Brittany Ransom
Since 2008
Works in Dallas, Texas United States of America

Brittany Ransom is an artist and educator who creates interactive installations, electronic art objects,
and site specific interventions that strive to probe the line between human, animal, and environmental
relations while exploring emergent technologies. Using technology as a material, Ransom’s work
introduces concepts exploring the conflicted relationships between our culture, the concern for nature,
and the way we interact with the natural world. She explores the paradoxical bond between human,
nature, its inhabitants and the co-evolution between the living and budding technological innovation
while questioning these technologies. Ransom’s work invites the viewer to question how technology can
concurrently invent, destroy, enshroud, and expose itself within our shared environments.

Ransom received her Master of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in New Media Arts (formerly known as
Electronic Visualization) from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May of 2011. She is a College Art
Association Fellow (2011), two time recipient of the Lincoln Fellowship (2010 & 2011), the Provost Award
recipient at UIC (2011), and has won numerous awards throughout her emergent career. Prior to her time
in Chicago, Ransom lived and worked in Columbus, Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
with distinction in Art and Technology from The Ohio State University in 2008. She has exhibited her
work both nationally and internationally and has been featured in several publications. Ransom is
currently serving as the Assistant Professor of Digital/Hybrid Media + Art at Southern Methodist
University in Dallas, Texas.