Becky Heritage
Since 2007
Works in New York United States of America

Throughout my education and professional career, I have pursued the opportunity to work with international and domestic artists in remote and local, academic and artistic collaborations.

As an artist: I practice electronic/interactive media and painting, possessing a BFA in Drawing + Painting and an MFA in Design + Technology.
As an educator: My teaching philosophy and curriculum design involves learning through doing or play.
As a designer: I value Open Source, Sustainable, and Cultural Pluralistic designs.

I am currently working in New York, involved in the visual arts, and its education, as well as communication design and technology research and collaborations.
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GRL in Martha Stewart Living

Wed Mar 07, 2007 00:00 - Wed Mar 07, 2007

Croppers, scrapbooking, all night paper parties...
These are just a few of some things that the GRL's new focus is concentrating on...

And you thought it wasn't work it to buy $200.00 custom scrapbook paper rolly suitcase...

Take a look at what it would like....