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Mute at its Meatiest

In 2009 the editorial team at Mute (in association with Autonomedia) published a collection of past magazine content under the title Proud to be Flesh: A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics after the Net. It was an exercise in content curation, but not, as they point out, an attempt to assemble a greatest hits album. Rather, it reorganises a body of Mute’s diverse output around a selection of themes that are perhaps more apparent (up to) fifteen years later.

In many respects - through the early newspapers, magazines, websites and recent print-on-demand journals - Mute has long engaged in providing content navigation systems for internet-inspired knowledge and the darker side thereof. And they have been doing so in an era defined by its obsession with charting and re-charting the information landscape. What Proud to be Flesh does, therefore, is offer up yet another entry portal to Mute’s rich and important net-knowledge while, in its very book-i-ness, commenting on the current upheaval in text interface products.

"Decode" at the V&A: Digital Reflections and Refractions

A large installation in the Grand Entrance of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum clatters away, registering its presence in this historic hallway. Jointly commissioned (by the V & A and SAP), bit.code (2009), by Julius Popp, consists of a large panel of black and white blocks which appear to represent a curious, indecipherable code as they rotate around their frame. Periodically its units align, clearly depicting popular terms streamed live from news site feeds. In this physical form and location, this is real-time made somehow more timely. Looming over visitors, a literal staging of data being decoded, the work asserts itself as an apt entry portal to "Decode", the V & A's inaugural exhibition of contemporary digital and interactive design.

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Shooting Live Artists!

Media Release.

Shooting Live Artists goes live on:
and at The Site Gallery, Sheffield.

BBCi breakthrough live, net and installation art premiered on the web and at
the Site. The works are:

Guerilla Performance Locator by Leslie Hill and Helen Paris /
Live net map of art and activism at a time of global crisis. As belief in
direct public action surges in the face of impending war, artists Hill and
Paris launch The Guerilla Performance Locator. The Guerilla Performance
Locator maps non - violent, politically motivated performances and
theatrical activism through inviting an international arts community to
submit work from their countries, communities, and perspectives. The locator
is live and interactive in the gallery with accompanying large screen

Skin / Strip Online by Completely Naked and Furtherfield. "Reclaiming the
body, our naked identity." A celebration of difference, expression and
liberation from ideas of the' perfect' body. The general public are invited
to create expressive images of their own naked identities, and display them
next to others in the context of a live artwork on the web. Individual net
users participate in a collective, live event, by revealing and viewing
their previously unknown corporeality. Large screen projections from the web
site display the live event inside the Site Gallery and onto the street.
Gallery visitors engage via an interactive photo booth, with online
participants around the world.

Pleasant Land by Third Angel. A creative celebration of new, emerging
English identities. Third Angel are investigating what 'England' means to
people in 2003, what 'Englishness' is, here and now. They want to know what
the public think, inviting people to send in stories, memories, directions,
recipes and postcards about the England(s) we live in now. Pleasant Land
includes a virtual map of Third Angel's own England, linked to an online
questionnaire, gauging the public's response to a variety of statements
about England, Englishness and national identity, The artists travel across
the country on journeys inspired by responses to the questionnaire sending
back monthly digital postcards from their destinations. Third Angel will
host presentations of research in progress at the Site.

TRANSFORMER by Daniel Gosling. Initiated with a sleep deprived winter
hitchhike to Norway


no business

The A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition ( has called
for tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19, to be a day of "Walkout! No Business as


Fighting for peace
is like f*cking for virginity!


audiovisual lounge

Monday 24 March (7:30pm - 12am)
@ Below 54 , Basement, 54-56 Great Eastern St., EC2 (020.7613.4545) Tube:
Old St. (London UK.)


Re: the upgrade

Well, I am very intrigued!

I don't get that involved on the raw conversations, preferring chats in
person, where its not so easy to pick over everything I say quite so
fastidiously ;-) therefore, as I am coming to NY for the Digital Salon
Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time symposium in April, I would be interested
to hear if there is an Upgrade around that time!

I am surprised by the lack of name tags though! An American friend of mine
led me to believe they were an integral part of a gathering in the US! She
even suggested them for a party she was having, but I managed to stop her as
it was a party mostly consisting of her family!

If there is an Upgrade around then, I could start to make my name tag now,
so that it is really special looking, and detracts from the fact no one will
know (or perhaps care) who I am! On the other hand, as you can't get them
here, and as I have a close friend flying in with some on Thursday, you will
perhaps know me by the amount of Krispy Kremes I can put away!


PS Have to put my vote in for furtherfield's skills! They rock!

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From: []On Behalf Of
Sent: 04 March 2003 15:01
Subject: Re: RHIZOME_RAW: the upgrade

>well I had a really nice time...
>Mostly due to t.whid (who came over and introduced himself) and Doron
>has to be the most hospitable man on the planet) and an great eccentric
>artist called Nina
>The space is just fab and I was amazed to find out that it was going to
>all go and be replaced by something new. Give me the huge warehouse
>space anytime. I didn't know who anyone
>was either and kind of longed for badges so I could recognise names
>but it
>didn't seem that kind of gathering.

one more note on this:

usually the Upgrade is much more casual and not as many people
attend. Usually before the presentation Yael would have everyone in
the room introduce themselves (that's how i met Auria Harvey who is
just as interesting in person). She either simply forgot this time or
thought there were to many people for it to be feasible.

I agree with everyone's comments, it would have been best for some
introductions this time as there were lots of new people there.

take care
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Net Art News Mistake-Urgent!!!

Todays Net Art News mistakenly lists last years artists for the BBC project Shooting Live Artists.

This years artists are:

Completely Naked and Furtherfield
Daniel Gosling
Leslie Hill and Helen Paris
Third Angel
Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth
Ronald Fraser Munroe

they can be viewed

I will be covering most of the works as they go live during the course of next year, for Net Art News, and I interviewed Completely Naked and Furtherfield at the b.playful conference. More on that later!