Caterina Davinio
Since the beginning
Works in United States of America

Caterina Davinio.
Born 1957. Multimedia artist, writer, poet. Pioneer of Italian digital art and computer poetry in 1990. Her work has been exhibited in many countries in more than 300 exhibitions, seven times in the Venice Biennale and Collateral Projects (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011), where she created participative events collaborating also as curator. Other exhibitions: Biennale of Sidney (Online Venue 2008), Athens Biennial (2007), Liverpool Biennial (Independents 2006 and 2008), Biennales de Lyon (1999, and Intern. Kiosk 2007), Biennale de Paris (2004), New media Art Biennial of Merida, Hong Kong Artists' Biennial, International Poetry Festival in Medellin. For extensive list see:
Caterina Davinio was a poet and painter in the 80s; in Rome she participated in poetry and performance meetings, getting in touch with the international circuits of the avant-garde. She creates video and digital art (still and animated), digital visual poetry, photography, performance, on line events. In 1998 she was the creator of Italian Net-poetry, a development of net-art related to multi-located experimental poetry events, based on line and in real spaces. Among her publications: Color color (novel, 1998), Techno-Poetry and Virtual Reality (It - Engl., essay, 2002, with preface by Eugenio Miccini), Serial Phenomenologies (poems, 210), Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium, poems, 2012), Virtual Mercury House. Planetary & Interplanetary Events (texts and documents about electronic poetry, 2012).

Davinio Art Electronics
Via Sassi 10
23900 Lecco (LC) ITALY

T: +39 0341 282712
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Call for poems from the 53. Venice Biennale

Sun Jun 07, 2009 00:00


Virtual Mercury House - Call for Submissions / 53. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte - La Biennale di Venezia. Opening June 4 2009

La Biennale di Venezia
53. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte Eventi Collaterali


Curator: Marco Nereo Rotelli

By Caterina Davinio
June 5 - November 22 2009

Net-poetry happening on line
June 4-5-6-7 2009
Caterina Davinio Curator

Calling for poets from a space-shuttle!
Landing preview: Planet Earth, Europe, Venice.
Maybe poets are like aliens on Earth, but they are welcome on board on my shuttle.
Maybe poetry is like watching from an extreme point of view, other perspective, something to preserve in our globalized and homologated, standardized world. Maybe our world is a place from which to escape... But certainly we are going to come back, for affirming the point of view of poetry against power, violence, destruction of cultures and identities.
Happy of this new collaboration with Marco Nereo Rotelli in the Venice Biennial, I invite you all to come with me on board: let’s save poetry, let's save the differences, memory, identity, ourselves.
Virtual Mercury House is dedicated to my friend visual and performance poet Eugenio Miccini.
(Caterina Davinio)

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Virtual Mercury House Join / Partecipa

Alternative link:

Net-Poetry Happening
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YouTube Channel

Virtual Mercury House on Second Life (coming soon)
By... Daviniz Zabaleta & Amedeox Grisolfo

Informazioni generali sul progetto
Mercury House One_Save The Poetry
Evento collaterale della 53. Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte - La Biennale di Venezia

Venezia, Isola di San Servolo, Piazza Baden Powell

Periodo di apertura
5 giugno - 22 novembre

Save the Poetry, Opening 4 giugno
Mercury House One, Special event, 2 settembre
Notte di luce, Special event, 9 ottobre

Denominazione dell’istituzione organizzatrice
Fondazione Mare Nostrum

Nomi e qualifiche di collaboratori e curatori
A cura di/by: Marco Nereo Rotelli
Coordination: Arch. Elena Lombardi

MHO Design Team: Architecture and Vision
Conception: Gualtiero Vanelli
Engineer: Orlando Pandolfi & G-Engineering
Project Manager: Pierre Frey
Model: Mercury House One by GVM
Press & RP: Hanud El Jarba & Deanna Leontieva
Administration: Federica Bertolini
Technical Support: Gianni Bardini
Legal council: Nicola Minardi de Michetti
GVM president: Gualtiero Vanelli
Partners: TechnoWave, Computer Area, Liras, Flli.Pellacani, Assicurazioni Generali
TeknoFloor, Primula Design, Lanulfi, UnoCad, Tor Art

Marco Nereo Rotelli
With the participation of: Ahmad Al-Mulla, Philippe Pasqua
Special event: Mercury House One_Night of Light
A cura di/by: Marco Nereo Rotelli and Orlando Pandolfi with Cinzia Fratucello
With: Adonis, Yang Lian, Massimo Donà, Giulio Giorello, Claudio Angelini, Loretto Rafanelli, Edgar Hereveri, Annette Zamora Rapu, Matteo Ferretti and other poets.
Video “Rongo-Rongo” by Mattia Listowsky, with interventions of Edoardo Sanguineti.
On line part: Caterina Davinio
Assistant: Riccardo Preziosi

Coordination: Elena Lombardi

Virtual Mercury House: Caterina Davinio
SL events In collaboration with: Riccardo Preziosi

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Contact: Art Electronics - Italia
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1998 - 2009

Poetry in Phatic Function
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E-Poetry in Barcelona featuring Caterina Davinio

Wed May 27, 2009 00:00 - Sun May 24, 2009

E-Poetry Festival in Barcelona featuring Caterina Davinio

E-Poetry Festival in Barcelona 24-27 June 2009
A video-route in Caterina Davinio's work 1990-2009.
May 25 University of Barcelona (UB Aula 1.1)
Video-Intervention, Lecture, Video and Computer Poems:
Il nemico / The Enemy (1997, VeneziaPoesia, Venice Biennial 1997)
A Story (2003, with a sound poem by Julien Blaine)
Tribute to Marcel Duchamp (1999)
Knives (2007)

Introduction: Giovanna Di Rosario (UOC, Barcelona)

E-poetry Festival hosted by the Hermeneia Research Group.
Loss Pequeno Glazier, E-Poetry President.
Locations: Sala Mirador CCCB, Caixaforum, University of Barcelona (UB)


The first Net-Poetry Project on line
1998 - 2009

Poetry in Phatic Function
Contact: Art Electronics Italia



Sat Mar 14, 2009 00:00 - Sun Mar 08, 2009


Brancaleone club Rome
March 14, 2009
Video Screenings - Starting at 11:00 H PM
Via Levanna, 13 - Roma - Italy

Dvd 1 playlists Italia

- Alberto Magrin “ The Crowing ”

- Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena “ The Trilogy of Pain ”

- Basmati (Saul Saguatti - Audrey CoÏaniz) “ Ethos ”

- Caterina Davinio “ Ma-mma ”

- Claudio Parentela °° 45 OVERWHElming RElics °°

- Dino Viani “ La Madonna del monte ”

- Edoardo Baraldi “ Tre ”

- Fabio Fiandrini “ Ethos Antropoi Daimon ”

- FlavioDBPIT “ Barbed wire ”

- Florido Rilli / Carlo Fatigoni “ P ”

- Gruppo Sinetetico “ Censored ”

- Lemeh42 “ Et Dukkejem (Doll's house) “

- Marilena Vita “ Sick heart ”

- Mauro Sambo “ Automobile ”

- Nicola Giunta “ Foggy mistake ”

- Nicola Mette “ Sentimenti umani Umani sentimenti ”

- Paolo Bonfiglio “ Mater ”

- Sara Luraschi “ Denzkeit ”

- Xxena “ Un anno da Platano ”

Dvd 2 playlists

- Michael Chang " Concerto azzurro " Denmark

- Glenn Church " Fragility " UK

- Anders Weberg " Dejected " Sweden

- Richard Jochum “ Mama ” USA

- Ebert Brothers “ Bluescape ” Germany

- Debbie Douez " Sadness " Spain

- Wilfried Agricola de Cologne " Silent Cry ” Germany

- Alison Williams " Red Yellow Blue " RSA

- Adamo Macri “ Slide ” Canada

- Niclas Hallberg " Fluid Transfer " Sweden

- Masha Yozefpolsky “ Deep Freeze ” Israel

- Richard Jochum “ Home Sweet Home ” USA

- Simone Stoll “ Missing you ” Germany

- Irina Gabiani “ Samaia or triamzikamno ” Luxembourg

- Roy LaGrone " Smile Beacon " USA, italy

Dvd 3 Playlists

- Antonia Valero “ Retrato ” Spagna

- Bulent Bas “ Emotions ” USA

- Curt Cloninger “ Breathing in B Flat ” USA

- Elizabeth Miklavcic “ A Time for Mourning…The Story of Iris Merryweather ” USA

- Eva Olgiati “ Busy Bee ” USA

- Heike Fiedler “ li-/-ght ” Ch

- Gili Avissar “ Self Portrait-Dead Artist ” Israele

- Gwenn Joyaux “ Ojta ” Argentina

- Haidji “ Emotions “ Portugal

- Larry Caveney “ Arm Wresting Intervention ” USA

- João Ricardo “ Scarleet”

- Margarida Paiva “ Fragments from an Unknown Woman ” Portugal

- Meri Nikula “ Meditation ” Norvegia

- Miri Nishri " Troubled Water " Israel

- Pekka Ruuska " EN Syö " Finland

- Rafiqul Shuvo " Germ free corrupted edit ” Bangladesh

- Robertina Sebjanic “ Bubble ” Slovenia

- Xenia Vargova “ TUTU ” Portugal





LETTERS - Art Letters from the World in Genoa

Wed Feb 18, 2009 00:00 - Thu Feb 26, 2009


Exhibition: Letters
Curators: Luisella Carretta, Marco Ercolani and Giuseppe Zuccarino.
Opening: March 6th, 2009 at 05:00 PM
Where: Sala Lignea of BERIO Library - Via del Seminario, 16 Genoa, Italy.
When: March 6th-18th, 2009

In an age when traditional correspondence seems to be destined for extinction, replaced by telematically transmitted messages, and when very few people still think of the possibility of writing letters by hand, perhaps it would be useful to try to go back to letter writing and to do it in a personal and inventive way.
Letters that are now impossible to write
Letters that are secret and mysterious
Letters that are written in unknown languages
Letters that are ironic
Letters that are dream-like
Letters that are playful
Letters that are illegible
Images of letters…

Artists / Writers

Historical Letters
Gabriele D'Annunzio, Silvio Pellico, Massimo D'Azeglio Marcello Piacentini , Fortunato Depero, Giuseppe Prezzolini , Charles Dickens, Gabriele Rossetti, Edoardo Firpo, Giuseppe e Giuseppina Verdi, Eugenio Montale, Gian Pietro Vieusseux

Letters from Italy
Giorgio Aceto, Roberto Agostini, Silvia Ambrosi, Marta Ampolo, Vincenzo Ampolo, Maria Andreozzi/Sergio Zuccaro, Anonimo, Comasia Aquaro, Luigi Ballarin, Silvia Ballerini, Luisa Bergamini, Stefano Bigazzi, Alessandra Bianchi, Fabia Binci, Elena Bono, Alessio Brandolini, Wolf Bruno, Viviana Buttarelli, Lino Cannizzaro, Daniela Carati, Luisella Carretta, Gianfranco Carrozzini, Fabrizio Casapietra, Bruno Cassaglia, Marco Cassini, Marilena Cataldini, Alessandra Cenni, Viviane Ciampi, ,Sergio Cignoli, Viana Conti, Clara Crovetto, Carolina Cuneo, Caterina Davinio, Brunetto De Batté, Valeria De Rienzo, Vincenzo Di Maio, Angela Donna, Marco Ercolani, Margherita Faustini, Monica Ferretti, Franca Fioravanti, Lucetta Frisa, Giuliano Galletta, Marco Fabio Gasperini / Daniela Kalepyros, Giorgio Gazzolo, Nini Giacomelli, Gustavo Giacosa, Rosa Elisa Giangoia, Stefania Giazzi, Mimmo Grasso/Adriana Del Vecchio, Laura Gratton, Roberto Guerrini, Carla Iacono, Aldino Leoni, Dante Maffei, Ruggero Maggi, Giuseppina Mancuso, Daniela Marin, Ponziano Medda, Maurizio Olita, Serena Olivari, Concetta Paglialonga, Maria Rita Parsi, Giuseppe Pellegrino, Agostino Perrini, Manuel Perrone, Raffaele Perrotta, Pino Petruzzelli, Irina Possamai / Giuseppe Zuccarino, Luciano Provenzano, Davide Puccini, Mario Ranieri, Alina Rizzi, Luciano Roncalli, Leonardo Rosa, Margherita Levo Rosenberg, Alessandra Russo, Lucrezia Salerno, Luigi Sasso, Bruno Servi, Gruppo Sinestetico, Giorgio Teglio, Alberto Terrile, Emanuela Tortella, Giorgia Ugo, Susanna Viale, Guido Zavanone, Piero Zino

Letters from the World
Meral Agar - Turchia, Lilla Agrafioti - Grecia, Ivica Ajanovski - Macedonia, Aytül Akal - Turchia, Ela Altay - Turchia, Sebnem Altuntas - Turchia, Fortner Anderson - Canada, Tülay Araz - Turchia, Zuhal Arda - Turchia, Bala Ariduru - Turchia, Linet Asafrana - Israele, Hélène Aubry - Canada, Painter Aysel - Turchia, Clément Barniaudy - Francia, Deniz Bayav - Turchia, Sive Nese Baydar - Turchia, Sinan Beler - Turchia, Graciela Bello - Argentina, Claudine Bertrand - Canada, Angela Biancofiore - Francia, Leyla Buhara - Turchia, Mario Callens - Belgio, Müge Cansez - Turchia, Peter Carravetta - USA, Diomenia Carvajal - Francia, Jean Chiang - Cina, Santina Chirulli - Belgio, Antonio D'Alfonso - Canada, Pierre Damiens - Francia, Hulya Degerbilir - Turchia, Denise Desautels - Canada, Banu Dizdar - Turchia, Ugurcan Dostel - Turchia, Louise Dupré - Canada, Emel Duyan - Turchia, Ercan Enterli - Turchia, Safiye Mine Erdurak - Turchia, Feray Erkis - Turchia, Berna Erkün - Turchia, Ahu Ersöz - Turchia, Bartolomé Ferrando - Spagna, Alberto Ferretti - Finlandia, Carla Ferro - Belgio, Chiara Fiorini - Svizzera, Ines Fontenla - Argentina, Jean Foucault - Francia, Pedro Garciarias Spagna, Nini Giacomelli - Brasile, Deniz Gokduman - Turchia, Yves Gonthier - Canada, Gülsah Güran - Turchia, Ziya Gürel - Turchia, Leila Habibi - Iran, Merih Havug - Turchia, Bambu Hellstedt - Finlandia, Atilla Ilkyaz - Turchia, Feyza Ilkyaz - Turchia, Ceren Ilyasoglu - Turchia, Tugçe Ipekten - Turchia, Gülistan Isik - Turchia, Melik Iskender - Turchia, Nurdan Iskender - Turchia, Mufit Iscer - Turchia, Renu Iyer - India, Cecile Jajalali - Germania, Hasa Kahrona - Turchia, Elif Karaaslan - Turchia, Banu Karal - Turchia, Polixene Kasda - Grecia, Melike Kaynak - Turchia, Onur Kaynak - Turchia, Jung Sook Kim - Corea del Sud , Neslihan Kiyar - Turchia, Katharina Kreil - Svizzera, Hulya Küpgüoglü - Turchia, Egil Martin Kurdol - Norvegia, Béatrice Libert - Belgio, Fügen Leman - Turchia, Daniel Leuwers - Francia, Aylin Menekse - Turchia, Melissa Mey - Turchia, Emrah Nallar - Turchia, Knud Steffen Nielsen - Danimarca, Bernard Noël - Francia, Esin Oktayer - Turchia, Sezen Ögünç - Turchia, Meral Oprukçu - Turchia, Cécile Oumhani - Francia, Ümran Özbalci Aria - Turchia, Fatma Özberki - Turchia, Halil Ibrahim Özcan - Turchia, Kyung Won Park - Corea del Sud, Senay Pehlivan - Turchia, Nurcan Perdahci - Turchia, Daniel Poulin - Canada, Bruno Roy - Canada, Ana Rossi - Francia, Ertugrul Saraç - Turchia, Funda Sorican - Turchia, Sevgi Soylu Koyuncu - Turchia, Cornelia Studer - Svizzera, Asli Tanrikulu - Turchia, Marcia Theophilo - Brasile, Muzzaffer Tire - Turchia, Soner Tire - Turchia, J.C. Todd - USA, Pascal Truchet - Francia, Nuray Turan - Germania, Imren Tuzur - Turchia, Alpaslan Ucar - Turchia, D. Udaiyvan - UK, Benoît Vincent - Francia, Anna Voegtli - Svizzera, kin Onat Von Merhart - Turchia, Belgin Yaran - Turchia, Hasan Yel - Turchia, Huseyin Yel - Turchia, Mavisel Yener - Turchia, Nurhan Yesil - Turchia, Fathima Rimh Zahra - Marocco, Mohammad Ziar - Iran.
curated by:
Silvia Ballerini, Luisella Carretta, Carolina Cuneo, Domingo Donato, Maurizio Olita, Viola Pagliano, Alessandra Russo with the support from Viviane Ciampi.
In collaboration with Biblioteca Berio
Sezione di Conservazione e Ufficio Comunicazione Promozione Eventi Culturali.

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Caterina Davinio in CeC 2009 (India)

Sat Feb 28, 2009 00:00 - Sun Feb 22, 2009


Caterina Davinio
featured in CeC 2009, Uttarakland (Delhi, India);
video work: Milady Smiles (2:50, I-CH, 2007)

CeC 2009 Uttarakland (India)
Performances ~ Presentations ~ Software ~ Screenings ~ Exhibits
Managing Trustee & Incident Director for CeC 2009: Shankar Barua

February 27-28, & March 1, 2009

The 4th annual Carnival of e-Creativity (CeC 2009) is scheduled to be held
February 27 to March 1, 2009, in the sylvan spaces of Sattal Estate, just above Bhimtal,
near Nainital, in the Lower Kumaon of the new Himalayan Indian state of Uttarakhand.
As in the past editions, this will be about presentations, performances, exhibits,
meetings, and screenings, involving direct and indirect participation of
e-Creative Practitioners of all description from around India and the world,
spread over 3 days of intense private, and also public, creative interaction.

Caterina Davinio, Milady Smiles (2:50, 2007).
A Jaguar promenade crossing Swiss hills, mysterious
psychedelic passages from color to a '60s past in black & white, Sound mixes
music, noise, electronic elaboration of conversation fragments, and the
Jaguar motor itself.

February 27-28, & March 1, 2009

:::: Support ::::
Pro Helvetia
Embassy of Spain
Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology
Jawaharlal Nehru University
Sri Venkateswara College
Bandish ~ The School of Music
Arts Network Asia
The Academy of Electronic Arts

Press: Art Electronics Italia
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