Bart Woodstrup
Since 2003
Works in Sycamore, Illinois United States of America

Vodstrup (1973) is exploring processes for the conversion of data from the meteorological spectrum into sound and image. Vod is especially intrigued by weather modification techniques that mitigate adverse climatological events. This work is an investigation into the relationship between environmental issues and new technology with an emphasis upon the cultural integration of these tools and their use for ecological stewardship. Vod's goals are to understand and manipulate the aesthetics, semiotics, and narratives of various time-based media. This research takes the form of traditional musical composition, real-time interactive audio/video performance, multimedia installation and networked experience. Vodstrup regularly performs modular Live Cinematic programs and was a founding member of Pauline Oliveros' improvisational telepresence ensemble Tintinnabulate. Vod enjoys hacking solar powered LED lawn lamps, dreaming of ways to carbon-neutrally power his plethora of electronic gadgets, and taking long walks with his pet, Rutt Etra. For more up-to-date information about this work please visit There you will find a blog of works-in-progress, music podcasts, and a glossary of terms/concepts that inspire and inform his work.
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Re: Re: Fwd: [undercurrents] Fwd: Arts Intolerance: Emily Jacir/Ulrich Museum Wichita (fwd)


Let up a little on the Mid-west! I know what you mean, but we all aren't that way out here! And by all means keep sending your art out here!!! Regardless of how a few fanatics act. I'm just a small town, white bread, farm boy, but thanks to some very giving teachers and artists (Mary Zerkel, Marjorie Franklin) I was able to see artwork that snapped me out of that mindset. NYC has some hang ups too (Guiliani).

I think that this whole issue is an example of how much the artwork is "working" - we all know that this kind of attention usually helps an artist (I know who Joy is because of the Molotov issue). Don't they teach that in "Art Media Literacy 101"?

Don't waste too much time protesting - send more art instead.


joy garnett wrote:

> sorry, that's like saying: it's okay in the mid-west that they don't
> respect the First Amendment since they are religios and cannibals out
> there -- I mean, "our rules"? really now. I suppose the KKK didn't
> really
> follow "our rules" either.
> On Tue, 14 Dec 2004, Plasma Studii wrote:
> > while this would be outrageous in new york, this is in wichita.
> ever been
> > there? it's actually not totally freaky proudly conservative, and
> > anti-everybody else like much of texas, but about like nj. not as
> glamorous,
> > but not despondent. i grew up near there.
> >
> >
> > anyway, seems like nobody HAS to send their work to the mid-west, we
> choose
> > to (or we choose agents who choose to, etc) but the view of what is
> decent
> > policy for art will be different there. what we see as a shocking
> breach,
> > they wouldn't think twice about. this issue is probably somewhere
> in
> > between.
> >
> > here, art museums can give more "rights" to the artists and their
> work and
> > say "sorry" to investors. not on all occasions, but often. it's
> seen as
> > integrity. there, they just don't do that. investors come first,
> and
> > artists are way down the list of concerns. "artistic integrity" (as
> we
> > define it) might get a laugh. no doubt, this museum was afraid of
> pissing
> > off investors.
> >
> >
> > but more importantly, it's a cultural difference. here (and i don't
> mean
> > just ny, but metropolises where art is gets taken more seriously),
> there
> > isn't nearly as much compromise as acceptance. you don't see
> hamburgers on a
> > menu in an indian restaurant. there, people tend to try to
> accommodate
> > everyone with compromises. something for everyone.
> >
> > and that's exactly what this sounds like. folks angry about only
> seeing one
> > side of an issue are appeased by seeing 2. i don't agree and
> probably no one
> > on this list does either. but we'd be members of a minority
> mind-set there.
> > we have an unspoken "respect" for art, that just isn't universal.
> >
> >
> > we can choose to send works into that disrespectful zone, the
> mid-west, where
> > they don't follow our rules. we can shrug and accept their
> reactions or just
> > not send any there. we could also complain that they don't speak
> english
> > enough in bangladesh.
> >
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