Gregory Chatonsky
Since the beginning
Works in Montreal Canada

Grégory Chatonsky is a French artist based in Montreal and Paris.

He has received awards and grants including Dicream (2014), CAC (2013), CALQ (2012), CRSH (2011), Cap Digital (2010), Arcadi (2010), CNAP (2008). In 2013, he launched TELOFOSSILS, a project at Museum of contemporary art (Taipei). A second version was showed in Beijing (2015). In 2014, his solo exhibition CAPTURE at CDA (Enghein-les-bains), is about a surproductive netrock band. In 2015, EXTINCT MEMORIES was showed at IMAL (Brussels). He has participated in group exhibitions such as Erreur d'impression, Jeu de Paume (Paris), The Beginning of The End (Timisoara), Mois de la Photo (Montréal), Extimitat (Palma), Der Untergang – Doomsday (Berlin), Connect the doct and see the unseen (Roma), Interlife Crisis (Seatte), The Radius (Chicago), Il Pardosso Della Rupetizone (Roma), Augmented Senses (Shanghai), Biennale d'art contemporain (Montréal), etc. A number of residencies such as Unicorn (2015), Villa Kujoyama (2014), UQAM (2007), Abbaye de Fontevraud (2006), Le Fresnoy (2004).

He works on the relationship between existence and technology, digital ideology and digital materialism, and the dislocation that haunts the production apparatus.
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My Voice (read by microphone)

Mon Dec 16, 2002 00:00 - Mon Dec 09, 2002

My Voice a new interactive work by Gregory Chatonsky is exhibited during the PAL festival in Paris.



Tue Nov 05, 2002 00:00


The drape is inextricably technical and aesthetic.
It is a training theme, the struggling acquisition of an expertise of representation, with rules ensued from ancient masters. The drape structures the eye and the light.
It contains aesthetic issues; the relationship between nude and fabric, the drowsy abandon and the forced walk, the curves and the pleats, the fragility and steadiness, the shapeless and the sprawl. The drape is an act of gravity. There are so many images and bodies.
From the glorious drapes of the Greeks to the macabre mortuary drapes of the Renaissance. To the cast-offs, rags in which prostitutes don themselves. Nowadays, there is this failure, this poorness of the drape.
Complexity of the drape, fabric and texture. Pathos of the lines from where interior and exterior act not as a void but as pleats and twists. Drapes collapse or soar without any body, leaving only a trace.

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