Bruno Moynie
Since 2008
Works in Toronto Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Professional Experience


“Copa” (2007)
“General Motors” (2007)
“Boeing” (2007)
“Cadbury’s” (2006)
“Wendy’s” (2006)
“Labatt” (2005
“The Euro: challenge and success” (2002)
“GoDigital” (2002)
"50 years of history" (2001)
"Tales of two guides" (1999)
"Bayer Pharmaceuticals" (1999)
"Taittinger Champagne" (1998)
"Pepsi-Cola" (1998)
"Electricité de France" (1997)
"National Employment Agency of France" (1997)
"Flour Mills of Paris" (1996)
"Bouygues" (1995)
"Gec-Alsthom Engineering" (1994)
"Framatome" (1993)
Also directed numerous films documenting various industries around the world.



“Ca vaut le Detour” (2005, 2007, CBC-Radio Canada)
“House & Home” (2004, HGTV)
“A la Une” (2004, TV5)
“T’as faim” (2003, TFO)
"Cyberculture" (1998, Canal+)
"Lumière" (1995, France 2)
"Dynamo" (1991, La Sept)
"Décode pas Bunny" and "Cahier de Taz" (1990-94, Canal+ and France 3)


“FargoisnotFargo” (2007)
"P... Péniche et Paysage" (1998)
"Les Belles Etrangères-Canada" (1997)
"El" (1996)
"Rap Snap Shots" (1988)


From June 2002 to May 2003 I have been a TV Producer for ALLIANCE ATLANTIS in Toronto. As such I was in charge of the second season of a TV show “The Challenge”, which aired on HGTV, where I successfully implemented drastic changes, both in the shape and in the content of that production.

Story writer

In 2004 I wrote the documentary scenario for the francophone production Mediatique on a very special French school in ADDIS ABEBA (Ethiopia).

Media Consultant for the European Commission

Overseeing the European Commission media campaign to accompany the formal introduction of the Euro (a 3,5 Million Euros budget).
My task was to help the Commission create the call-for-tenders, select the candidates (transnational media) and supervise the chosen projects until their final release on the contractual as much as on the creative aspects.

Assistant Director (1984-1990)

On commercials as a 1st AD to
Jean-Paul Goude, Costa-Gavras, Jacques Doillon, Andrei Konchalovski, Tony Scott, Patrice Leconte, Pierre et Gilles, Jean-Marie Perrier, Francis Girod, David Bailey, Tetsuo Nagata, Peter Lindbergh, Lester Bookbinder, Olivero Toscani, etc.

On features as a second AD to Francis Girod and Catherine Corsini.
Production Companies I worked for

Gedeon Programmes, Nelson-Babylone, Kayenta, Europimages, Extension, Margot, PAC, Telema, Premiere Heure, Telecreateurs, G.Prod, Sara Films, PRV, Odessa, J.West, Transatlantic Video, Agence de Com', Corporate factory, Le chainon Manquant, Teva.

Alliance Atlantis, Mediatique, House & Home, CBC, ABM, Coptor, Pacific Ethnography, ABM, Practica, Coptor

Shooting locations

Canada, USA, China, Chile, India, South Africa, England, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Brazil, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, Finland, Morocco, Tunisia and France.


1983-85 D.E.A in Urban Anthropology, Université Paris X
Masters thesis/project: a documentary video on the Senegalese community in Paris from the perspective of a French individual living in its midst.

1981- 83 Masters of Anthropological Film Studies, Université de Montréal
Masters thesis/project: documentary film on a Montréal Catholic sect, which functioned as a support group for gays fighting alcoholism.

1981-83 Graduate in Communications, Concordia University, Montréal
Masters thesis/project: "Lobstory" awarded 1st Prize at the Media Byte Festival and represented Canada at the Cannes Festival in the "Film Schools" category.

1978-81 Masters of Social Anthropology, Université de Provence
Masters thesis/project: the socio-cultural identity of southern California's Hispanic community through cooking.

Diploma for teaching French as a second language