Common Mistakes Committed in DIY Route of Carpet Cleaning
Homeowners who save money by foregoing offers of Carpet Cleaning Daly City service providers often commit mistakes that further damage their carpets. First is not rinsing the carpet well for fear that the fibers will absorb too much water. Carpet shampoo residue will only attract dirt. Poor spot & stain removal solutions are employed when you clean your carpet in DIY manner. This is mainly because more often than not, you fail to blot stains as they happened. Chances are you wouldn't know right away that the carpet has just got stained especially if you have kids and pets at home. Another mistake is opting for extractor instead of rental carpet cleaner. It's the latter that effectively takes out dirt. You wouldn't get your money's worth in carpet extractors. Lastly, to make the carpet clean most people would put the spotter directly on it instead of putting it on white cotton. This makes it hard to remove stain.