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Works in Los Angeles, California United States of America

Brian Kim Stefans teaches digital literature and twentith century poetry at UCLA. He is the author of the books of poems What is Said the Poet Concerning Flowers (2006) and Kluge: A Meditation (2007), along with Before Starting Over: Essays and Interviews (2008) and Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics (2003), among other works. His digital works are collected at
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new pubs: arras 5 "riddled argots" : bruce andrews, poli sci (preview)


arras 5: riddled argots
bruce andrews: poli sci, the political science writings



The 2-part issue of poetry, essays and digital frauds and piccalillis,
subtitled "riddled argots", is now available at

With any luck I'll have time to explain what the title means in a short
conceptual introduction in the near future, but for now, download this
unholy duo of action-packed .pdfs at the following URL:

part i

Featuring: Darren Wershler-Henry, Tim Atkins, Edwin Torres, a. rawlings,
Jacques Debrot, Lisa Jevbratt, Gregory Whitehead, Kent Johnson, Craig
Dworkin, Kevin Killian, Brian Kim Stefans, Caroline Bergvall, Reptilian
Neolettrist Graphics, Mara Galvez-Breton, Jordan Davis, Katherine Parrish

part ii

Featuring: Kevin Davies, Katie Degentesh, Ira Lightman, Carol Mirakove, Lisa
Jevbratt, Christian Bok, Gary Sullivan, Dagmar's Chili Pitas, Alice
Becker-Ho, Free Space Comix, derek beaulieu, Jessica Grim, Rodrigo Toscano,
Kenneth Goldsmith, Robert Fitterman, Darren Wershler-Henry


Art for both issues: Lisa Jevbratt : from Synchromail
Covers: derek beaulieu : from with wax

part i

Darren Wershler-Henry : Lang Po vs. the Wu-Tang
Tim Atkins : Written Never Meaning
Edwin Torres : 2 poems
a.rawlings : selections from LOGYoLOGY and wide slumber for lepidopterists
David Villeta : An Interview with Jacques Debrot
Gregory Whitehead : Bugs Bardo
Kent Johnson : Maireya (2)
Craig Dworkin : from Parse
Kevin Killian and Brian Kim Stefans : from The American Objectivists
Caroline Bergvall : more pets less girls
Reptilian Neolettrist Graphics : The Origins of the Korean War
Mara Galvez-Breton : What good is a silvery tongue / without a lover's body
to savor?
Jordan Davis : from Equanimity
Katherine Parrish : "I in Error on the trail of the writing subject in
digital procedural poetics. (essay)

part ii

Kevin Davies : 2 poems
Katie Degentesh : 4 poems
Ira Lightman : 6 Poems
Carol Mirakove : 4 from temporary tattoos
Christian Bok : NOYTA CCCP
Gary Sullivan : PPL IN A DEPOT (flarf play)
Toadex Hobogrammathon : from Dagmar Chili Pitas (a blog)
Alice Becker-Ho : The Language of Those In The Know (essay)
Free Space Comix : Suzanne Dathe, Grenoble, France-Can We Win?
derek beaulieu : 11 Poems from with wax
Jessica Grim : 4 poems
Rodrigo Toscano : 62 prose units written in illness
Kenneth Goldsmith : "Speedpass"
Robert Fitterman : from This Window Makes Me Feel
Darren Wershler-Henry: Writing Machines to Write to Writing Machines


Sneak Preview:

POLI SCI: the political science writings of Bruce Andrews

For those of you who like to be amazed, you can preview the collected
political science writings of Language poet Bruce Andrews at:

An introduction by Jeff Derksen, and interview with Andrews, is forthcoming.
But for now, the titles:

poli sci 01: social rules and the state as a social actor (1975)

poli sci 02: explaining and understanding state action (1976)

poli sci 03: public constraint and american policy in vietnam (1976)

poli sci 04: representation & irresponsibility in foreign policy (1977)

poli sci 05: the piecing together of humpty dumpty: graduate education in
international political economy (1978)

poli sci 06: economic diplomacy & the new international order: rhetorical
questions (1979)

poli sci 07: the language of state action (1979)

poli sci 08: privacy and the protection of national security (1980)

poli sci 09: surplus security & the domestic paradigm (1980)

poli sci 10: criticizing economic democracy (1980)

poli sci 11: the political economy of world capitalism: theory and practice

poli sci 12: the prison-house of the capitalist world system (1982)

poli sci 13: the domestic content of international desire (1984)


A R R A S: new media poetry and poetics

Hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied 'caw taughtie!

"Do you think just because I come from Carronshore I cannot fight? I shall
hit you over the head with a cold potatoe.


Disquiet on the Electronic Front

[My latest column for the Poetry Project Newsletter... it was edited quite a
bit for print, so this is the director's cut. The full graphic version can
be found here]

Blogaholism continues to claim victims among the unwitting poetry community,
with the roster


Circulars Anti-war blog: new updates

Hi friends...

Tons of new stories and comments have been added to Circulars:

Please try to get the URL to friends and other anti-war sites as its
becoming an interesting resource for new stories, art links and original
writing by poets and artists.

If you don't want to receive these, please tell me, I'll put you in my
no-send list.

I've also added a new links bar at the top to make it more user-friendly,
and will continue to make fixes and changes.


Here are the headlines - sorry I can't give the lead-in paragraphs for these
as there are too many:

Boston Globe: The Cheney Connection

American Peace Activists Confirm Iraqi Hospital Bombed

Carla Harryman: from a Journal [March 18, 2003]

Margaret Atwood: Letter To America

Gothic News Service: Petroleum Jelly Kids Cover the White House Via Monument

Philadelphia Inquirer: Op-Ed Poems

The Works on Shirts Project: WEARNICA

Carla Harryman: from a Journal [January 17, 2003]

The Hindu: British Govt Angry Over BBC War Coverage

Are You Saddam, um, Sarah Connor?

Operation Don't Mess With Our Sucker Punch: US Military Operation Name

Toronto Globe and Mail: Warblogging

USA Today: CIA Spamming Iraqi Military

Michael Moore Plans Bush/Bin Laden Film

Join the MoveOn Media Corps

Guardian: War Games Fixed To Ensure US Victory

Smart Bombs

Indirect Action on A15

Gothic News Services: United Nations, Secretary-General Koffi Annan's
Washington, D.C. Address

Guardian UK: Al-Jazeera Tells the Truth About War

National Day of Direct Action on A7

Seymour M. Hersh: Who Lied to Whom?

Russell Mokhiber: Ari & I

Barrett Watten: War = Language

Rachel Levitsky: Reflections

Good Day

Antonin Artaud: To Have Done with the Judgement of God

Anti-War Reading in NYC March 28 & April 2

Pro-War Spam

Gothic News Service: Viz-Ops Shifts Media Point of View in Iraq

Associated Press: Hundreds Protest in New York's Anti-War 'Die-In'

PRWEEK: How The White House PR Model Works

Politech: What Are The Odds On Hussein?

Reuters: Al Jazeera Banned From NYSE, NASDAQ Floors

Rockefeller Center "Die In"

REM: The Final Straw

Protest Songs Site

Toy War

Guardian: Rumsfeld Guilty of War Crimes for Guantanamo Bay?

US Anti-Canadian Trade Backlash Begins

Reuters: New Al Jazeera Web Site Runs Into Headaches

Live From Iraq, an Un-Embedded Journalist

Onion: Operation Piss Off the Planet

Agence France Presse: Halliburton Handed No-Bid Iraqi Oil Firefighting

Times UK: The Victor of War Is Government

The Mother of All Snacks


NY Times: Dixie Chicks CD-Smashing Rallies and The New Oligarchy

Politech: Canadian Website Shut Down for Photo of US POW

Not In My Name

Sing A Song of Esso

Planning meeting for Direct Action NYC

The Guardian: On Salam Pax's Blog

Amy Partridge: Chicago Arrests

Michael Moore's Oscar Acceptance Speech

More Protest Music: March of Death

Book Launch: The Common Sky

Mirakove Relay #3: On Detainees

Scott Pound: The war is the first and only thing in the world today

Report on March 21, World Poetry Day

How much freedom is too much?

Arab News: Neo-Totalitarianism - with commentary

A few in military refuse to fight 'wrong war' Activists call stance brave;
critics say it's cowardly

Counterpunch: Fourth-Generation Protesting

Direct Action Weekend

Iraq Body Counters


Fake Iraq documents 'embarrassing' for U.S.

Project for the New American Century: Statement of Principles

Senator Byrd: Arrogance of Power

Gothic News: Sticker Attack On Cups in US Senate Cafeteria Citizens' Declaration

Protest 5PM Times Square TODAY!

Reminder for Baghdad Snapshot Action Tonight

New Iraq Leaflets

Iraq Body Count Database

Rachel Corrie: 'You Just Can't Imagine It'


Drew Gardner: Your tax dollars...

CNN: Disneyland, Disneyworld Declared No-Fly Zones

Metaphors can Kill

Rabble: Blogs Against War

War = Go To Your Room

Slashdot: US May Nerf Non-Military GPS During War

War Poetry and War Games Don't Mix

Toronto Star: Attack on Iraq Could Turn Bush into Criminal

Onion: Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over

Thu-20 March NYC Baghdad Snapshot Action

United for Peace and Justice NYC: If War Begins

Americans Turn to Foreign Websites for Real News

Cook's resignation speech

The Last Time

The Sniper's Tale

Gothic News: Bush, Blair & Aznar Sculptures Planned for the Edge of Salt

Scott Pound: The Making of Americans

British Resignationblog

The Death of Rachel Corrie

Gothic News: Music & Tears: Bush's Friday Cabinet Meeting

Joel Bettridge: What we Talk about when we Talk

World Poetry Day, March 21 - Poets Against the War


A R R A S: new media poetry and poetics

Hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied 'caw taughtie!

"Do you think just because I come from Carronshore I cannot fight? I shall
hit you over the head with a cold potatoe."


A R R A S: new media poetry and poetics

Hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied 'caw taughtie!

"Do you think just because I come from Carronshore I cannot fight? I shall
hit you over the head with a cold potatoe.


Circulars Update

((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Circulars Update )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

March 24, 2003


Mirakove Relay #3: On Detainees

We knew before the illegal invasion of Iraq began that the U.S.
government would be pushing legislature through Congress, and we agreed
that we'd have to pay attention to that. (Please note: This is not a
war; Patriot II itself states that the U.S. has not been involved in a
war in more than 60 years.) While we mourn for those who are suffering
and dying under weapons of mass destruction, let's remain close in our
communities and active in our dialogues.

The first page alone of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act (aka
Patriot II) is off-the-charts alarming. In defining terrorism, Section
101: Individual Terrorists as Foreign Powers reads, "This provision
would expand FISA's definition of "foreign power" to include *all*
persons, regardless of whether they are affiliated with an
international terrorist group, who engage in international terrorism."

Proceeding to Section 102: Clandestine Intelligence Activities by Agent
of a Foreign Power: "FISA currently defines "agent of a foreign power"
to include a person who knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence
gathering activities on behalf of a foreign power -- but only if those
activities "involve or may involve a violation of" federal criminal
law. Requiring the additional showing that the intelligence gathering
violates the laws of the United States is both unnecessary and
counterproductive.. Any person who engages in clandestine intelligence
gathering activities for a foreign power would qualify as an "agent of
foreign power," regardless of whether those activities are federal



So, with law out the window, how are these offenses qualified, and by
whom? If detainment is at the sole discretion of the Attorney General,
and detainees are not only denied the right to trial, but denied
contact with *all persons*, then this administration is indeed
positioned to detain anyone perceived to be an Other, be it an
international resident or a domestic dissident.


You can download Patriot II at

"Since September 11, the INS and FBI have detained over 1,200
immigrants, mainly of Arab or South Asian (especially Pakistani)
origin. Most are accused only of minor immigration violations, such as
overstaying a visa. Despite Attorney General Ashcroft's assurances to
the contrary, many are being held without access to legal assistance or
proper care."

"SEVIS is a national computer system operated by the INS.. Under SEVIS,
information on every international student is automatically provided to
the government via computer. Much more information on each student
collected and input. SEVIS works like the Interpol database. The
information is shared among federal agencies (and even other
countries!), and the student has no control over what is provided."
<a href=""></a>


In the two months following the attacks, the Justice Department refused
to release specific information about detainees. Groups estimated that
more than 1,000 people had been detained, but it was unclear who they
were, why they had been detained, or whether any had been released.

"The Department of Justice has argued that disclosing the names and
other information about post- September 11 detainees held on
immigration charges and opening their immigration hearings to the
public could compromise its terrorism-related investigations." Yet, "it
is difficult to square the Department of Justice's contention that
terrorist organizations are extremely sophisticated and could put
together bits and pieces of information from hundreds of hearings
around the country, with the argument that official disclosure would
alert such organizations to who has been detained. Sophisticated
terrorist groups likely already know through their own networks whether
any of their members or allies have been arrested."

"[T]he DSEA would revoke key elements of the Freedom of Information Act
(FOIA), enacted to prevent government from keeping secrets from the
public unless a legitimate security concern exists. Currently, FOIA
gives us the right to know if a missing person is in the custody of any
government agency. But under DSEA, anyone -- even U.S. citizens --
could be detained secretly in connection with any "terrorist"
investigation, a term lacking legal definition.

A NYTimes article reveals that the treatment of U.S. military prisoners
at Guantanamo Bay has yielded criticism: "without individual hearings
to determine the prisoners' status, without charges and trials, critics
see Guantanamo as a synonym for human rights violations. While there is
no indication of physical torture.. they still lack the basic legal
rights that many countries, including the United States, have agreed
are fundamental even to warriors."

Gen. Rick Baccus of the Army, who commands the detention center at
Guantanamo Bay, says, "While the public debates the technicalities of
how these people should be classified," he said, "we will continue to
follow the traditions of humane treatment." He added: "In other
countries, these detainees would not be heard from again."

Patriot II would make it possible indeed that these detainees would not
be heard from again. Even the directors of the U.S. military's most
aggressive jails acknowledge that Patriot II is contrary to USAmerican
concepts of justice.

Anser Mehmood came to the U.S. from Pakistan in 1989. "On [September
11, 2001], he failed to make a scheduled delivery to Washington, DC.
Mehmood was taken into custody along with several thousand other men of
Middle Eastern and South Asian origin. Mehmood remains here in custody
although it turned out that it was his company that cancelled his
September 11th shipment to Washington when they learned of the Pentagon

The official charge on Anser Mehmood are an overstayed visa and and
altered security card (to secure employment). Uzma Mehmood, Anser's
wife, and their children have been forced to return to Pakistan, while
Anser remains in a NJ jail. "He is held without a bond on a very
specious affidavit put in by an FBI agent. And put in the special
housing unit otherwise known as 'The Hole'. It's solitary confinement
he's locked down 23 and a half hours a day. He's fed through a slot in
the door."
Stories of other innocent detainees are here:
"> Stories of
other innocent detainees are here: </a>

They came for the Communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn't speak out because
I wasn't a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak out because I
wasn't a Catholic.
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.
-- Pastor Martin Niemoller

The climate is rapidly changing such that it is more and more likely
that a good number of U.S.-born citizens might be subject to
detainment. I'm sure I'm a good candidate, with the money I have given
and continue to give to organizations such as and ZNet,
which are today considered treasonous at best.

How might they know who I've donated money to? Well for starters, a new
security program to be implemented by Delta Airlines later this month
will mean that when you book a flight to or from one of three
undisclosed airports, you will be subject to a credit check, an
investigation of your banking history, and a criminal background check.
The controls on how this information will be used has not been
adequately defined. This appears to be illegal. It is an egregious
invasion of privacy.


Maybe one reason the number of detainees is so high is, they're looking
for a needle in a haystack: an innocent on whom to pin a colossal,
heinous crime. from an interview with journalist Greg Palast:

"In the eight weeks since the attacks, over 1,000 suspects and
potential witnesses have been detained. Yet, just days after the
hijackers took off from Boston aiming for the Twin Towers, a special
charter flight out of the same airport whisked 11 members of Osama Bin
Laden's family off to Saudi Arabia. That did not concern the White

"Their official line is that the Bin Ladens are above suspicion - apart
from Osama, the black sheep, who they say hijacked the family name.
That's fortunate for the Bush family and the Saudi royal household,
whose links with the Bin Ladens could otherwise prove embarrassing. But
Newsnight has obtained evidence that the FBI was on the trail of other
members of the Bin Laden family for links to terrorist organisations
before and after September 11th.

"This document is marked "Secret". Case ID - 199-Eye WF 213 589. 199 is
FBI code for case type. 9 would be murder. 65 would be espionage. 199
means national security. WF indicates Washington field office special
agents were investigating ABL - because of it's relationship with the
World Assembly of Muslim Youth, WAMY - a suspected terrorist
organisation. ABL is Abdullah Bin Laden, president and treasurer of

More from Palast:

"FBI agents had wanted to check into two members of the Bin Laden
family, Abdullah and Omar, but were told to stay away by superiors --
until September 13, 2001. By then, Abdullah and Omar were long gone
from the United States.

"The intelligence agencies had been told to "back off" from
investigations involving other members of the Bin Laden family, the
Saudi royals, and possible Saudi links to the acquisition of nuclear
weapons by Pakistan."

[Editorial Note: I want to be clear that this reporting is not
anti-Saudi; it is of course offered to evidence the lack of integrity
and justice in the current U.S. administration]

WHY WAIT FOR PATRIOT II? DETAIN TODAY! Sadly, even without Patriot II,
immigrants are being detained on trivial charges, without recourse:

Rules on Detention Widened: FBI, Marshals Can Hold Foreigners: Attorney
General John D. Ashcroft has issued orders that allow FBI agents and
U.S. marshals to detain foreign nationals for alleged immigration
violations in cases where there is not enough evidence to hold them on
criminal charges, according to Justice Department officials and a copy
of the rules.

Registration Program Problems Cited: Immigrants' Attorneys Kept From
Investigative Interviews: "The failure to provide clear and explicit
directions to local immigration officials is inexcusable given the
absolute right to legal counsel," said Lucas Guttentag, director of the
ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project. He charged that the "foot-dragging"
could be explained only by a reluctance to dig into the matter before
the registration deadlines have passed.

passage of Executive Order 9066, which led to the internment of 110,000
Japanese Americans between 1942 and 1944.

WHO HOW & WHAT 2 RELAY Many thanks to contributors Natasha Dwyer,
Allison Cobb, and Tom Orange.

Thanks to everyone for participating. I'm sorry to say that I'm unable
to manage unsolicited content for Relay; if you find something to
circulate, why not relay it directly to your own address book? We like
it when those cats at Clamor Magazine say, Become the Media!

Subscription requests go to

TOY SURPRISE! A friend reminded me a few months ago that throughout our
fighting and disgust, we need to make a world worth saving. Pursue
beauty. Laughter. Celebrate our relationships. In that spirit, I
encourage you to visit some terrific NYC subway graffiti from the
<a href=""></a>
&L4=0 &L5=0</a>


Circulars Update

((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Circulars Update )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

March 18, 2003


Thu-20 March NYC Baghdad Snapshot Action

Dear friends in New York & Everywhere,

This Thursday 20 March at 9pm will be our second action! We hope that
other crews in cities & towns in the US & around the World will poster
on the same evening, acting in global solidarity as we continue to give
people the opportunity to look into the faces of the citizens of

If you are interested in participating