Ben Van Dyke
Since 2005
Works in Ann Arbor United States of America

I'm 31. (for now). MFA, University of Michigan // BFA, Kendall College of Art & Design. In 1997, became a Jr. Designer, T H E N , Designer, T H E N , Sr. Designer, T H E N , Art Director, T H E N , Grad Student, T H E N , Fulbright Fellow, The Netherlands, T H E N , Assistant Professor, State University of New York _Buffalo. In 2004, I was an Artist in Residence, Tsinghua University, Beijing China and in 2004, I was an Artist in Residence, NLXL, The Hague, The Netherlands. //// My first college experience was focused in the art program, mainly painting. I loved to paint, I felt I was good at it and it was in my bones. So....... , I graduated from the Graphic Design program at Kendall College of A&D. After five years in the advertising industry, I realized that I must have bumped my head along the way. I pursued an MFA and soon found myself in the strange grey area between art and commerce. I was no longer an artist and definitely not a designer. I became deeply invested in the complex and started reading everything I could get my hands on that was related to the nourishment of culture(s). Once I started doing projects that truly manifested my deas, I found amazing energy and passion in the directions it was taking me. The complexity of my creative work goes hand in hand with my ideas about the Speed of Culture, the things that motivate it and how my work acts as interference. As a Fulbright Fellow in The Netherlands, I focused on researching the potential for a third dimension in speed (beyond fast and slow) and write about it in the context of art and design. I continue to display the result(s) of my research through lecturing, writing, exhibitions and creative work. I Love:: Sad music // Meeting new people
// Uncertainty
// Exhibitions
// Counter-culture
// Posters
// My friends
// Learning
// Beer
// Coffee
// Quoting The Big Lebowski
// Traveling
// Spicy food
// Dutch Graphic Design
// Becoming friends with my heros