Since 2007

Carlos Botelho or Bottelho Chaves, 1964 is a Portuguese painter and sculptor. He currently lives in Lisbon. He created the Monument to the Fireman.

Born in Chaves , district of Vila Real - Trás-os-montes - Portugal, in his childhood he study by the books of medicine of XVIII century of his grandfather and Doctor Martiniano Ferreira Botelho, fully illustrated with beautiful engravings, the taste for the complexity of the human anatomy, who drew in the Summer vacations in Soutelo de Aguiar and would leave a mark. He remember Lereno the primary teacher and brother of Nadir Afonso a famous Portuguese painter, who much contributed to stimulate him in the ways of the art. The proximity of the Industry of brick and the adobe, the workshops of the arts of forges and the iron, the Architectural Ateliers where drew and of the music that always followed had been very influencing.

At the age of sixteen he show for the first time, Drawings and Paintings in the Museum of the City Chaves with the support of the City council. He made secondary studies that interrupted for in existence of compatible graduation with his vocation, having opted by law… not so right as he should as a local newspaper wrote! At 2006 he continues his graduation at the Lusofona University of Humanities and Technologies, the course of "Sciences of Communication and Culture" - and the specialization of Cultural Management.