casa gontz
Since 2004
Works in Vienna Austria

selected Exhibitions:

2004 - "formate/moving patterns", Kunsthalle Wien project space, Austria

2004 - "Romanian artists (and not only) love the Palace?!", Inauguration - The new location of the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

2004 - "Moving patterns.04",Vienna Days in Bucharest, Festival, Romania

2004 - "”, open source internet tv station

2004 - "young romanian guns" at [R]-[R]-[F] - 2004 / experimental global networking project conception and realisation by Agricola de Cologne

2003 - "personal places”, A + A Gallery, Venice, Italy

2003 - "Urban Textures”, performing places & British Council, Bucharest, Romania

2003 - performance with Andrei Andrianov, TanzQuartier - "Denkmal" project, Vienna

2003 - “Preview”, Kalinderu Media Lab, Bucharest, Romania

2002 - "and there is fiction in the space between”, Gallery "New", Bucharest, Romania

2002 - "Sleep", GAD, Bucharest,Romania (personal exhibition)

2002 - “COOP 02”, Kalinderu Media Lab, Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

2002 - “Bound(less) Borders”, Eastern Europe

2002 - "hygienisch und sicher", Diagonale, Film festival in Graz, Austria

2001 - "Kunstler kochen", Sargfabrik,Vienna,Austria (personal exhibition)

2000 - "Generation 2000 - The New Wave in Romanian Photography", Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

1999 - Fair of Visual Arts, Bucharest, "BW
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PolTur Romania - Political Tourism Agency

The project of a virtual traveling agency is an ironic analysis of the Romania political scene and of its reflection in the media. Our proposal of a political tourism agency is similar to the extreme sport tours or the cultural traveling packages. We address to those who wish to witness and experiment the transition from communism to democracy, the development of democracy and how the transition actually feels like. Surely all this is purely fictional and this agency is solely an art project.

'You want to see how the transition from communism to democracy is actually taking place? You want to see how it is like to be a member of the government? You want to know how it feels like to be in the opposition? You want to take part in the reconstruction of a country? Or maybe you want to fatten your wallet?

Now we are offering you this opportunity: Political Tourism

Liberalism? Social Democracy? You got to be kidding! It


submission call

Tue Dec 21, 2004 07:53

About : is pure diversity. is the exact opposite of regular tv. It shows videos and films that have been worth producing, eluding the fate of becoming commissioned cliches. thrives on the diversity of a digitalized culture, a large creative resource evident in its content. It creates a non-commercial space outside cheap mainstream programs. is a product of Internet culture and will develop accordingly. sptv is a sample of that creative intellectual potential out there - wherever that is. sptv should became the first open source internet Tv. Everybody can join us
and became a broadcaster. The sptv should develop itself in a major network of broadcasters from around the world, where everybody has his broadcast hours.


Ongoing. We are seeking works for our 2004-2005 programming year.

What are we looking for:

- Videos should be short. under 30 min. all types of independent/
non-commercial work is accepted: experimental, documentary, music videos, vj-ing clips, narrative, non-narrative, controversial, political, personal, sexual and so on. Formats accepted: DVD, miniDV, DVCAM, or CD (avi, quicktime, mpeg at a minimum resolution of 640x480). Please include: Synopsis, CV and contact information. all submissions will be addes to the archive for possible inclusion in future curatorial projects. Artists will be contacted for permission prior to having their work included in other programs. Unfortunately, Artist Fees cannot be paid at this time.
There are no official entry forms or entry fees.
- Public participation. If there is an event in your city and you want to be seen on, contact us, and we can make a live stream or brodcast a recorded version of the event.
- We are also looking for people willing to cooperate in enlarging the
structure of Please contact us at

Send all materials to:
on line: with username: sptv and password: sptv ( we would encourage ftp submission)
or with post:
Daniel Gontz
gestettengasse 19/39
1030 vienna
For more information visit our website or contact us at