Can Henne
Since 2007
Works in Berlin Germany

Can Henne is an Artist, Curator, Scenographer & Sculptor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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"Perhaps i am interested in beauty, poesy and the cryptic in my work, but most of all in potentialities. Something that wasn't yet born, but as an opportunity has already been waiting to display in the visible world. I blur the boundaries between mystery and human reality, inner and the outside world, consciousness and the tangible. The symbiosis of the contrasts performed, the antagonism neutralized, the being creatively recognized. Theatrical image spaces, atmospheric conditions and effects of different places and situations rise into transcendental, poetic images and objects. Snapshots which record a short snippet of a more comprehensive process in fact. The magic of our lives." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

His work comprises Digital Works, Paintings, Installations, Video Art and Photography. - - - - - - -
He is the founder and Director of pink gallery in Berlin.
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Fri May 25, 2012 19:00 - Sat Jun 16, 2012

Berlin, Germany

Gallery 5th People Project is pleased to announce the exhibition:

“WYSIWYG - What You See is What You Get”

Can Henne and Laserinks (Alejo Lopatin + Felix Larreta)

Exhibition: May 25th – June 16th, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday, May 25th at 19:00

Yasuko Fujioka Gallery, 5th people project
Malplaquetstr. 28, 13347 Berlin, Germany

Thu-Sat: 5:00pm - 9:00pm / Sun: 2:00pm - 5:00pm


"But she had the invisible thread, to which she could hold fast; far she was ahead of all the others, because she had a gift: the sense. This was a determination to throw herself entirely into whatever she undertook, and it made her feel as if she had eyes even at the tips of her fingers, and could hear down into her very heart. Quietly she went forth into the noisy, bustling, wonderful world, and wherever she went the skies grew bright, and she felt the warm sunbeam, and a rainbow above in the blue heavens seemed to span the dark world.
-from the fairy tale "The Philosopher’s Stone" by Hans Christian Andersen

What we are able to see and feel beforehand is relatively similar to what is about to be created and the outcome which is about to be viewed. Stating this, it implies the ability to directly manipulate the cause of an appearance. Or is the result already a foregone conclusion before the manipulation of perception? The actual meaning depends on the point of perspective.

The works of both artists in this exhibition correlate to the entailment of a manipulative process and the impact it has on what is displayed. As Alejo Lopatin and Felix Larreta (Laserinks) intervene in the way viewers are enchanted into a beguiling realm of perception - Can Henne pilots them into the unknown with image worlds of subtle characteristics in an biomorphic cosmos of color and form.

A non-material world is about to take over the space at 5th people, sign on!

WYSIWYG is an acronym that's usually used in the electronic-publishing community to refer to document-creation systems (such as page-layout software and illustration software) that allows a user to interact with something on the computer screen that looks a lot like the document will look in its final form.

Text:Can Henne


Laserinks - Alejo Lopatin + Felix Larreta

Laserinks is a project that uses phosphorescent inks and pigments in the tradition of geometric abstraction, constructed by superimposing paint and light layers. These paintings are the basis of this interactive work. Images and sounds are projected over the paintings creating a dialogue with the forms, thereby multiplying and extending the painting and enabling it to become site-specific.

Artists Alejo Lopatin and Felix Larreta co-created the platform for a multiple experience, a space of blurred boundaries, redefined in real time and subject to the random evolution of the action. Laserinks is a formal creative model, the result of years of work and research. It is an invention that is a departure from traditional forms of artistic classification, an innovative and contemporary experience that goes beyond established paradigms.

The space offers each spectator a way to evolve into the work itself. In its evanescent and rhythmic forms, the viewer never remains static even though his body stands still. Stimulation is a form of transition, a path to experience intimacy. The spectator’s body is captured in a "magnetic" field, where retina, body and spirit gradually fuse and melt with the piece. The authors exploit pure forms´ standardization beyond narration and a closed, univocal statement. The meaning of the work is expressed through multiple interlaced layers, which form an abstract visual, musical, and spiritual narrative. It is a region delimited by art, where time and space redefine its habitual function.

Laserinks is an interstice that joins two artists’ creative synergy and allows for collaborative development, interaction and dialogue. This union creates an experience where individualities merge to enhance their reach towards the infinite. It is the outcome of a collective creation and coexistent strategy which is ruled by aesthetic and emotional criteria.


Can Henne

Enlightened Paintings – Utopia, Fine Art Prints on Aludibond in varying size, - 2012

"I am painting out of light. The canvas is the monitor of my computer. Over the past years I have been making images on the threshold between photography and painting. Although there are photographies included, it is no photo and there are no negatives. But some recipients question whether the work may even be called photographic. Originally my approach was to create new images by reorganization of found photo cutouts and their colors; but the work has evolved beyond that. I started a kind of painting with digital tools inside the virtual canvas and sticked parts of photos and drawings into it. In the process it became a mixed media collage. Also real paint, scanned and digitally processed is part of some of my works.

It is not surprising, that these images have taken on emotional characteristics that seem satisfying for many viewers. People tend to be drawn to the images, but they are not sure why. Perhaps because I form an atmosphere out of colors and forms which reminds us of conditions from another world than the physical one we live in. But we have no other reference system than the material world for our eyes. But an inner eye can see so much more. Therefore, as I continue to explore new technical possibilities I am now consciously directing the emotional impact of color and the composition in my work..."


..Into GOLD

Fri Aug 19, 2011 19:00 - Sun Aug 28, 2011

Berlin, Germany

The exhibition "..Into GOLD" reference and circle around the legendary Gold. However, the main focus of the works here is not the solid substance or a pure representation of Gold. On the contrary, finding a new take drives the artists to transcend the visual representations of their installations into more spiritual aspects of this highly coveted treasure. The site-specific works consist of various objects, sound and video whereby their context of production refers to larger narratives. In doing so the exhibition space serves as a field of experimentation for the artists which in the run-up develop their individual language and aproach independently to each other. At the opening all merges into a mutual impression and larger implication for the beholder.
With works by: Dipna Horra & Can Henne
Exhibition: August 19 - 28, 2011
Opening Reception, August 19, 7pm
Opening hours: every day, 1 - 7pm and by appointment
pink gallery Studio
Lychener Str. 14 10437 Berlin


Emblem Of Modernity * Reality is dead - Long live Reality

Fri Apr 29, 2011 16:00 - Fri May 27, 2011

Berlin, Germany

Emblem Of Modernity
- Reality is dead - Long live Reality -
This exhibition assumes that our world is a place with unclear boundaries separating reality and the imaginary—where ultimately everything is possible; because everything that is imaginable is feasible. In their works the artists seek to transcend convention and those conceptual habits that limit and define the many ways we perceive reality. They are pilots and the spectators their passengers, traveling between reality and fiction within a hyperreal, interconnected world.
With works by: Erik Smith (Site-specific), Mario Asef (Video), Perla Montelongo (Installation), Sascha Schniotalla (Wall Painting), Swen Daemen (Relief)
Exhibition: April 30 - May 27, 2011
Opening Reception, April 29, 4pm
Opening hours: April 30 - May 1, 12 - 7pm
Then: Wed – Sat, 4 - 7pm and by appointment
pink gallery Studio
  Lychener Str. 14
  10437 Berlin
German Version:
Emblem Der Moderne
- Die Realität ist tot - Lang lebe die Realität -
Die Ausstellung geht davon aus, dass unsere Welt ein Ort mit unklaren Grenzverhältnissen zwischen Realität und Imagination ist - in der letztendlich alles möglich ist; weil alles was vorstellbar, auch realisierbar ist. In ihren Arbeiten brechen die Künstler mit den traditionellen Regeln und jenen begrifflichen Vorstellungen, die unsere Auffassung von Realität limitieren und definieren. Sie sind Piloten und die Betrachter ihre reisenden Passagiere in einer hyperrealen, vernetzten Welt zwischen Wirklichkeit und Fiktion.
Mit Arbeiten von: Erik Smith (Site-specific), Mario Asef (Video), Perla Montelongo (Installation),Sascha Schniotalla (Wall Painting), Swen Daemen (Relief)
Ausstellung: 30. April- 27. May, 2011
Eröffnung, 29. April, 16Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: 30. April - 1. Mai, 12 bis 19Uhr
Danach: Mi - Sa, 16 - 19Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
pink gallery Studio
  Lychener Str. 14
  10437 Berlin


COLLECTION / online-Exhibition at pink gallery

Sat Aug 23, 2008 00:00 - Tue Aug 05, 2008

First Opening 23rd August 2008 - Swen Daemen

Next Openings:

Mario Asef - August 30, 2008
Mileta Postic - September 6, 2008
Can Henne - September 13, 2008
Henry Woller - September 20, 2008

More are following and will be announced at the website


image________________________ image
COLLECTION is a container including an exhibition and an album with works, dealing with collecting. In the duration of the project, artists from different countries equip this container, with their work. The works can only be seen on the website in an exhibition which is continuously growing by newly added artists. But only the works of the artists who had their opening are available at the COLLECTION. Same time to every new opening, there is the possibility to download and print current files from the Album-page with pictures and texts from the respective artist to build up an album from COLLECTION. This album is the exhibition catalog and a collecting booklet in one.

__________________________ image__________________________
Information on the Album
Simultaneous to the exhibition there is an Album with pictures and texts of the Collection that can be downloaded from this page and printed. It is not complete yet but is only gradually made available. The album grows as the exhibition with every new artist joining.
With beginning of the exhibition the cover pages (files A and B) for the album can be downloaded from the website. An instruction file helps to print and collect everything after a prepared system. The files are only jpg´s with high resolution for good print quality.
At the opening of the first artist also the files C and D are made available, which contains pictures and texts from this work. Then at the opening of the second artist E and F, and so on ...
So simultaneous to every new opening there is the possibility to download current files for self printing from the website, to generate an album of Collection in the course of time.
Thus the album becomes the exhibition catalog and a collecting booklet in one.
Anytime with appearance the files can be sent automatically by email, if requested. For that please send an e-mail to

__________ image_____________________ image_________


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ToP - Triumph of Painting / An exhibition without Paintings /////

Wed Sep 26, 2007 00:00 - Mon Sep 10, 2007

pink gallery presents >>>ToP - Triumph of Painting<<<
An exhibition about the Painterly

Opening Reception 26 September 2007, 7pm

For the opening of the new space in Brunnenstr. 32 in Berlin-Mitte/Germany, pink gallery shows the exhibition ToP - Triumph of Painting, in a formation of 10 Berlin Artists, with Objects, Drawings, Audio-, Video- and MixedMedia Installations, Digital Art, and Photoworks to draw a circle around the Painterly. The conversions of the origin in Painting into new styles will be examined and confront to each other.
Artists of the exhibition:
Mario Asef, Aldo Cristofaro, Swen Daemen, Meike Dolp, Peter Farkas, Can Henne, Joachim Seinfeld, Anke Westermann, Henry Woller, mzweig.

pink gallery Saloon,
Brunnenstr.32, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Triumph of Painting

In the last century, significant variations have been occurred in the mediums of artistic expression. Classic mediums have become more multifaceted, and have been mixed, combined, and replaced by other mediums. Pure painting or sculpture have their place in the contemporary art events, alongside to mixed media, video installations, digital photography, action art, conceptual art, and many other forms of expression.

Through the new currents at the beginning of the twentieth century and at latest following the renaissance of artistic self-determination in the 1960s, the arts have won freedoms and subsequent possibilities, whose latitudes can not only be judged according to the new mediums that have been developed, but must also be judged by the expansion of the once irrefutable laws artistic form. The development of new technologies has steadily advanced this change. New technologies are partly responsible for making new forms of artistic expression possible in the first place; similarly, variations in the laws of artistic form have initiated a new age, following from better networking within and the artworld and beyond it, in adjacent genres. Take for example the steadily growing number of artistic mediums, that exist in between the art market and in the alternative Artspaces.
They are simultaneously the cause and the effect of these variations in the forms of artistic expression.
But the drive towards imaging and preservation of moments and situations, as well as the impulse towards compositional manipulation is further at work in these new works of art.
The creation of a considerable form and vision is always the fundamental drive and work of an artist; only now it takes place on renewed platforms of artistic practice.
Basic characteristics of traditional art forms today are still to be found in the words of the art, however, the former styles transformed into inherent features of the work, which are partially clearly, sometimes merely hidden visible.

The works on exhibition in ToP examine these issues in relation to painting, through the work of artists living in Berlin. Its works refer to this inheritance and view these relations in respectively different ways and manners. They are not paintings, and pure paintings (pigment on canvas) will not shown in the exhibition. Here the painterly appears as something elementary or through substitution. Nevertheless it remains the triumph, namely that which is significant in the classic painterly forms, leaving into new works.
However, this triumph does not exist as a consequence of technical skill or stylistic variation and its picturesque applications, but much more in the expansion of aspects of the painting that are not (simply) based upon the classical techniques of the color order.

But in each case the material and formal extension of the exhibited work always contains a selected subject or an exchange with personal topics or techniques of the artist at bottom, which emerge during the course of their investigations, and do not result from that one in this concept.
The works of the artists represents a selection, that enables to investigate these different ways of playing and to confront one with another.

For detailed information about the artists and their work please contact Can Henne at or fon: +49 173 2302157

Gallery Hours: every day 4 - 9pm, o. b. app.