bob bellerue
Since 2002
Works in North Hills, California United States of America

Bob Bellerue is a noise artist, composer, audio engineer, and curator. His work has been presented in Indonesia, Europe, and throughout the US, including the Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, CEAIT Festival, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, PDX Noise Festival, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Issue Project Room, Diapason, Roulette, Stanford University, UCSD, UCLA, and California Institute of the Arts. Formerly based in Los Angeles, where he ran the sub-avant performance space the Il Corral, he currently produces the annual Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation.
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Video call for works: Sound Vision

Sun May 01, 2011 23:59

Video submissions are requested for screening at the End Times Festival,
presented by Outpost and Silent Barn (Ridgewood NY) June
24-26 2011
The theme is "sound vision" - sound as integral component of the conceptual / thematic / technical material. Time lengths of 2-15min are preferred
Submissions are accepted in email* or DVD**
*preferred is an single email with a single link to a single online streaming video - you may submit up to ONE link to ONE video, it must be online when we try to link to it (after the deadline has passed), Vimeo preferred.  do not send more than one email submission
**a mailing address will be given upon request, so act soon well before the deadline
Deadline May 1
Email links, and statements of intent to mail, to
Please write this in the subject: End Times video submission [your name here]
Announcements will be made May 15. Physical copies will be due by June 1
to make sure it works on our gear.  Screenings will be June 25-26
around 6pm at Outpost.
general festival details:
End Times Festival June 24-26
presented by Silent Barn and Outpost
curated by Bob Bellerue
noise and experimental music 9pm at Silent Barn each night (30+ performers)
workshops / discussions / screenings 1-8pm at Outpost on Saturday and Sunday
please repost


Power/field compilation #2 - Call for Submissions

Sat Oct 31, 2009 00:00

Power/field compilation #2 - Call for Submissions - deadline oct 31

Tracks wanted for the second edition of Power/field compilation. Originally released in 2007, Power/field is a collection of recordings made "in the field" with processing on-site.

Traditional field recording captures ambient sound in various locations via microphone without any effects. Power/field recordings are field recordings made with effects processing units used (only) while on-site. The intent is to take experimental music practices outside of their traditional operating venues: composing studios and performance venues.

Aesthetically speaking, anything goes - the first edition contains a wide variety of drone, microsound, synth, and harsh noise. The recordings can come from a wide variety of musical practices - listen to the first compilation (link below) for examples. Random thought: it is possible to do this without electronics - i'm curious to hear what you might come up with if you are so inclined; however, it is suggested for all to listen to the first edition (links below) for examples of succesful submissions.

There is an honor system on the basic rules: the recording must be made outside of the studio or the stage; no overdubs except on-site; no re-processing; no edits. The submission can be an excerpt of a longer take, and basic normalizing of the levels it is fine. Track length 1-15 min preferred, multiple short tracks are fine to submit.

The final project will come out end of the year, edition of 200 CDrs. The first edition had 2 CDrs, as there were a ton of great submissions. Not sure of the packaging yet; the first edition packaging was cardboard sleeves from stumptown printers, hand-painted and screen-printed by myself.

The entire contents of the first edition can be found online here:
(ps the first track of cd1 is titled "\\\" but the slashes don't come out right in an online directory. i'm working on it, david)

A few copies are left for $8+postage if anyone is interested.

Send track(s), title(s), site location(s), equipment list(s), pics, and any other info about yrself to
bob bellerue
512 w 19th st
new york ny 10011

Download links via email are also encouraged.

contact: bob_AAAATTT_halfnormal_DDDOOOTTTT_com