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Mute at its Meatiest

In 2009 the editorial team at Mute (in association with Autonomedia) published a collection of past magazine content under the title Proud to be Flesh: A Mute Magazine Anthology of Cultural Politics after the Net. It was an exercise in content curation, but not, as they point out, an attempt to assemble a greatest hits album. Rather, it reorganises a body of Mute’s diverse output around a selection of themes that are perhaps more apparent (up to) fifteen years later.

In many respects - through the early newspapers, magazines, websites and recent print-on-demand journals - Mute has long engaged in providing content navigation systems for internet-inspired knowledge and the darker side thereof. And they have been doing so in an era defined by its obsession with charting and re-charting the information landscape. What Proud to be Flesh does, therefore, is offer up yet another entry portal to Mute’s rich and important net-knowledge while, in its very book-i-ness, commenting on the current upheaval in text interface products.

"Decode" at the V&A: Digital Reflections and Refractions

A large installation in the Grand Entrance of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum clatters away, registering its presence in this historic hallway. Jointly commissioned (by the V & A and SAP), bit.code (2009), by Julius Popp, consists of a large panel of black and white blocks which appear to represent a curious, indecipherable code as they rotate around their frame. Periodically its units align, clearly depicting popular terms streamed live from news site feeds. In this physical form and location, this is real-time made somehow more timely. Looming over visitors, a literal staging of data being decoded, the work asserts itself as an apt entry portal to "Decode", the V & A's inaugural exhibition of contemporary digital and interactive design.

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FurtherTalk is a platform for creative and imaginative minded people who are
thinking outside of the box in the fields of digital/net art and networked
media. Speakers will present work in an informal and friendly atmosphere,
offering an opportunity for the audience to engage with them and discuss
ideas on a level playing-field.

The first FurtherTalk is on 6th November 2003

7.00 pm

Deluxe Gallery
1st Floor, 2-4 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU
020 7729 8503

Furtherfield will present FurtherStudio with a demonstration of the live,
realtime facility. Jess Loseby, the first resident net artist will be
connecting to the online studio from her home to show how she has been
creating artworks to email to Bob, a fictional character created for this
project. Programmer/artist Neil Jenkins will mix sound, images and text,
live, online in the visitors' studio with US net poet and artist Lewis
LaCook. If you can't wait till 6th November to hear more, please visit

Following this warm up, ***Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead*** will present
and discuss their recent gallery and web-based work, focusing on their
on-going e-commerce venture, and the current
developments in an evolving series of gallery installations described by the
artists as, Template Cinema.

My interview with Thomson and Craighead can be viewed at

It will be a relaxed night with a bar and much banter!!!

7.00pm on the 6th November
@ Deluxe Gallery
1st Floor, 2-4 Hoxton Square
N1 6NU
020 7729 8503

I look forward to seeing you there!



prepare yourselves...

It seems important to point out....

International "talk like a pirate" day on september 19 and

Arrr, shiver me timbers....


List Serve Research


I am doing some research on list serves and would greatly appreciate advice
on where to look for texts on:

surveying list serve interaction
psychology of list serve and chat room interaction
gendered discussion tendencies and gender specific arenas
list serve conventions and lack thereof


Artworks that relate strongly to the chat environments on the net.
Or writers, art historians, critics etc who have already surveyed the area
particularly well.

Even, if you remember them, any good critiques of list serves in particular
or defining list serve moments (a posting that became legendary, or almost
became the manifesto for the list it was on....)

Any help REALLY gratefully received!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Thank you


***It has arrived*** Autumn Issue!!!

latest interview:


FW: Variablemedia Press Release

John Paul Bichard
Richard Couzins
Michelle Deignan
Edward Dorrian
Simon Goodwin
Cliona Harmey
Dennis McNulty
Sally Morfill

The Hoxton Distillery, above the Macbeth, 70 Hoxton Street, London N1
Sound performance and launch 7pm 19th June
Exhibition open from 2pm-6pm on 20th, 21st and 22nd June

Variablemedia is pleased to announce VM.01 at the Hoxton Distillery
gallery London from the 19th until the 22nd of June. Marking a year of
on-line artists


Interview with Thomson and Craighead

Charlotte Frost's interview with British duo Thomson & Craighead. Well
known for works
like Trigger Happy and Dot-store, I first met them around 1997, and was
intimidated by their sophisticated grasp of contemporary art issues and
charmed by their easy-going ways. This highly readable interview
explains some of the thinking behind three of their major projects, and
was conducted by Charlotte Frost, who has her own winning combination of
smarts and charm. It's refreshing to read a contemporary art interview
where participants actually seem to have fun!" - Rachel Green

Thomson and Craighead Interview
(by Charlotte L. Frost)

Over the last ten years, Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead have been
working with video, sound and electronic networked space to create
gallery and site-specific artworks and installations which have been
exhibited nationally and internationally, making them one of the UK