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Queerthology, an LGBTQ youth anthology

Tue Feb 15, 2005 00:00

Queerthology is a project to compile a document of diverse “personal nonfiction” from
young writers and artists across the country (aged 13 to 23). We are not only looking for essays and poetry, but graphic essays, photo-essays, comic panels, and other visual mediums. I'd also like to note that the contest isn't a “writing contest” or “art contest.” While we wish to compile a quality anthology, diversity and truth of experience are important factors we will take into consideration. In other words, getting your message across as effectively as possible with be valued over stylization or complicated rhetoric.

The book, to be published by Knopf, a division of Random House, is going to be among the first LGBTQ youth anthologies to be backed by a major publisher (meaning it will get the attention these young people deserve). Most importantly, the royalties and subrights are going to GLSEN, the wonderful nonprofit organization that works to fight homophobia across the country.

The deadline for the contest that we are hosting in order to find submissions is coming up (February 15th) and since we don't have an advertising budget, we've been spending the last month trying to get the word out however possible. If you could pass on the information to young people, writers, friends, family, whoever can get the word out, we'd appreciate it.

For more info you can check out!

Thanks for your time and for your help.

Best wishes,
Billy Merrell