carola spadoni
Since 2004
Works in Roma Italy

Born in Roma, Carola moved to New York City in 1989 to start her voyage as a filmmaker. Since completing Film studies at Brooklyn College in 1993 Carola worked as camera assistant in numerous independent feature productions and as cinematographer in few short films.
Since 1992 has directed a feature film, three documentaries, six short films
and two music videos in New York and Rome. Her films and videos have been shown in various international film festivals as well as in screening series, art galleries and museums from New York to Bombay, Berlin and London.

With the short film NEIGHBORS won the award for "Best Film by an emerging filmmaker" at the Salerno Int'l Film Festival of 1996. The short was distributed and broadcasted on Channel 4 (U.K.), Tele+1 and Canale 5 (Italy), RTSI (Switzerland).
Also in 1996 she co-founded Open Cine, a not for profit organization that helds public screenings of classic italian films and b-movies in New York, supported by the Italian Institute of Culture, the Goldfarb Foundation,the City park and recreation of N.Y.

From 1997 to '98 wrote freelance for the daily italian newspaper "il manifesto" and
"the Independent Film & Video", an american monthly publication.

In November '98 Carola gave her first lecture at New York University, "From shorts to feature lenght films, exploring fiction", focusing on experimental filmmaking.
Since 1999 has been living in Italy, in the same year she partecipated at the Batik International Film Festival in Perugia as a guest speaker at the forum "Cinema and Freedom, an international meeting".
Also in 1999 Carola was invited to screen "F.&V.B.D." at a filmmakers and activists symposium at the 48. Biennale d’Arte di Venezia for the Orestecinema project, dAPERTutto section. FREDDY & VICTOR BLIND DATE , an experimental videofilm, was sold to and broadcasted on Canale 5 (Italy) in the same year.

In April 2001 Carola completed the documentary ARTHUR PENN: THE WORK produced by il Teatro di Roma and Tele+ channel. In June 2001 her music video SYMPHONIES OF MEMORIES was selected for the 1st Bienal de Valencia in
the videoROM section and also broadcasted on Mtv Italy in the same period.

In July 2001 shot and directed along with other 32 italian directors the week of international G8 meetings and protests in Genoa for the collective film A DIFFERENT WORLD IS POSSIBLE.

Her first feature film GIRAVOLTE-FREEWHEELING IN ROMA,completed in 2001, was selected for international competition at the Torino Int’l Film Festival,in 2002 at the 52nd Berlinale, in the International Forum of New Cinema, in the same year at the Chicago Int’l FF in the New Directors and New Italian cinema sections and the Cairo Int’l F.F. GIRAVOLTE was the only feature screening in the contemporary art exhibition “EXIT, a new map of Italian creativity” curated by Francesco Bonami.

From 2001 to 2003 Carola held film directing classes at Ied Comunicazione University in Roma.

Winner of the prize Young Italian Art Award 2003, her work GOD IS DEAD, a cinema mise en espace, has been exhibited at the 50.Biennale d’Arte di Venezia and is now part of the permanent collection of the MAXXI Arte Museum of Contemporary art of Roma.

In February of 2004 Carola was invited as artist tutor for a urban experimental workshop for artists and architects at the National Academy of San Luca in Roma.
In the beginning of June 2004 her first solo exhibition opened at ALaPlage in Toulouse, France, Carola Spadoni: film & video works.