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I'm excited to be exploring the brand new, uncharted waters of! It's not often you get to be a part of a revolution! I'm excited to see what kind of unprecedented discussions we'll have, and what language we'll have to invent to have those discussions! LOL!
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Re: Re: Info on Digital/Media Art MFA Programs

On Nov 6, 2004, at 11:53 PM, Seth Hunter wrote:


Seth, I think you'd find the Film Video and New Media department at
SAIC much more interesting. Jon Cates created the New Media curriculum
there and is now teaching New Media classes full time, with an emphasis
on New Media history, criticism, theory and praxis. The ATS dept and
VisCom dept have "techy" classes that are light on theory, but I can't
imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars to attend a famously
conceptual school and then taking purely technical classes -- you'd be
better off going to a local technical college.

If you have questions about://SAIC/FVNM/, Jon's email
address is his first initial followed by his last name

- ben


Re: Something constructive-->was F**K B**H

On Nov 4, 2004, at 2:53 PM, Jean wrote:

> I'm thinking of making documents with FACTS/information on things the
> republicans might be interested in.

I'm sorry, not to be rude, but were you UNDER A ROCK for the past four
years? The voters in our nation clearly do not care about facts or
information. As Oregon's governor put it, "what we once thought - that
people would vote in their economic self-interest - is not true."

75\% of Bush supporters "believe Iraq either worked closely with Al
Qaeda or was directly involved in the attacks of 9/11." Bush has lied
non-stop for four years with no consequences, and anyone who has ANY
interest in the facts or real information is far, far ahead of the
average voter, regardless of who they support.

You fundamentally misunderstand this country, just as the Democratic
party does, and just as I used to until Tuesday night. Americans are
voting based on their FAITH, not on the information. We are a
hate-filled, murderous, destructive religious state, much like the
Taliban. Except the oppression we face is not as obvious; it's rather


- ben


Re: fuck Bush

On Nov 4, 2004, at 3:31 AM, David Goldschmidt wrote:

> I speak as a Buddhist and as the only Democrat in my family. I know
> who voted for Bush. My entire family voted him. And they are good
> people.
> To demonize the enemy is to become the enemy.

I'm not trying to demonize Bush voters or claim that they are the
"enemy." I think they are awash in ignorance, which is profoundly
upsetting, but it is by no means their fault.

However, as a Buddhist, you have a commitment to non-harming. Bush saw
3,000 people die, and took that as an excuse to kill over 100,000
people in the desert. If you ask me, that borders on genocide. If you
think it was unintentional, think long and hard about that. Any and all
Buddhists should be appalled by this administration.

You don't need to demonize the enemy, but you must recognize the
infliction of mass suffering. Indeed, there is a long history of
Buddhist protest, including self-immolation (which I don't personally
agree with). My mother is a zen priest, and I can assure you, she is
thoroughly angered and saddened by this election.

- ben


Not my country.

Some Bush Supporters Say They Anticipate a 'Revolution.'":

"Electoral Affirmation of Shared Values Provides Bush a Majority":

"Moral Values Cited as a Defining Issue of the Election":

From "Not My President" to "Not My Country?"

- ben


Re: fuck Bush

On Nov 3, 2004, at 6:16 PM, Jason Van Anden wrote:

> I still believe that more people share my values than those of the far
> right - it is just a matter of mobilization.

Don't fool yourself; turnout was extremely high, a gigantic number of
people were mobilized, and they re-elected Bush.

The people have spoken. America does not share our values.

The question now is: why are we here? There are plenty of other
countries with more sane morals and values. Fuck this SUV-ridden
strip-mall haven.

- ben