belinda haikes
Since 2007
Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America

A Philadelphia based artist, Belinda's work is at the intersection of art, design and social interactions. Her practice explores the poetics of identity construction in a post-human world through animation, web, and drawings. She is a member of experimental sound and multi-media ensemble Pilottone. Recent exhibitions and screenings include the Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Center for the Digital Art, The Video show at Raritan College, the University of Mary Washington, Village Nomad, France, Digital Fringe, Australia, Flash Light Festival in New York, and the Weatherspoon Museum in North Carolina.
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Positive Affirmations

Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:30

Contribute your Positive Affirmation!

Positive Affirmations is a project that creates a database of show videos that people can share. Each video is comprised of a positive affirmation, and is available on the internet of people to send, and share. It is a gesture of goodness.

If you are interested in contributing, please send a short video of yourself, your family or friends saying a positive affirmation. You can either send the video, or refer me to a link in Vimeo or Youtube. There are a few up already! Please consider contributing.

Please email at



Looking for ART

Tue Dec 07, 2010 00:00 - Tue Dec 07, 2010

United States of America

A current project that uses a blog to collect people named ART is looking for people named ART to become part of the collection of ART. To participate send a photo of the person named Art, along with the name of the person who has the copyright to the photo and if, either the photographer or the person named Art wants to be linked, any websites.

Images can be sent to:
If you are interested, you can view the project at:

Please share this with anyone you think may want to contribute.


Looking for Art

Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:35

The art of collecting is a project that uses a blog to create a collection of Art. The
collection of Art is focused on real people named art. This simple
gesture attempts to question the values and assumptions of language,
identity and authenticity. This relies heavily on the use of a language
based pun, which I hope will engage people in a conversation about, art,
collecting and the rhetoric of this system. I also hope it brings a
smile to you.
If you would like to contribute send a photo of the person named Art , along with the name of the person who has the copyright to
the photo and if, either the photographer or the Art wants to be
linked, any websites.
Images can be sent via email at looking4art (at) gmail (dot) com.
Thanks and enjoy the arts!

looking4art (at) gmail dot com
the art of collecting


Art Filter Bubble | Need for your input

Sun Jul 31, 2011 14:25

Watching Eric Pariser’s TED talk brings up a lot of important questions about  about the filter bubbles in which we live, especially as they pertain to art.
Am I seeing the “art” you are? What are the qualifiers and how does
location and browser history manifest in the search of art? do we see
the same thing?
For this project, participants use a search engine such as
google, and type the word “art” in the search query. From this search
send a screen shot of the image and text search. This collection of the
searches is tagged for location and person.
You can see the beginnings at:
If you would like to add to this inquiry, please send the images along with your name and location when you took the shots to:
looking4art  {at} gmail  { dot} com
And feel free to share this with whoever you think may be
To check out the video:


Art and Technology: Changing Paradigms

Wed Apr 20, 2011 00:00

Savannah , Georgia
United States of America

2011 SECAC conference
November 9-12, 2011

Please send all submissions - as well as any questions you may have - to Belinda Haikes, or Gary Keown, Please put in the subject line SECAC.

The Panel:
Art and Technology: Changing Paradigms

With continuous advancements in technology within many expected areas of visual arts, there are some disciplines where this is not so expected. Photography has for a time seen an evolution from traditional processes to that of digital camera usage and various printing techniques including the giclée print. There have also been new practices in printmaking that utilize digital software, printing, and the combination of the traditional with these current approaches. New technologies are being adopted in drawing and painting. Sculpture is embracing new advancements using three-dimensionalprinting through three-dimensional modeling software along with output to various devices both in additive and subtractive processes. This session will focus on these new and at times unexpected implementations of advanced technology in the teaching of art and the practice by professional artists where the work utilizes these contemporary methods.

Submit proposals to the panel chair with the 2011 Paper Proposal Form found here: