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Carlos Katastrofsky is an artist, based in Austria / Europe. Working primarily in the field of new media art, his areas of exploration include netart, interactive installations, software art and the possibilities of web- elements as cultural tools.
The person behind the pseudonym Carlos Katastrofsky is Michael Kargl, born in Tyrol, Austria. He lives and works in vienna. || carlos.katastrofsky[at] ||
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Re: [ann][work] internet art for poor people


mmmh... this piece is just a sketch of thoughts that come up sometimes:
art and computer related art especially is always linked to wealth... we
all know this and this is obviously accepted by us all.
but sometimes this makes me think...

about the link in this page:
i think it's not definitely necessary for the piece but the linked site
tells you the current state of affairs and (imho), by that, says something
about the development of the piece's message.

> I like the irony of this page being used in an art project, and
> referring to itself (it, an external component of the artwork) as "The
> Big Picture." :)



> questions of what is/ isn't art and how external objects are
> used & referenced by artists, so I'm tempted to ask what the
> difference is between building the page that you did vs straight up
> linking to it... Or maybe that's what you feel you did...?

i build the page simply because this statuscode normally says something
like "...was not found on this server" which i thought would not be strong

i don't consider it to be an artwork because this page was built by me...
i think it's the whole thing- the concept and the page, regardless whoever
it made or even if it was not made by anyone (like generative works)- what
makes an artwork. and, of course, the impact on the viewer.

thanks for the link to the mp3 of the panel...


> marisa
> On 2/10/06, carlos katastrofsky <> wrote:
>> thinking about some statistics regarding internet access and wealth...
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[ann][work] internet art for poor people

thinking about some statistics regarding internet access and wealth...


Re: "Russian roulette" on Russian Christmas

seems "russian roulette" held a bullet for me...


On Sat, 07 Jan 2006 23:14:08 +0100, manik <manik@ptt.yu> wrote:

> (necessary facts about
> *subject*)
> Hi Carlos Katastrofsky:-),
> Why don't you take automatic revolver and play that game along?
> Because it's automatic-You are winner!(for sure).You like to win?You
> like, I see that in your syntax,in your text, appearance?
> Russian roulette in our days became synonym mainly for
> feign something,some small gambling acquire or fake disillusion
> behavior.(Forget"Dear hunter",that's
> war glorification,because weakling Nick's looser,and real American hero
> De Niro/I've forgot his name in film-stay alive...)
> Last few year "Serbian roulette"became popular:it's game
> when (mostly) young people drive trough city at night,full speed,without
> light,trough semaphore red light...
> So far about hundred people(most innocent)
> are dead,and few hundred are wound...Or we can put bet on chaste of
> heroine(pure one kill,not mixed).Here in Belgrade is 20Euro for
> gram,pure and legal from Kosovo which is under USA jurisdiction.You can
> play&gambling cheap.Aren't you boy with money,brave Russian roulette
> player?
> Today is orthodox Christmas(don't vory I'm not baptize,so it won't be
> religious attack),this day remind me on long tradition of,for this
> occasion I can said"Russian school".As you can see this"game"
> could be symbol for lose illusion,tsarist officers first
> *roulette*gambler, vere proud people(see film"Siberian barber"by
> Nikhita Mikhalkow),also Russian roulette could be expression of
> proto-nihilist "Weltanschauung",
> specific sentiment for world in which human life represent only more or
> less phenomenon
> among other which could be put on edge same as everything else,for
> bright ideal mostly,but for money also.
> In one main line:Russian roulette is maybe last romantic *confront*with
> God's will/Destiny.Even Van Gogh was bit in that "style".
> Last years "New-brutality",from media, MTV(idiots who roll in
> nails,wound them self's on different ways...),brutal talk show who
> degrade average people(they pay for they 15 sec. of glory,but there's
> still something sad in their uncover..,
> over new kung-foo films,to artist like Marina Abramovich and Marco B.who
> pretend dangerous,blinding
> all over,for good money,make middle aged people fall in amok(post
> hippie,rich people
> sorrow for youth,post RAF&Brigatte Rose frustration&intellectual covered
> capitalistic aesthetic (which is
> worst of all.)So what are you doing:you ask me to risk and put my
> computer which is precious for me
> because my income are so insignificant that I don't want to shame you
> with number.You aspect me
> to risk to get viruses after I pay 30euros for repairing computer few
> days ago?Silly young man!
> Idle,without knowledge about,in the first place symbolic background of
> every move in art,because artist have no
> other field for express attitude and place in symbolic hierarchy(of The
> World )except formalization in art.
> Your formalization with Russian roulette show us that your sense for
> value(considered other man's money and symbolic investment )are on
> mushroom level.
> Actually you said:"Play with me if you don't care for money(computer).If
> you have money,you can play with me.Money make that we can play my
> game.You can't play my game,because you don't have money..."
> I'm not "Art Guard",I'm avant-garde,and I haven't seen such
> stupid work as yours for a long time
> Mary Christmas
> _______________________________________
> Russian Roulette is also the title of a game show produced by
> the Game Show Network.
> Russian Roulette is the title of a 1986 album by German heavy metal
> band Accept.
> Roulette Russe (French for "Russian roulette") is the title of the
> second album of Alain Bashung.
> Russian roulette is the practice of placing one round in a revolver,
> spinning the cylinder and closing it into the firearm without looking,
> aiming the revolver at one's own head in a suicidal fashion, and pulling
> the trigger. The number of rounds placed in the revolver can vary. As a
> gambling game, toy guns are often used to simulate the practice. The
> number of deaths caused by this practice are unknown.

c a r l o s k a t a s t r o f s k y


russian roulette - call for contribution

Sat Jan 07, 2006 07:16

call for contribution

"russian roulette"
( )
is a game that could end harful for your computer. click on a provided
download button and get a file... but who knows which file? a picture?
sound? a virus?

at the moment the variety in files is very poor, so please contribute a
small file (<50k) to "russian roulette". there's no prize to win, but if
your file is accepted your name will show up at the site as "contributing

please send the file as attachment to: carlos.katastrofsky/at/

thanks & all the best

c a r l o s k a t a s t r o f s k y


[ann] [work] new work: russian roulette

new work: russian roulette

play the sometimes lethal game with your computer's life:

c a r l o s k a t a s t r o f s k y