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Fwd: 2007 Chicago Underground Film Festival Winners Announced

Hey, I know what your thinking, It's been almost a week when are they
going to post the winners from the 2007 Chicago Underground Film

Festival. Sorry for the delay but we've been catching up on sleep and
generally recovering. Here they are...

Best Animated Film: Phantom Canyon directed by Stacy Steers

Best Music Video: Vile House (Lightning Bolt) directed by Harvey

Best Experimental Film: Black And White Trypps Number 3 directed by
Ben Russell

Best Documentary Short: Invisible City directed by Jack Cronin

Best Documentary Feature: Milk In The Land directed by Ariana Gerstein
and Monteith McCollum

Best Short Film: I Am Keith Hernandez directed by Robert Perri

Best Narrative Feature: Blood Car directed by Alex Orr

Made In Chicago Award: Alla Te Alcanzo (I'll See You There) directed
by Luis Sanchez Ramirez

Big Thanks to this year's festival jury: Amy Beste, Andy Uhrich


PAN (VideoFestival 59 Seconds)

GRUPPO SINESTETICO ( Albertin , Sassu , Scordo)


FREEWAVES FILTER Deadline Extended for Projections Competition in Pasadena

Projections on South Lake in Pasadena Competition
Deadline Extended to October 19!

Due to several requests by students and teachers, they are extending
their deadline to the following:

From July 27th to October 19th for the new Submission Deadline
From August 20th to November 9th for the Winners Announcement
From September 13th to November 15th for the Artists Reception /
Premier screening

Official announcement and submission information:

Projections is a library of silent artists-made videos, films and still
images from
which will be drawn works to create nightly wall-projected programming
as part
of the 1% for Art Program for the Shops on Lake development. Each year,
5 awards
will be given of $1000 each, one to an artist under the age of 18, for
work of high
merit to be included in the Projections library of work. A 5-person
panel of arts
professionals will judge the submissions. The chosen works will be
shown at a
reception for the artists and enter the library of works.

David Bradshaw, Curator
2658 Griffith Park Blvd #386
Los Angeles, Ca. 90039

+ -- --
| interlinking of media
| practice with gender related issues


Fwd: A Taste of GreenBronx: Cultural/Culinary Sampler

> Dear All,
> This coming Wednesday, August the 1st, at 6:30PM, we will be holding a
> special short-attention span Bronx Salon as part of the Bronx Council
> on the Arts' Cultural Trolley.
> This is the way it goes: the cultural trolley will make TWO stops at
> 271 Alexander Ave, 'Spanic Attack headquarters and otherwise private
> residence. Different environmental and sustainability activists from
> our community will do micro-presentations about their main projects
> and ideas. We will also be servingvegan delicacies from stuff grown in
> the South Bronx!