Carpet Cleaning Tip: Remove Soap Residue

It is not enough that you know the right thing to do when it comes to carpet cleaning. You should also know what not to do. Those don'ts are essential to note because they can save your carpet from damage and make your Carpet Cleaning Mill Creek service even more effective.

One of the top booboos is to leave soap residue in your carpet. If you think this will make your carpet smell like detergent, think again. Soap residue will only attract soil buildup. You need to remove any trace of detergent using fresh, clear water on a damp cloth and rubbing it gently onto the carpet.

Another don't is leaving your carpet wet. Dry your carpet fast after carpet cleaning by leaving either your doors and windows or your air conditioning unit open. Once dry, you may vacuum your carpet again to fluff it up and pick up the remaining dirt that loosened using your carpet cleaning equipment.