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Caterina Davinio.
Born 1957. Multimedia artist, writer, poet. Pioneer of Italian digital art and computer poetry in 1990. Her work has been exhibited in many countries in more than 300 exhibitions, seven times in the Venice Biennale and Collateral Projects (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011), where she created participative events collaborating also as curator. Other exhibitions: Biennale of Sidney (Online Venue 2008), Athens Biennial (2007), Liverpool Biennial (Independents 2006 and 2008), Biennales de Lyon (1999, and Intern. Kiosk 2007), Biennale de Paris (2004), New media Art Biennial of Merida, Hong Kong Artists' Biennial, International Poetry Festival in Medellin. For extensive list see:
Caterina Davinio was a poet and painter in the 80s; in Rome she participated in poetry and performance meetings, getting in touch with the international circuits of the avant-garde. She creates video and digital art (still and animated), digital visual poetry, photography, performance, on line events. In 1998 she was the creator of Italian Net-poetry, a development of net-art related to multi-located experimental poetry events, based on line and in real spaces. Among her publications: Color color (novel, 1998), Techno-Poetry and Virtual Reality (It - Engl., essay, 2002, with preface by Eugenio Miccini), Serial Phenomenologies (poems, 210), Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium, poems, 2012), Virtual Mercury House. Planetary & Interplanetary Events (texts and documents about electronic poetry, 2012).

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Interview with Caterina Davinio about The Book of Opium and more

Mon Jul 23, 2012 03:00 - Mon Dec 31, 2012

Barletta, Italy

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An interview with Caterina Davinio about The Book of Opium and more, with photography works:

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Some poems from The Book of Opium + two upublished works:

NEW IN THE BOOKSTORES: Caterina Davinio, IL LIBRO DELL'OPPIO, Puntoacapo Editrice, 2012. ISBN 978-88-6679-110-2


Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium), by Caterina Davinio

Fri Jul 06, 2012 19:00 - Fri Jul 06, 2012

Viareggio, Italy

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Publisher: Puntoacapo, Novi Ligure

Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium), namely: the cursed years of a protagonist of the international electronic art and poetry.

Opium and opiates, literary vice par excellence - with a history and personalities in the literary scene, from Baudelaire to De Quincey, from Coleridge to Burroughs - find in this work a space unencumbered by victimism or prejudice, with a delirious perspective, but free from censorship and taboos.

The author writes in the introductory note: "These are sick (and hellish) paradis artificiels... It is better not to talk about certain diseases of body and soul, it is better to conceal them, not to upset the sensibility of those who, in the world, can so surely separate good and evil, health and affliction, heaven and hell. In fact, this book remained unpublished, and I would say secret, for more than twenty years".

We can define The Book of Opium a work by a young poet: it contains, in fact, lyrics created by Davinio when she was from seventeen to thirty years old.

Mauro Ferrari points out in the afterword: "This is poetry which brings together in one bundle a life experience which is anyway full and painfully joyous - I too suggest an oxymoron - that in Italy this poetry has very few equals, and that it takes refuge neither in a more or less cursed attitude, nor in moralism. [...] The poetry of Caterina Davinio drips vitality, corporeality and physicality, which, I think, makes us love life beyond measure, because it sinks its nails into abjection, into hazard and death - into a challenge to death, even, without rhetoric, neither in the construction of the verses nor in the narrative dimension of this lucid and hallucinated diary. […] History? Yes, the dates (between 1975 and 1990) tell us about the years of terrorism and heroin; but the single texts, however, tell us a story - rather they offer to us fragmented instants, a heap of broken images, that do not aspire to total organicity - where the pursuit of pleasure (momentary and fleeting, as always pleasure is, according to the poet Leopardi) merges with the immersion in pain like systole and diastole. The desperate search for drugs is wandering, delay and waiting ("the waiting is everything"); the resurrection to life after a night of drugs, or the lucidity that shines between two chasms, is then the terrible confirmation of the value of "that life which is missing", confirmation of how life should be wooed, to feel alive one more day, drunk on the edge of the abyss."

Caterina Davinio, writer, poet and artist, is known for her work in new media, which has brought her, since 1990, in contact with the international avant-garde circuits, in publications, festivals, exhibitions and meetings of global significance, such as the Venice Biennial, the Biennale of Sydney, of Lyon, of Liverpool, of Athens, of Merida, E-Poetry festival (Barcelona and Buffalo, NY), Manifesta and many others, with over three hundred appearances in meaningful exhibition contexts. This book gives us an opportunity to know a dark period preceding 1990, in the Seventies and the Eighties, offering a gallery of situations, characters and atmosphere from the world of drug addiction, with moments of hedonism, nihilism, but also playful, or dramatic, such as in Overdose, Anorexia, Flash (Poem of Heroin).

The Book of Opium presents one hundred and fourteen selected poems from the collection Fatti deprecabili (Deplorable Facts), almost entirely unpublished, which contains texts written from Davinio's early adolescence. Davinio began writing poetry at the age of fourteen years, composing, from 1971 until 1997, over four hundred poems and performance texts; some of them were included in anthologies, readings and theater performances in the late Eighties and Nineties. The poems included in this book, never printed or presented before, are a first attempt to organize and arrange part of those manuscripts for publication.

The themes of drugs and marginality are not new in Davinio's literary production, already present in her novel Color Color, in various poems, and in her book Serial Phenomenologies (2010).

The Book of Opium, with its language directed, up from its origins, to experimentation, with a vocation for breaking the syntactical structures, the verses, and, sometime, the words, with the unpredictability of some unexpected passages and variations, provides, in a not merely neo-realistic way, an unprecedented insight into life and the youth culture of the Seventies and the Eighties, perhaps the generation most affected by what has been called the drug culture.


Born in Foggia in 1957, Caterina Davinio grew up in Rome, where, after a degree in Italian Literature at Sapienza University, she dealt with contemporary art and new media, as a writer, as a curator and a theorist. Featured in international anthologies and journals, she has published the poetry collection Serial Phenomenologies, Campanotto, 2010, special mention in Nabokov Prize 2011, with parallel English text, afterword by Francesco Muzzioli and a critical note by David W. Seaman; the novel Color Color, 1998; the essays: Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities, 2002, with preface by Eugenio Miccini, and Virtual Mercury House. Planetary & Interplanetary Events, book with dvd, 2012, about net-poetry. She gained recognitions as a finalist in the awards: Lorenzo Montano, Franco Fortini, 2011, Scriveredonna 2010 (Pescara), for unpublished poetry. Among the pioneers of digital poetry and art in 1990, she has exhibited in more than three hundred expos in many countries of Europe, Asia, America, Australia. Since 1997 she participated and has created poetry and multimedia art events in seven editions of the Venice Biennale and collateral events.

Year: 2012 - Genre: Poetry -
168 pages - Price: 16 Euro


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On the cover: Caterina Davinio, digital elaboration from a photographic self-portrait created in 1979.


Caterina Davinio: Interview on TV about E-poetry, New Books and Other News

Mon Feb 27, 2012 00:10 - Sat Mar 31, 2012


*** Television interview with Caterina Davinio about e-poetry, on the Italian national channel La7, on Monday February 27th, in the program
InnovatiON, at 00:10, soon on-line here:

Forthcoming, not to be missed:
NEW!*** Caterina Davinio, Il libro dell'oppio (The Book of Opium), drugs and addiction: poems from the "cursed" years 1975-1990, Puntoacapo Publisher, Novi Ligure 2012.
NEW!*** Caterina Davinio, Virtual Mercury House - Planetary & Interplanetary Events, book + dvd, theoretical texts, documents and interviews about e-poetry and net-poetry, Polìmata Publisher, Rome 2012. All the events on the centenary of Italian Futurism (with more than 200 artists and poets involved in the Venice Biennale). With parallel English text.

***Caterina Davinio's book Serial Phenomenologies (Campanotto Publisher, 2010) is finalist and special mention in the Poetry Section of Nabokov Award 2011.
Afterword by Francesco Muzzioli and critical note by the American translator David. W. Seaman. With parallel English text.
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Davinio's works featured by ASAC / The Venice Biennale, The Lyon
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ROMA Nuovo Cinema Aquila La foto rupestre 2010

Mon Dec 13, 2010 00:00 - Mon Dec 06, 2010

Join us in the exhibition of photography La foto rupestre, at Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome, December 13-14 2010. In the exhibition all the selected
works of La foto rupestre competition:

Francesco Cagnetti e Silvana Sabatelli, Nemir Adjina e Paolo di Ciaccio,
Paolo Agostinelli, Svetlana Boyko, Marco Corradi, Sergio De Magistris,
Fabrizio Fracassi, Daniela Ghione, Manrico Martini, Gustavo Piccinini,
Claudio Pisani, Paola Scarsi; Erica Alberti, Giovanni Blumthaler, Caruso
Maria Maddalena,
Caterina Davinio, Antonio Di Pardo, Maria Paola Di Santo,
Gino Fabiani, Antimo Palumbo, Margherita Salvadori, Liliana Zivkovic;
Marilena Belfiore, Sveva Balsamo, Valerio Musocco, Eleonora Pecorella,
Ilenia Piccioni, Lara Zivkovic

Caterina Davinio

Davinio's latest book Serial Phenomenologies, 2010. Parallel English text. Do not miss it! Orders (Campanotto Publisher):
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Video, Photography, Digital Art, and more: DVD or secure web files featured on demand to curators and gallery owners. Contact:
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Action Poetry June 21-25

Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:10 - Sat Jun 25, 2011

Livorno, Italy

Video poetry and e-poetry by Caterina Davinio featured in:
Action Poetry
at Peccolo Gallery
June 21-25 2011
I - 57123 Livorno
tel./fax 0586 888509
Piazza della Repubblica, 12
every day: 10:00-13:00 / 16:00-20:00
monday morning: closed
Caterina Davinio
Caterina Davinio, book+DVD: Virtual Mercury House_Planetary & Interplanetary Events, Polìmata, Roma 2011.
With more than 300 poems, video and texts by poets from around the
Davinio's latest book Serial Phenomenologies, 2010.
Parallel English text. Afterword by Francesco Muzzioli and critical note by
David W. Seaman: