Bryan Cera
Since 2009
Works in Milwaukee United States of America


Bryan Cera was born October 30, 1985 in Milwaukee, WI where he currently studies Digital Imaging Visualization and Sound at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Interested in art and design at a young age, Bryan has recieved many awards and opportunities including but not limited to first place in the 2005 Wisconsin State Park Sticker Contest, and a Gold Key for his Scholastic Submission.

Now a student in the realm of digital art, Bryan's passion is experimenting and creating new media art, as well as producing videos and animations for free public exhibition on the internet.

He works primarily as a freelance web designer, but has taken on many other projects including Poster and Flier design, video post-production work, and worked for several months as the lead graphic designer for a politcal campgain strageties group.