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Carlo Zanni was born in La Spezia (Italy) in 1975. Since the early 2000's his practice involves the use of Internet data to create time based social consciousness experiences investigating our life. He lives far from the worldliness of the art world while showing and screening his projects in venues worldwide including: Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; New Museum, New York; Tent, Rotterdam; MAXXI, Rome; P.S.1, New York; Borusan Center, Istanbul; ACAF Space, Alexandria; PERFORMA 09, NY; ICA, London; Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh; Science Museum, London.
He founded "People From Mars" to experiment new distribution models for video art and new media projects.
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Photos from Carlo Zanni solo show at SKL Gallery, Palma de Mallorca

This is a set of photos from my solo show at SKL gallery in Palma de Mallorca.
I'm presenting several old projects and a new piece, "my country is a living room"
a poem done hacking into Google Scribe that is available as a Pay-Per-View Internet project and a print on demand book.

thank you,
Carlo Zanni


Article: L’aura è morta. Viva l’aura! Carlo Zanni e i nuovi scenari dell’arte net-based by Giulia Simi

Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:20 - Sat Dec 28, 2013

Beautiful article by Giulia Simi about "my country is a Living Room" ( ) and its business model: "L’aura è morta. Viva l’aura! Carlo Zanni e i nuovi scenari dell’arte net-based"


my country is a Living Room by Carlo Zanni

Mon Oct 03, 2011 16:00 - Sat Dec 31, 2011

Dear all,
I'm glad to introduce you to my new project done on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italian unification.
It's called  my country is a Living Room.
I suspect some of you will find it familiar.
It's a generative poem done using Google Scribe that takes the form of a Print on Demand Book and a Pay-per-View Internet project.
The book contains also an endorsement by Christiane Paul on the back cover.
I hope you enjoy it.



Wed Jan 05, 2011 00:00 - Sun Jan 02, 2011

Trinidad and Tobago

The National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago

is pleased to present

WE THE ARTISTS, an exhibition bringing together local and foreign artists, curated by Nicollette Ramirez, Director of the Creative Collective Beez and Honey.

Trinidad is about racial and cultural mélange, discourse about that mix, and dissent and division too. I decided to create an exhibition that would mix Trinidadian artists with their contemporaries outside of the island. I wanted the artists to have a conversation and in that conversation make breakthroughs intellectually, emotionally, creatively and spiritually...

Marina Abramovic (Former Yugoslavia)
Antoni Amat (Spain)
Kristin Anderson (USA)
Dean Arlen (Trinidad)
Clarina Bezzola (Switzerland)
Ashley Bickerton (UK/USA/Indonesia)
Juanli Carrion (Spain)
Gordon Cheung (UK)
Uri Dotan (Israel/USA)
Ivars Drulle (Latvia)
Marcel Eichner (Germany)
Embah (Trinidad)
Wyatt Gallery (USA/Trinidad)
Vicente Grondona (Argentina)
Anne Herzog (France)
Michelle Isava (Trinidad)
Kwynn Johnson (Trinidad)
Thomas Kiesewetter (Germany)
Danny Licul (USA)
Jiandyin (Jiradej & Pornpilai Meemalai) (Thailand)
Wael Noureddine (Lebanon/France)
Anselm Reyle (Germany)
Spencer Tunick (USA)
Vadis Turner (USA)
Carlo Zanni (Italy)

My choices are my own, based on my experience with the art and the artists and relationships, both new and long standing. The impetus of a curator to acquire work is hardly different from that of an art collector or an art dealer; the desire is the same. The curator however, has the responsibility to present the work for purely aesthetic and intellectual reasons while the collector and dealer can afford to be more decadent in their motivation (to make money, to show off). I’ve tried to include artists from every corner of the globe. If a region is under-represented it is only because of my own lack of knowledge/experience in that region. E.g. Africa. I’m still learning what that vast continent has to offer in terms of the arts.

WE THE ARTISTS is an attempt to give the viewer a chance to engage in the conversation between the works of foreign and local artists using the unifying language of images. Images are open to interpretation and discussion, but unarguably images are a unifying language across the world. Consider the universal signs for WC, Children Crossing, No Smoking and so on. The artists in this exhibition offer a range of images and media for the viewer to identify common theories, emotions, social, philosophical and political concerns, regardless of where they are from. On the other hand, they also challenge the viewer by denying them the easy interpretation of their work, based on prior knowledge of their background.

WE THE ARTISTS is a start to the conversation; there are no answers here, just a few questions put on the table to consider. There is room for growth and a further expanding of the horizons. A major objective of the exhibition is a desire for local artists to make connections and get their work out to the larger world as well as to bring foreign artists to Trinidad to enjoy and be inspired by our rich culture.

SHORT VIDEO/FILM NIGHT: Friday October 14, 2010 Time TBD
LECTURE/TALK/DISCUSSION: Thursday January 20, 2010 Time TBD
PERFORMANCE NIGHT: Wednesday January 25, 2010 6-8 pm

Address: The National Museum and Art Gallery
117 Frederick Street,Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies



Wed Nov 17, 2010 00:00 - Tue Nov 16, 2010

AKTIONSART ( ) is pleased to announce the launch of Feature - a monthly exhibition series curated by Julia Fryett showcasing contemporary artists working in film, video and new media. Feature introduces a range of emerging and established artists, keeping with AKTIONSART’s mission to employ digital distribution strategies to exhibit the work of extraordinary talent in an accessible and innovative context. This collaborative public program is viewable online, on outdoor screen reminiscent of drive-in theaters, and straight to televisions via the premium streaming service MUBI.

Feature is presented both on an online cinema, MUBI Garage ( ), and Big Screen Project , an outdoor cinema in midtown Manhattan. A sequence of artist interviews and educational materials will also be released in MUBI Garage Production Notes.

The first program, Feature I, presents work by artists Burt Barr, Sue de Beer, Jeremy Blake, Rainer Judd, Jillian Mayer, Michael Lee Nirenberg and Carlo Zanni.

On view are the online global premieres of Sprinkler (2010) and Dolly Shot Twice (2000) by Burt Barr; Untitled (Claire Buckingham) (2010) by Sue de Beer; Winchester Redux (2004) by Jeremy Blake; A Little Wonder (2010) by Rainer Judd; and Divorcees (2010), by Michael Lee Nirenberg.

Feature launches Friday, November 12th, 2010 on MUBI and will rotate on an ongoing basis on Big Screen Project. The first week of screening times for Big Screen Project are Wednesday, 11/17, 11:30 AM; Friday, 11/19, 9:00 AM; and Saturday, 11/20, 9:30 PM. For the most current schedule of screenings, visit the Big Screen Project calendar.

MUBI is an online destination to watch, discover, and discuss independent, international, and classic cinema. At its core, MUBI is an online movie theater that makes great films from around the world easily accessible through high quality video streaming. MUBI recently launched a PlayStation Application in over 18 countries that allows anyone with a PS3 to watch MUBI films directly on their TV. MUBI Garage is a laboratory, a factory, a series of arguments and discussions and actions towards a new direction in independent filmmaking. The Garage is a call for manifestos in the form of the moving image.

The Big Screen Project’s outdoor digital arts and culture wall is a 30 ft. x 16.5 ft. HD screen located in a public plaza behind at 6th Avenue between 29th and 30th Street in New York City. The content shown is eclectic ranging from the best in the arts, cinema, and new media to sports and video gaming. The vision is to expose the general public to fresh cultural content and to raise awareness, entertain, and inspire. The screen shows a diverse schedule of daily programming organized into conceptual blocks.

For media inquiries please contact