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Re: A Goodbye of Sorts


It's been wonderful working with you. I sure hope you'll keep in
touch. You will be missed.

bob wyman


NYC Art Mobs Launches on Dec. 8!


David Gilbert of Marymount Manhattan College writes:

Our "Art Mobs" team is using mobile text messaging and podcasting to allow
people to experience art in a new way. Along with the Department of Art and
the mobile arts organization YellowArrow, we are hosting a gallery event on
Wednesday, Dec. 8, here in Manhattan to showcase our technologies. The show
is open to the public, and guests can read about the event, view an
instructional video, and download the podcast at

See the actual blog posting for more data.

Sorry if this is a repeat.

bob wyman


Re: Blog vs Board (re: Blogging Survey)

Francis Hwang wrote:
> If you have an RSS reader (you can download good, free RSS
> readers for every operating system under the sun), you can
> channel-surf 20 blogs in the time it might take you to
> visually read 4 webpages.
Warning: Crass plug follows:
Francis, if you have an RSS news aggregator AND you have a few
subscriptions (free) at, you can channel-surf over 2 million
blogs and over 50,000 newsgroups simultaneously!!!
What you do is create a subscription that specifies a search-query
that we'll then match against every new blog entry as we discover
it.(several million each day) Once something matches, we'll insert it into a
personalized RSS file for you. This is like what you do with traditional
"retrospective" search engines like Google, etc. except that we're
"prospective" in that we search the future, not the past.

bob wyman


18 Months of MoBlogging phone cam photos...

Click on the image... Text explaining the process, context, is below
the image.

18 months of phone cam photos collected into a single image.

bob wyman


WPS1 Art Radio on the Internet

Check out

WPS1 Art Radio will be broadcasting on the Internet starting at 9:00am
April 19 and continuing around the clock.
Some of the "highliights" they claim for future programming include:
* Richard Prince dreams of a big penis,
* Charlie Ahearn visits the great hip-hop DJs,
* Walter Abish recalls his Chinese exile,
* Chuck Close discovers South Beach,
* Matthew Sharpe talks drugs and Jews,
* Pat Steir finds romance in dirty blues,
* SalmanRushdie returns to form,
* and Henry Geldzahler simply returns!

Their mission statement is (taken from the site):
"P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center announces the launch of WPS1
(, the world's first internet art radio station.
Sponsored by Bloomberg L.P., WPS1 provides an extraordinary lineup of
music and talk shows broadcasting 24 hours a day.

"The station's programs combine talk and music shows hosted by
contemporary writers, artists and musicians with rare historic
material that includes the entire audio archive of the Museum of
Modern Art. WPS1 will stream to listeners on the Internet only. Its
presence on the Web will make the station's unique digital library
available to an international audience at any hour, seven days a week.
As such, WPS1will become a live audio museum in cyberspace, extending
the visual art, book, music, film, video and performance programs that
P.S.1 and MoMA are known for in ways previously unforeseen. Here, at, is the first all-art, all-the-time radio station, where
expression of all kinds remains truly free."

WPS1 is a project of the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, an affiliate
of the Museum of Modern Art.

bob wyman