Catherine Forster is an artist, filmmaker, and independent curator based in the Chicago area. She received an M.F.A from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her artwork has been shown at the Notebaert Museum (Chicago), Flint Institute of Art, Carnegie Art Museum, Grand Rapids Art Museum, South Bend Regional Art Museum, The Rymer Gallery (Nashville), Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius, Lithuania), Brick City Gallery, Missouri State University, Merwin Gallery Illinois Wesleyan University, Freewaves (Los Angeles), San Diego Art Institute, Llewellyn Gallery, Alfred State College NY, City of Louisville Colorado Sculpture Garden, Orange County Contemporary Art Center, Exit Art (NY), and the Hyde Park Art Center Chicago, to name a few. Films have been screened at the Sao Paul International Short Film Festival, Krakow International Short Film Festival, Currents Santa Fe International New Media Festival, Magmart Film Festival Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum (Italy), East LA International Film Festival, the Great Lakes International Film Festival, Chicago REEL Short Film Festival, the Other Venice Film Festival (CA), Echotrope New Media Arts Festival (Omaha), Simultan Media Arts Festival (Romania), Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles), Directors Lounge (Berlin), and San Diego International Women Film Festival. Forster is also the founder and director of LiveBox, a roving gallery focused on new-media art.
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Relish the Drift

Tue Mar 01, 2011 16:00 - Thu Mar 31, 2011

Bloomington, Illinois
United States of America

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Catherine Forster
Relish The Drift

March 1 -
March 31, 2011
4-5PM, Reception 5-6PM, Tuesday March 1

Relish The Drift, a solo exhibition of works
by Catherine Forster, includes an
ambitious  compilation of 13 videos,
paintings and inkjet prints. Relish the
captures the marriage of light and movement and water’s uncanny
ability to convey allegory; in the process Forster has discovered a unique
companion to video.

In Golden Oldies Forster deploys the
movement of water to create visual scores for Billboard hits from the 60s-80s.
Filmed underwater, Drift is a poem
about isolation, loss and acceptance. The illusion of light, texture and
movement in Now for the Painter is an
ode to R.J.W. Turner’s last seascapes. Swallow
explores the sheer power of water, while H2O
celebrates the union of water and light.

Catherine Forster’s
interests lay in the little inconsistencies and contradictions of every day
life, banal moments that add up to something else. Her work induces viewers to
slow down and spend time with each piece. 
Forster lives near water and solves her creative challenges while
kayaking or walking close to shore. “While
walking or kayaking I note the changes in color, texture, and viscosity of the
surface through the seasons, crystal clear in spring after the ice melts, heavy
and somewhat murky during hot summer days, dark and full of unexpected
contrasts in the autumn light, frozen in winter, clear beneath the ice. It is
not surprising that water would eventually find its way into my work.”


SUbtitles II - LiveBox at ThreeWalls

Fri Feb 18, 2011 06:00 - Fri Feb 18, 2011

Chicago, Illinois
United States of America

LiveBox at ThreeWalls every 3rd Friday!
Subtitles is a year long curatorial project presented
by LiveBox and hosted at ThreeWalls. Each 3rd Friday is a unique
combination of video, noise art, audio performance and literary
readings inspired by one of three authors: Edgar Allen Poe, Raold
Dahl, and Doris Lessing.

Feb 18th, 6-8 PM     Subtitles II

Subtitles II is a night of Roald Dahl
inspired video, noise art, performance and readings. Roald Dahl
is most known for his unsentimental and often wickedly humorous
children’s books, but he also wrote 60 adult short stories most
noted for their dark sense of humor and surprising endings.
Dahl’s short stories have inspired tonight’s programming.
Participating artists include VIDEONERO (Paolo
), James Payne, and Mark Franz.
The evening will begin with a video screening
of “Mater” and “Mortale” by Italian artist VIDEONERO. Both
videos are animations developed in collaboration, using the
drawings of Paolo Bonfiglio and the music of Mick Harris.
“Mater” is a dark story of a woman in a tiny room giving birth,
from a most absurd conception. “Mortale” follows a man, a dog
and a crow lost in a snowscape.
7:00 PM Matt Griffin will read one of Dahl’s
short stories, followed by a James Payne reading. James Payne is
an artist, musician and writer from Columbus, Ohio, currently
living in Chicago.
Mark Franz, visiting from Florida, will
present "The Pig" an audio/visual performance based on text
written by Roald Dahl. Franz is intrigued by Dahl’s reputation,
known for imaginative children's stories while his adult texts
are mostly forgotten.  This work attempts to present both sides
simultaneously, with each informing the content of the other. 
Custom electronic instruments provide rhythmic pulses that
accompany the spoken word, visual, and textual elements.
Mark Franz’s video and sound work explores
contrasts between technology and nature.  His work has been
exhibited worldwide at venues including International 18!,
Hollyshorts Film Festival, Bagasbas Beach International Eco Arts
Festival, and Pixelerations.


Doves and Crocodiles

Wed Sep 01, 2010 00:00

LiveBox - “Doves and Crocodiles”
Open Call - Single-channel video and video installation

LiveBox is developing a series of video screenings and video installations inspired by or in dialog with selective literary themes or authors. “Doves and Crocodiles” is the first in the series; we are looking for video projects influenced by Edgar Allen Poe’s body of work or ethos. If you’re a fan of the macabre and the mystery this could be an opportunity for you.

Poe is most known as the father of the detective story, the master of horror and the voice of “The Raven”, but he also wrote hoaxes as news, comedic works, satire, parodies, sketches and experimental stories. He developed a theory of composition, which he used on his works of poetry and fiction: create a single and total psychological/spiritual effect on the reader. Theme or plot was subordinate to the construction of a single intense mood. We are interested in all creative approaches; surprise us with innovative applications of the lens and sound.

Submissions must be received by Sept 1, 2010. To submit email a URL link of your piece on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/ no other links will be reviewed) and a link to your website, or mail a digital copy of a CV, bio, synopsis, jpeg images and a QT file or DVD to:
Catherine Forster
LiveBox submissions
1031 North Shore Dr
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Flow Interupted

Fri Sep 18, 2009 00:00

Flow Interrupted
LiveBox call for single channel video deploying minimalist expressions of organic or geometric based abstractions. Generative projects are of particular interest. Videos will be exhibited as a screening program looped for continuous viewing at the Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.

Format: Please send a CD with resume, statement, short synopsis of the work, and jpg images. Video should be NTSC DVD, if your piece is in PAL, please send mini DV tape. Label DVD and case with title, running time and contact info. Note materials will not be returned. You may also submit a URL address where the video can be viewed online, to cf@liveboxgallery.com.

Send proposals to: Catherine Forster, LiveBox submissions, 1031 North Shore Dr, Crystal lake, IL 60014


Because the Night

Sat Aug 08, 2009 00:00

Requesting single channel video for screening program.

"Because the Night" references Patti Smith's seminal work; the exhibition will include work that reflects the multiple facets of human behavior in the night. Mayhem, sex, romance, battles and war activities, dreams, and abstract works that evoke the poetics of nighttime. The exhibition will open October 19, 2009 at the Guggenheim Gallery at Chapman College, in California.

"Becasue the Night" is curated by Sabina Ott, with a video screening program by LiveBox. Visual artists participating include: Stephanie Brooks, Pamela Fraser, Michelle Grabner, Kristin Calabrese, Terence Hannum, Goody B. Wiseman, Candice Lin, Dana Duff, Jordan Biren, Alison Ruttan, Scott Stack, Mathew Girson and more.

Please submit a DVD or QT mov file, plus digital copies of video synopsis, CV, and jpegs.
You can also send an email to cf@liveboxgallery.com with a link to the video or excerpt online. Do not attach images or documents.