Catherine Clover
Since 2006
Works in Melbourne

Catherine Clover was born and bred in London, UK, and trained at Wimbledon School of Art/North East London Polytechnic in Fine Art [Painting]. After several years practice based in the now-defunct Angel Studios, EC1, she pursued a residency with Gertrude Street Artists Spaces in Melbourne, Australia and has been based there since 1993. Her current practice concentrates on the mediums of sound and digital imaging. Interests in found objects, including found sound [field recordings] in particular, have led to a focus on marginal spaces as spaces of change and transition, liminal spaces. The daily, the ordinary and the everyday inform this exploration.

Current employment is with the Writing/Media Departments at Swinburne University, Melbourne, plus freelance web design work. Recent [2006] exhibitions include unAustralia University of Canberra, Australia and online; Waiting Project Arts for Health, Cornwall, UK; Falls Creek Artists Camp La Trobe Regional Gallery, Victoria, Australia; Dislocate Ginza Art Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan; Max 5 Projektor Video Survey_Café Gallery Projects, London, UK; Scinema 2006 Festival of Science Film [CSIRO], Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia; Wilderness Information Network Upper Catskills, New York, US; Federation Square Public Projection, Melbourne, Australia; Double Venturi Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia; Radio Sound Art 209 Radio, Cambridge, UK; MusicAcoustic 2005:Mix Beijing China; FILE Hipersonica Sao Paulo, Brazil; SoundLab Channel Editions II and IV Cologne, Germany.
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Singing Insects

I am pursuing a 3 month arts residency with Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, China from August to October, 2007. During this residency I will be exploring and researching the Chinese relationship with singing insects such as orthoptera [grasshoppers, crickets and katydids] and homoptera [cicadas].
As part of the research associated with this residency I am collecting popular myths/beliefs/memories/stories/hearsay from as many contributors as possible. If you have any stories associated with cicadas, crickets, grasshoppers or katydids I would be very grateful if you would share them with me for this project. Many of these stories will be included in real world and online exhibition material and all contributors will be credited. Please email the attached doc to info[at]ciclover[dot]com Please pass this on to anyone interested. Thanks very much.

Catherine Clover
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