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Brian Kim Stefans teaches digital literature and twentith century poetry at UCLA. He is the author of the books of poems What is Said the Poet Concerning Flowers (2006) and Kluge: A Meditation (2007), along with Before Starting Over: Essays and Interviews (2008) and Fashionable Noise: On Digital Poetics (2003), among other works. His digital works are collected at
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A R R A S ... editorial statement

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e d i t o r i a l s t a t e m e n t

Arras: new media poetry and poetics is devoted to exploring how digital
technology has impacted the field of experimental poetics.

This includes the uses of digital technology to expand the techniques
that poets use - whether this be in multimedia, interactivity, algorithmic
processes, and digital typefaces - as well as how the web can serve
as an alternative distribution source for texts both of poetry and

A feature of the site is the irregular appearance in Adobe Acrobat
format of the poetry journal Arras - including poetry, interviews
and criticism - which is a continuation of the print journal of that
name and is not necessarily concerned with digital technology.

This is also my homepage, so links will be added as my writing and
web works go online.

Arras does not accept submissions of either poetry or digital works.
Calls for theme issues of the .pdf journal will be made periodically.
I'm happy to look at URLs of new media poetry, but my goal is to
keep the set of "gallery" links highly focused on the specific issues
that are important to me at the moment. Links will be added and dropped
over time to reflect these interests.

Brian Kim Stefans
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