Bill Brody
Since 2009
Works in Fairbanks United States of America

I have been going into the wilderness for the past 20 years to witness the landscape by painting and drawing what it is like to be there in mind and body. I commit to this venture so long as I am able. This is my beacon, the measure against which all the rest of my art must stand. When I'm out in the landscape I wait until the land seems to move; to come alive. I start to see geological processes and personalize them. I feel how the land folds back onto itself, touching one part to another like a blow; like a caress; like hands rubbing against the cold... And then there's the light, and the clouds blowing and dancing in the sky. I paint all day, most every day. It is enormously satisfying to finish a large canvas in the field; the more difficult the subject matter, and the more challenging the terrain the better. Sometimes I force myself to break away and explore. Then I sketch and take panoramic photographs. The photographs are not source material for my paintings, but rather material for another kind of art, one of immersion in virtual reality, or for web presentation, or as very large photographic prints. The sketches, journals, and panoramas are source material for other paintings, prints and very large-scale works on forged and carved copper and bronze.