, through the audience’s voices it is possible redesign a new atmosphere, that comes alive through various digital patterns based on the "particle system" swarming in the real garden, they show cells, viruses, multi-cellular organisms, and various molecular forms.In the “Naïf Garden”, the interactivity carries the people through an emotional and learning journey where their subjectivity is put in question by the choices they constantly make throughout the artwork’s layers.
The “Naïf Garden” is part of the project “Live Architecture”, a series of site-specific interactive video installations and video mapping projects, I thought them up and created them in order to reshape architecture in public places, as well as interior environments and natural landscapes into something vibrant and lively. A dynamic place is always displayed within the multimedia installations - that's why I called it "Live" – since it moves independently, beyond its functionality.

Best regards, Chiara

Chiara Passa - new media artist (Ita)
Find me also:


Anita Bačić at the WAG - Widget Art Gallery. February 6th - March 6th, 2013

Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:00 - Wed Mar 06, 2013

Dear friends & colleagues,

I'm glad to share with you the Anita Bačić's light show at the WAG - Widget Art Gallery on IPhone, IPod touch and IPad form February 6th until March 6th, 2013.
To know more about the Widget Art Gallery, I suggest to read my latest interview on Rhizome

Enjoy the show! Best regards, Chiara Passa.

About the exhibition: "Reflection" by Anita Bačić.

The project explores the parallels with the ephemeral physical world within the virtual space of WAG. Anita wants to show how the repetition of the GIF can become almost meditative. Artist's website

About the WAG:

The “WAG" is a mini 3-dimensional, single room gallery that fits into your pocket 'cause I've developed it for IPhone, IPod Touch and I Pad.
Every month, directly on your mobile, The “WAG” hosts a solo digital art exhibition related to the dynamic site-specific contest. So, the Widget Art Gallery works both as a sort of kunsthall showing temporary exhibitions and as a permanent collections museum because conserves all the past exhibitions inside an online archive. For IPhone and IPod touch, just copy this url in Safari and choose: “add to home” and the WAG's icon will be saved on your IPhone. Do the same for IPad but paste this other URL:, or download the widget version for Mac osx dashboard at: . Past exhibitions at:

Chiara Passa - new media artist (Ita)
Find me also:


WindowZoos exhibition in Singapore

Sun Mar 17, 2013 15:30

Dear All

Below the open call for the WindowZoos exhibition in Singapore.

Please send it out to interested parties and include in mailing lists.

Concerning Jurying the works, we will get back in touch with you once the response has reached a good level.



DAW International
c/o ETH Zurich
Computer Systems Institute RZ H 14
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 Zurich - Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 632 73 11
Fax: +41 44 632 13 07


WindowZoos: Open Call

About WindowZoos

For the exhibition "Window Zoos", the DAW International is looking for a few additional artworks that use Augmented Reality and Geo Tagged images. The project "WindowZoos" is inspired by an image of a car driving down Singapore’s legendary Orchard Road with its windshield plastered with stickers of popular cartoon characters. In keeping with the idea of the car and the experience it provides those inside it, a concept was developed to transform Orchard Road into a virtual exhibition by overlaying the entire road with geo-tagged media common to game technologies and augmented reality systems. Like the car's windshield, participants' mobile device screens become windows onto the virtual world that is emerging around us, expanding our notion of what constitutes public space and how art can be exhibited. Whether traveling by vehicle or by foot, artworks will augment the "stop and go" journey down the road adding to the hustle and bustle of the people and the glare and flash of window displays and neon signs.

Submission Procedure

Thematically, the theme and content of the works is open. We particularly welcome works that are suited for presentation in Singapore. All artworks must be finished and submitted and peer reviewed by the appointed jury. Only the best-finished and publicly accessible work will be accepted and included in the show. All accepted works will be included on a comprehensive tour map of the works will be provided with QR Code keying so that visitors can easily select the works positioned along the segments of Orchard Road in Singapore.

Submission deadline: March 17, 2013
Application by
Email attachments should not exceed 4 MB, image files in 300 dpi

Material to be submitted

Object Title Public Layar URL (such as,
128 x 128 pixel Icon Image
100 to 200 word Project Description
Print-Ready Publicity Image
100 Word Biography

For inquire and additional information: