Catherine Forster is an artist, and independent curator based in the Chicago area. She received an M.F.A from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her artwork has been shown at the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Chicago, Merwin Gallery Illinois Wesleyan University, Freewaves, City of Louisville Colorado Sculpture Garden, Carnegie Art Museum, South Bend Regional Art Museum, Flint Institute of Art, Orange County Contemporary Art Center, Exit Art (NY), Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, and the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Lithuania, to name a few. Films by Forster have been screened at the Sao Paul International Short Film Festival, East LA Intl film Festival, Chicago REEL short film Festival, the Other Venice film Festival, CA, Echotrope New Media Arts Festival (Omaha), Simultan Media Arts Festival (Romania), Echo Park Film Center (LA), Magmart Film Festival Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum (Italy), Directors Lounge (Berlin), and San Diego International Women Film Festival. Forster is also the founder and director of a non-profit nomadic new media art space, the LiveBox Gallery.
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they call me theirs

Sun Aug 03, 2008 00:00 - Fri Jul 25, 2008

Catherine Forster: They Call Me Theirs
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
August 3 - October 5, 2008

They Call Me Theirs
is a multi-media installation composed of video, prints, sculpture and sound, creating an encounter intended to question the distinctions we make between the natural and digital world. They Call Me Theirs reverses the experience of the outdoors by neatly packaging the four seasons in a “Box Set” inside the cabin, suggesting that our efforts to purify our experience with nature have actually taken us farther away from it.

The title of the work is taken from a line in the poem “Hamatreya” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, which questions man’s desire to claim ownership of the land that is inherently owned by nature. In the poem, the Earth responds, “How am I theirs, / If they cannot hold me, / But I hold them?” Similarly, the exhibition holds a sound-insulated cabin/shrine for the viewer to enter. A hand-crafted hardwood box containing a small personal monitor playing video images of the four seasons sits inside. Two different cacophonous soundtracks play from both the interior and exterior, highlighting the tension between the realities of the two environments. Adjacent to the gallery housing the cabin, is a “hanging garden” composed of large scale inkjet prints on aluminum sign panels. The prints were sourced from video stills, then painted, and digitized, creating a luscious though synthetic environment.

Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 South Cornell Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60615; 773.324.5520, www.hydeparkart.org. Opening reception August 3rd, 3-5 PM.


Around the Coyote Video Lounge Curated by LiveBox

Sat Mar 01, 2008 00:00

Call for Video
Deadline March 1st (received)
Around the Coyote, as a cultural partner of The Artist Project at Artropolis, brings you the Around the Coyote Video Lounge curated by LiveBox. ARTropolis is Chicago’s citywide celebration of arts, antiques and culture. Running concurrently with Art Chicago, The Artist Project features original work from cutting-edge artists undiscovered by the gallery community. The Video Lounge will open for the preview celebrations on April24th, and run through April 28, 2008

Since the rise of You Tube and the use of video as a communication language, there has been talk about the death of video art. For many it is becoming increasing difficult to access the artistic quality of video art when the format represents entertainment and cheap reproduction. Very recently though, there has been talk of Video as “New”. New York times critic Holland Cotter wrote in January 08, “ At present it is shaped by a combination of pop fantasy, ingrainedcybersmarts, neo tribalism and the angst-free take on contemporary life that marks attention-deficient internet culture.” Cotter was talking about a collection of rising video artists who were creating stunning original video. You Tube habitation and the like had liberated these artists to create fearless work. The ARTropolis Video Lounge is a celebration of video as a seminal medium for young artists today.

Send a CD with resume, statement, short synopsis of the work, and jpg images. Video should be NTSC DVD, if your piece is in PAL, please send mini DV tape. Label DVD and case with title, running time and contact info. Note materials will not be returned, unless specifically requested. Send proposals to:
Catherine Forster
LiveBox submissions
1031 North Shore Dr
Crystal lake, IL 60014

For more information contact cf@liveboxgallery.com
ARTropolis http://www.merchandisemart.com/artropolis/


LiveBox Video Art and New Media Lounge announcement

Fri Oct 12, 2007 00:00 - Mon Oct 01, 2007

Video Art and New Media Lounge at Around The Coyote Festival 2007
Curated by Catherine Forster of LiveBox

location: 1275 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
Media Lounge Dates and Hours
Friday, October 12th 6pm-10Pm
Saturday, October 13th 11am-10PM
Sunday, October 14th from 11am-6PM

The Video Art and New Media Lounge provides viewers with an opportunity to experience international and local new media projects in three settings:

1. Exhibition Hall: video and new media installations
2. Screening Room: experimental film and video art, scheduled screenings
3. Video Lounge: relaxed and intimate viewing of video art

Program Highlights:

Featured Artist Program. Two international Guest Artists will be featured this year:

Kurt Hentschlager: New York/Chicago based Austrian artist, Kurt Hentschlager creates audiovisual compositions in which audio and video actuate one another. The immersive nature of his work reflects on the metaphor of the sublime. Trained as fine artist, in 1983 he began as a sculptor, building surreal machine objects, followed by works with video, computer animation and sound. Hentschlager is a recipient of numerous prizes and large-scale commissions. He has represented Austria at the 2001 Venice Biennial and has shown his work internationally for two decades.

Carole Kim: An interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance-based video installation combining digital/new media technologies and improvisational live performance. The work emphasizes video’s capacity as a live medium and the illusory architecture of layered video projection in space. The seamless cinematic distance of pre-edited film viewing is ruptured by the awareness that the moving image is being constructed in the moment. Recent venues include the Museum of Contemporary Art-Los Angeles, Museum of Modern Art-NY, REDCAT/Disney Hall, the Getty Center, the Stanford Jazz Festival, Engine 27 (New York), Beyond Baroque (LA), Electron Salon at the Rio Theater (Santa Cruz), Highways (Santa Monica), the Knitting Factory (LA).

Exhibition Hall: The Exhibition Hall features artists working in both video and new media technologies. Exhibiting artists include Adam Chapman, Kim Collmer, Robert Ladislas Derr, Kurt Hentschlager, Igloo, Carole Kim, Andrew Hicks, Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey, Eun Sun Lee, Luftwerk (Petra Bachmaier and Sean M Gallero), Galina Schevchenko, and Stacia Yeapanis.

Kaleidoscope 1, 2 & 3: Kaleidoscope is a three-part program sourced from Around The Coyote submissions and through invitation. Kaleidoscope reflects the complex medley and richness of contemporary video.
Night of Animation: selections from Directors Lounge Berlin Festival 2007. It is all about location: locations that give us comfort or discomfort, allow us to imagine, laugh, squirm; locations that transport us or bring us quickly, and sometimes harshly, back to reality. This selection of animations from around the globe all touch somehow on the animator's place within the world.

Hi/Lo Film Festival San Francisco: touring selection from 2006 festival. Originally organized in 1997 by the San Francisco Production Company and comedy collective Killing My Lobster, the Hi/Lo Film Festival has evolved into a major West coast showcase for independent low-budget filmmakers. Now in its 10th year, the Hi/Lo film Festival continues to prove that big imaginations are more important than big wallets.

Chicago Fresh: curated selections from Chicago’s Art Schools, Including Columbia College’s Interdisciplinary Program and Film & Video Department; School of The Art Institute of Chicago’s Art and Technology Studies and Film and Video programs; Northwestern University, Dept of Art Theory and Practice; and Marwen Academy, Chicago’s leading youth program.


LiveBox open call

Sun Jul 01, 2007 00:00 - Tue May 29, 2007

LiveBox will be media arts guest curator for the Around The Coyote Festival this October. The Festival expects 10,000 visitors this year. The Festival and Gallery are undergoing exciting changes under the new directorship of Allison Stites, previously the director of Franklin Parrasch Gallery in Midtown (a contemporary sculpture gallery) and then head curator of 65 Hope Street Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Festivals film and video screenings have always been popular, but this year's vision is far more ambitious than screenings on roof tops and in bars. The Festival has acquired a large building to house video and new media installations, a screening space and a video lounge.

The commitment to media is truly exciting. We are looking for video and new media proposals as well as film and video for screenings. Submissions must be recieved by July 1st.

Format: Please send a CD with resume, statement, short synopsis of the work, and jpg images. Video should be NTSC DVD, if your piece is in PAL, please send mini DV tape. Label DVD and case with title, running time and contact info. Note materials will not be returned, unless specifically requested.

Send proposals to:
Catherine Forster
LiveBox submissions
1031 North Shore Dr
Crystal lake, IL 60014



Fri Jun 01, 2007 00:00 - Thu May 10, 2007

Notions of Wilderness, curated by LiveBox
at kasia kay art projects
June 1 - July 28, 2007
Opening Reception June 1st,6-9 pm
1044 W Fulton Market St, Chicago, IL 60613

The word wilderness is derived from the notion of wildness; uncultivated, uninhabited, in other words without human modification. The social and political realities of “nature verses economics” makes defining wilderness in the 21st Century ever more elusive. What is “wild”, what can be called “wilderness”, what is the measure of human “influence” that defines wildness? Notions of Wilderness includes artists deploying multiple mediums to uncover their context of wildness.

Exhibition Highlights: Adam Chapman’s “Legible Nature: Fate is an Afterthought”: models the flight patterns and physical movements of Atlantic Grey Gulls, which are altered to periodically converge and form letters. These letters slowly spell out poems from the Manyoshu, 8th century Japanese poems.(more info on Rizome ArtBase). Claudia Hart's Timegarden" is a one-hour 3D animation;a camera revolves 360º from the center of a circular walled garden, like a clock. Four time spans are represented simultaneously. Chris Oakley’s “Sight/Seeing video installation explores the commodification of the wild as typified in the modern safari. Julia Oldham translates invertebrate rituals into choreography that she performs and films.

Exhibiting Artists:
Adam Chapman
Kim Curtis
Kim Dorland
Howard Fonda
Carla Gannis
Claudia Hart
Jodie Jacobi
Heather Lyon
Chris Oakley
Julia Oldham
Dominika Skutnik
(art)n collaboration Gerhard Mantz, Ellen Sandor, and Chris Kemp