Caterina Davinio
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Caterina Davinio.
Born 1957. Multimedia artist, writer, poet. Pioneer of Italian digital art and computer poetry in 1990. Her work has been exhibited in many countries in more than 300 exhibitions, seven times in the Venice Biennale and Collateral Projects (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011), where she created participative events collaborating also as curator. Other exhibitions: Biennale of Sidney (Online Venue 2008), Athens Biennial (2007), Liverpool Biennial (Independents 2006 and 2008), Biennales de Lyon (1999, and Intern. Kiosk 2007), Biennale de Paris (2004), New media Art Biennial of Merida, Hong Kong Artists' Biennial, International Poetry Festival in Medellin. For extensive list see:
Caterina Davinio was a poet and painter in the 80s; in Rome she participated in poetry and performance meetings, getting in touch with the international circuits of the avant-garde. She creates video and digital art (still and animated), digital visual poetry, photography, performance, on line events. In 1998 she was the creator of Italian Net-poetry, a development of net-art related to multi-located experimental poetry events, based on line and in real spaces. Among her publications: Color color (novel, 1998), Techno-Poetry and Virtual Reality (It - Engl., essay, 2002, with preface by Eugenio Miccini), Serial Phenomenologies (poems, 210), Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium, poems, 2012), Virtual Mercury House. Planetary & Interplanetary Events (texts and documents about electronic poetry, 2012).

Davinio Art Electronics
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T: +39 0341 282712
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Video on line / 50th Venice Biennial / Good Bye to Pierre Restany / Markers IV Video Special (low-res Real Player)

The 50th Venice Biennial by Francesco Bonami in Video On line!
Video wandering during the opening days:

- The last good bye to Pierre Restany from artists, critics, operators
friends, at the French Pavillion on July 12.
- Giardini - Pavilions
- Arsenale
- Museo Correr

See also:
- Wandering Library - Markers IV in Venice. An itinerant project dedicated
to artists' books, promoted by Venice Municipality, UNESCO National Italian
Commission - World Book Day, International Artists Museum, Holon
Municipality. The Opening at the Jewish Museum on June 15 (until August 28).

All the pages of the artist books created by the Italian artists
Caterina Davinio, Eugenio Miccini, exhibited in the Wandering
Library Project in Venice:

Video event on June 14-15th at markers IV Opening:
"A Story"
Video: Caterina Davinio
Sound poem, voice, performance: Julien Blaine
Music: Etienne Brunet.
The book as object, the book as writing, the book as story, the writing as
visual and sound...

Stay with us in Venice!

-- Experimental

Art Electronics and Other Writings
Archives / Videotheque / Rome

Davinio Art Electronics -
Via Sassi 10
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Tel&Fax 0039 (0)341 282712


stay with us in Venice Experimental
The 50th Venice Biennial curated by Francesco Bonami
The Yucatan New Media Biennial (all the curators and artists)
Wandering Library - Markers IV in Venice. An itinerant project by Doron
Polak dedicated to artist books.

Soon on line:
- You wanted to visit the 50th Venice Biennial Opening and you couldn't? did a video special for you! An artist's eye on the Venice
Biennial: video wandering, during the opening days.
- The last good bye to Perre Restany from artists, critics, operators
friends, at the French Pavillion on July 12.
- The Wandering Library Project Opening at the Jewish Museum on June 15:
Interviews and presentation with Doron Polak, Giancarlo Vianello, and other
Venice authorities. All the artists' books in the exhibition.

See all the pages of the artist books created by the Italian artists
Caterina Davinio, and Eugenio Miccini, exhibited in the Wandering
Library Project in Venice from June 15 until September 28

Video event on June 14-15th at markers IV Opening!
"A Story", 3:00, 2003, 2MB
Video: Caterina Davinio
Sound poem, voice, performance: Julien Blaine,
Music: Etienne Brunet.
Download a low-res Real Player version for preview:

Stay with us in Venice!

-- Experimental

Art Electronics and Other Writings
Archives / Videotheque / Rome


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Pierre Restany

I received this night from Pierre Restany's assistent an e-mail message he
dictated for me... with contacts in Paris for my project "Gates".
I 'm touched, and I'm crying.

Pierre, are dedicated to you our "gates", made of bytes, ubiquity,
relatioship among persons, and of things that change, I hope through our
"gates" you can enter and stay with us, in our work, with all the things we
learned from you.
Caterina Davinio & Staff

> Pierre Restany,
> President du Palais de Tokyo,
> site de creation contemporaine
> est decede le jeudi 29 juin 2003.
> Tres touchee et tres peinee par la mort
> de cet ami et de cet homme d'exception,
> l'equipe du Palais de Tokyo partage la tristesse
> de tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de croiser
> son chemin et de suivre son intense aventure
> intellectuelle, artistique et humaine.
> > Ecouter Pierre Restany

> Madame,
> J'ai la grande tristesse de vous annoncer la
> disparition de Pierre Restany qui est decede ce jeudi
> matin a son domicile.
> Je l'ai vu hier matin ; il m'avait dicte une reponse
> pour vous, que je vous prie de trouver ci-apres.
> Bien sincerement.
> Dominique, sa secretaire
> __________________________
> Dear Catherine Davinio,
> Gates : please contact Jerome Sans, director Palais de
> Tokyo, with the complete documentation about the
> projet.
> Best regards.
> Pierre RESTANY


Gates Call: node in NYC needed

* Apologize for our English *


Call for participation/collaboration by experimental
artists/partners, for a
global project previewed in Summer July-September 2003.

A new Caterina Davinio's planetary project is under construction!

This year Rome University I "La Sapienza" is celebrating its 700 years.
Among the initiatives, the Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea of
University (directed by Simonetta Lux), in collaboration with the Art
History Department, presents the exhibition
ArtConFusion, in
which artists will meet, who use a plurality of languages and media,
numerous art expressions are called to
interact and coexist in a common context, open to all possible

In this context the curatorial committee has accepted Caterina Davinio's
global project GATES, a planetary in progress event, which will develop
during summer (since July 4, until end of September)
contemporaneously in Rome La Sapienza Museum and in other
decentralized in the world, involving many international artists, as it
with the Global Poetry Project 2002.
See the link below (referred to Global Poetry 2002) to have an idea of
the spirit of the project is:

The "environment" in Rome is identified as space in the meddle between
and a
livable area, in which performances, poetry readings, lectures by
experimental artists and critics, poets, can happen.

But GATES has numerous new aspects we are going to create
together! This is the call for entries to join and participate.
A quick reply is needed urgently, because La Sapienza
University Museum has let us know very late the acceptance of the
so we have only one month to organize and coordinate a complex event
will involve many persons who live in very far countries and cities.

The invitation to participate/collaborate is directed to the same
who already collaborated in Global Poetry in 2002, but for every one
who has
ideas and is in
the spirit of the project it is possible to join. Festival teams, young
artist galleries and spaces, situations related to experimental poetry
performance, and also alternative spaces, are welcome!

GATES in Rome Museo Laboratorio dell'Universita la Sapienza
is as well:
1. an installation that has the aspect of a white gate, open in every
direction (only the frame of the door),
2. a series of performance actions/poetry
readings/lectures that happen under/in/behind/around the
3. a series of projections on the wall behind the door,
4. Interchange of materials with decentralized spaces of the project:
video, e-mail, photos, slides, etc. will be projected.

We are looking for artists/operators/groups, who can reproduce this
installation-performance-projection ensemble in places decentralized in
world, which will be all part of an unique collective creation of all
involved artists.

The central installation in La Sapienza University Museum in Roma:
It is a white door (only the frame of the door) in a white environment,
installed in
a way it is possible to perform all around, in front of it and behind.
The so installed door has an essential form, creates
a space rich of symbolic value bound with the concept of communication,
also poetic,
referred to the idea of transit, passage, opening, with computer and
telematic echoes, with possibility to
project what arrives from the decentralized spaces (video, CD ROM,
etc.) on the wall behind the door.

This installation/environment will be replicated (in real or virtual
way) in
other places in the world, contemporaneously, during summer, by all the
participating collaborators/partners we are searching with this call for
Among Rome and the decentralized spaces there will be a continuous
of materials
(videocassettes, and CD ROM, digital videos, and images, photos, e-mail,
We will realize videos and photos of what happens around or under or
the door in Rome (performances, lectures, projections), and we will
send it
to the locations in the world, where a similar door is reproduced.
We expect you do the same in your city. What happens very far in the
decentralized gates will be presented in
Rome in video, what happens in Rome will be projected in the

The Gates Project is based on the concept of
decentralization/dispersion, enlargement of the real / virtual
space of action, and on the duration in time of a collaborative action
in progress that will develop during the whole summer.
Through Internet and e-mail communication will be coordinated the
decentralized initiatives and the dimension of communication will be
intrinsic to the art
event, the "real" "material" and
connective of this art project, as it was in analogue projects created
Caterina Davinio.

The places where you can create a decentralization of this project
could be
necessary a museum or a public Gallery, but every space open to the
such as a private gallery, an open space, an alternative exposition
space, a
park, a theater, in the contest of a festival, of a meeting, and so on.

Time: it is relatively free: since July 4 and during summer you can
operate as you like in a sequence of dates, in an unique period or day,
during the whole summer.

Installation: it is requested to the participating artists:
1. to reproduce an installation in form of door,
2. to organize performance, meetings, poetry
readings under or around the door, or using the door as scenery, or
the door to perform in/around it,
3. we expect you to send to us what you
have done (as video VHS PAL, digital photos jpg, CDROM. More wanted
standard and jpg files, please no MAC files), we will present what
from you in Rome,
4. we expect you to project video and jpg materials
arriving from Rome.

Involved persons: experimental artist and poets, performers, operators,
collaborate; the complexity of realization and organization of an event
which is
previewed during a long time in a planetary extension, needs the
involvement of more persons, so consider the possibility to involve some
organizational staffs of cultural
centers, or already planned experimental festivals. If you have an
idea, you
are welcome!

This event will be part of a book containing the best of
and net projects. On line catalogue.

DEAD LINE: as soon as possible submit your proposal complete of:
1. addresses of the spaces where you can realize your door,
2. time (probably dates),
3. involved collaborators or organizations
4. your bio (education, exhibitions, publications, experiences)

Caterina Davinio realized since 2001 collaborative projects in the net,
e-mail communication and real and virtual spaces, these initiatives saw
the participation of hundreds of international experimental artists,
created a new way to do performance art poetry using communication as
fundamental material of art.
General statement and bio
See also:
Recent experiences. A statement by Caterina Davinio

ARTCONFUSION is sponsored by: Trenitalia s.p.a., Apple Italia, Redbull,
American Academy in Rome, Village catering.
Curators: Maria Egizia Fiaschetti, Agnese Malatesti.
Official Patronage: Roma Municipality.
Realized in collaboration with: Art History Department of Rome
University La
Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea of University Roma I La
Museum Director: Simonetta Lux.

KARENINA.IT (poetry in phatic function) On line since 1998 - By
phatic is the use of the language which has the finality to maintain
and operative the communication channel among the interlocutors. On the
limit between art and critic, happening and net performance, is
a virtual meeting place around the theme of writing and new
technologies, in
which experiences of international artists, curators, theoreticians
converge, in a net that counts thousands of contacts in the world.

Art Electronics and Other Writings
Archives / Videotheque / Rome
To contact the Director:
Davinio Art Electronics
Via Sassi 10
23900 Lecco (LC) - Italia
Tel&Fax 0039 (0)341 282712