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Carlo Zanni was born in La Spezia (Italy) in 1975. Since the early 2000's his practice involves the use of Internet data to create time based social consciousness experiences investigating our life. He lives far from the worldliness of the art world while showing and screening his projects in venues worldwide including: Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; New Museum, New York; Tent, Rotterdam; MAXXI, Rome; P.S.1, New York; Borusan Center, Istanbul; ACAF Space, Alexandria; PERFORMA 09, NY; ICA, London; Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh; Science Museum, London.
He founded "People From Mars" to experiment new distribution models for video art and new media projects.
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Cloned Object or Cloned Zanni ? This is the problem

Dear ArtBase Watchers,

I've just seen the " Hole in the Sky " by Tom Scarpino (Hi Tom)

I was wondering if any of you saw my piece done two days after the 9-11 fact. (more or less 2 years ago)
It's the same piece:

after few days the version 2 :
following that first concept but exploring the idea of how -for our generation- 2 simple parallel rectangles could not be seen anymore only as 2 simple geometric figures.

I think some of you remember when I sent an email asking for 3 minutes blank page.
A digital extension of the minute of silence. After that invitation my home page was set with those 2 not loaded images.


Then on July 31th 2002 my Cabinet magazine #7 commission was launched (special issue about -FAILURE-).




Dear all,

it's a pleasure for me to announce the launch of the second P2P on line dia=

P2P_.EDU:Peer to Peer Educationals for Art Dealers
-the mailing list about tech aspects in new contemporary art forms-
is organized by Carlo Zanni and Co-Produced by Curator Michele Thursz (post=
media network NY)

The second P2P dialogue will focus on education, teaching people about hard=
ware and software as basic elements of new contemporary art forms. will take place on line starting April 03. To join it, please regi=
ster first at

A media launch will take place during the Armory Show NY, where we will dis=
tribute cards at Postmasters booth.

Press Release and Media Kit available on =

Please, feel free to contact me for any additional info.
Best regards,
Carlo Zanni



P2P_$ digest published by Boiler Mag #1

Ladies and Gentelmen,

It is a big pleasure to inform you about
the launch of Boiler Magazine issue #1 which contains a digest of the first=
P2P_$: Peer To Peer $elling Processes for Net Things

here is a link where you can find a preview:

Contents of Boiler issue #1 contain also words/art/... by
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gigiotto Del Vecchio, Matthew Antezzo,
Costa Vece, Daniele Blaice, Philippe Parreno, Mariuccia Casadio,
Alix Browne, Nicola Carignani, Ivanmaria Vele, Mat Collishaw, Joshua Decter,
Christiane Paul, Alessio Delli Castelli, John Klima, Magdalena Sawon
and many others ...

You can find the mag in Museum stores and book shops. For more info don't =
hesitate to contact the staff.

Info below.

Thanks for your passion,
carlo zanni

----------------------------------- BOILER MAGAZINE -----------------------=

Boiler is a quarterly publication. Issue 1: "The Great Escape" will be out =
in January 2003.
Boiler is now based in Milan with writers in New York, London, Paris and Ba=
The website has been produced in conjunction with London agency
The quarterly magazine is being produced in Milan in collaboration with Cuc=

Boiler has close links with many art galleries and institutions and a globa=
l network of
urban researchers. Active on the net since Sept 2000 ( ), t=
he magazine functions as a
daily updated archive of art news and interviews, galleries and videos.
Check for updated news or write to for mor=
e info.
----------------------------------- SUBSCRIPTION --------------------------=
4 issues per year. Get a free copy of Boiler #00
Italy: Euro 20,00 - Europe: Euro 30,00 - World: Euro 40,00



To unsubscribe please return this mail with UNSUBSCRIBE as subject. Thank y=


Vogue, Time out and Photos from Netizens


have a look at my new home with links to articles from Vogue, Time Out and photos from Netizens....simply the best show running up now in Italy.

thank you for your passion,


zanni @ netizens - Rome (I)

curated by Valentina Tanni

Rome (Italy), Sala 1 - Dec. 4 / Dec. 22

PressCONFERENCE: Dec. 3 - 3.30 pm - MACRO (Contemporary Art Museum of Rom=
OPENING: wed. Dec. 4 - 6.30 pm - Sala 1 - live set by s.talker inc - 8.30 pm

NETIZENS opens on 4th December at Sala 1. The exhibition investigates the i=
nfluence of the Internet on contemporary artistic research through the work=
of five artists.
Cory Arcangel/BEIGE - Elout De Kok - - Limiteazero - Carlo=
The pieces included in the show are all signed by web-born personalities bu=
t demonstrate very different approches, not always tied to the Net as a spe=
cific medium. World Wide Web can be a tool, a platform, a distribution and =
interaction channel, an inspiration source. The gallery space -one of the f=
irst in Europe to give space to the net art world- will host computers, pro=
jections, videogames, installations and oil paintings. The goal of this eve=
nt is to show the aestethic possibilities of the Web also to the non-netize=
ns (cyberspace citizens). Artists become our guides in the "city of bits".



Flash Art International #227 >> READ (250k) the article about my past show =
at Analix Forever in Geneva

thank you for your passion,