Jay Critchley
Since 2004
Works in United States of America

Artist and activist Jay Critchley's visual, conceptual and performance work has traversed the globe, from his patriotic Old Glory Condoms to Miss Tampon Liberty and the Nuclear Recycling Consultants. He founded Theater in the Ground@Septic Space in his backyard septic tank, wrote and directed three movies - Toilet Treatments, an HBO Audience Award winner - and produced Big Twig Tunnel Tapes: Boston’s Big Dig Sings CD.

His work has recently been shown and performed at the Andy Warhol Museum, The LAB in San Francisco, and at the 6th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics in Buenos Aries, Argentina. His sand-encrusted, 1950s BEIGE MOTEL ran last summer, and his GLOBAL YAWNING for a small planet is presently at Boston Center for the Arts. He’s creating a collaborative project at North Burial Ground in Providence, Rhode Island this summer.

Jay has taught at the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and has had recent residencies at Harvard University, AS220 in Rhode Island, and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. He was recently awarded a Special Citation form the Boston Society of Architects for his proposal, Martucket Eyeland Resort & Theme Park, which toured Europe.

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10 Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade

Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:00

Provincetown, Massachusetts
United States of America

Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse, Provincetown, MA USA. Call for Proposals.

www.10daysofart.org Deadline August 25, 2012.

Contact: Jay Critchley

Provincetown 10 Days of Art 2012 Festival and Provincetown Community Compact (The Compact) are pleased to announce a multi-media exhibition at the Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse in the Cape Cod National Seashore; “Ten Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade,” is set for September 28 to October 7, 2012; project director artist Jay Critchley invites proposals for art installations, performance events and special programs.

Linking the culturally fertile Provincetown decade of 1910 to the present decade, Ten Days That Shook the World: the Centennial Decade, a multi-media installation project at the iconic Herring Cove Beach Bathhouse in the Cape Cod National Seashore, will reflect on time, climate, impermanence and Provincetown’s cultural legacy.

Built in the 1950s after the devastating 1938 hurricane, this modernist architectural fortress became a stronghold against - and a refuge from - the destabilizing sea. But this fortified, windowless citadel is now on the verge of being swept into the ocean, just like playwright Eugene O’Neill’s dune house.

Ten Days That Shook the World, a ten-day event set for September 28 through October 7, references John Reed’s famous account of the Russian Revolution of 1917. He, O’Neill, Nieth Boyce, Susan Glaspell and others were members of the revolutionary Provincetown Players, which gave birth to modern American theater in 1915. The Centennial Decade also includes the one hundred year anniversary of the Pilgrim Monument and the founding of the Provincetown Art Association & Museum. Other cultural organizations celebrating significant anniversaries this decade include the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown Theater, Provincetown Arts, The Compact, Castle Hill, the Swim for Life and others.

This project is directed by Provincetown artist Jay Critchley, in collaboration with Provincetown 10 Days of Art Festival, the Cape Cod National Seashore and the Provincetown Community Compact (The Compact). Proposals are being accepted by visual, installation and performance artists, actors, playwrights, writers, musicians, dancers, cultural organizations, students and the community non-profits for installations, performances, lectures, art classes, recording sessions, video projections and other activities to mark the passing of this community landmark. Its imposing architectural spaces include: two open-air changing rooms, showers and bathrooms; four windowless rooms; a large atrium, two portico staging areas and exterior walls; and the concession building. For applications go to http://10DaysOfArt.org. The deadline for proposals is August 25, 2012 (midnight).

Jay Critchley founded The Compact in 1993, which also sponsors the annual Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla, with this year’s 25th event set for September 8. His multi-media work has been exhibited and performed internationally. Ten Days That Shook the World will be his third pre-demo building project on the Cape. The Meadows Motel project in 2006, staged at a time of rapid gentrification, included artists’ installations in the ten motel rooms, dealing with: sexual abuse, perception, tourism, gentrification time and architectural reassignment. In 2007 he encrusted the entire 1955 Pilgrim Spring Motel in North Truro with dune sand to become the Beige Motel, with alternating colored lighting and artists’ installations. It was unsuccessfully offered for sale on eBay and was rejected by the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston.

Ewa Nogiec, founder of Provincetown 10 Days of Art Festival and director of Gallery Ehva, is best known for "They Also Face the Sea" installation on Fisherman's Wharf in collaboration with photographer Norma Holt, and "Harbor Lights" nighttime performance using kayaks and lights. She is also publisher and curator of ProvincetownArtistRegistry.com and creator of iamprovincetown.com. She designed the Town of Provincetown logo, used by Visitor Services Board in all marketing materials.

Provincetown 10 Days of Art Festival is partially funded by the Provincetown Tourism Fund.

Contact information:

All inquries about 10 Days That Shook the World direct to:
The Provincetown Community Compact
Jay Critchley, Director

All inquires by galleries/visitors direct to:
Gallery Ehva/10 Days of Art Festival
Ewa Nogiec, Producer/Director


Call For Entries: ici Accepting Entries from Cultural Groups to Win Custom Mobile App

This is just another gimmick to promote yet another technology in hopes that everyone will buy it. Only one "winner" from each region? How about a little more "generosity"? - like cash payments to organizations that put the time in to apply? Jay


Insurgent Bodies

Fri May 07, 2010 00:00 - Wed May 05, 2010

United States of America

Provincetown, MA multi-media artist Jay Critchley, artist in residence at Milepost 5, Portland, Oregon USA, will present a new photographic installation called Insurgent Bodies. The show, part of his ongoing Maskuerade Ball Project, explores tie-string surgical masks as emblems of fear and cover-up. The photos, along with sculptural elements, investigate the erotic male body, and the fetish use of tie-string surgical masks. His work may be viewed at: www.jaycritchley.com

We have nothing to fear but fear itself – FDR

No mask like open truth to cover lies, As to go naked is the best disguise. – William Congreve

Lurking within much of the mediated body politic we inhabit lies a calling to run, to hide, to bury, to medicate, to muffle, to silence. This fear immobilizes us from action. Insurgent Bodies reclaims the ubiquitous and austere tie-string surgical mask


Dune Shack Residencies

Mon Feb 15, 2010 00:00

United States of America

One to 3-week residencies for visual artists, writers and the public in primitive and glorious historic dune shacks in Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA USA; one residency offers a $500 fellowship and a 3-week stay. No fee to apply. Deadline February 15, 2010; www.thecompact.org


21 Gun Salute

Thu Sep 24, 2009 00:00 - Sun Sep 20, 2009

United States of America

Please join me on Thursday, September 24, 6:10 pm for 21 Gun Salute, a live performance in Provincetown Harbor with simulcast radio play broadcast on WOMR 92.1 FM, streaming online at www.womr.org. Hosted by Lady Di.
The performance is in Provincetown Harbor where emergency flares and smoke flares will be ignited, referencing Tennessee Williams' stay in Provincetown during WWII.

Check out Tennessee Williams Theater Festival: http://twptown.org/21-gun-salute-to-life. Thanks, Jay