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Re: Professional, affordable website for artists

Hi, Talentcase. $299 seems a bit high for just the software, when
people also will need to pay for hosting.

I asked the Rhizome people if it would be OK for me to respond and
mention ArtCat - htttp://

ArtCat is hosted, so the $250/year cost for artists includes web-
based site management and hosting. I also host a number of galleries
that the Rhizome crowd would be familiar with, including Foxy
Production (

I'll stop here, as I'm not trying to over-commercialize the list.

Barry Hoggard

On Jun 22, 2006, at 5:06 PM, <>
<> wrote:

> Created by artists, for artists, Talentcase offers professional,
> affordable websites for artists to get you online quickly.
> A base package starts at $299 and includes:
> 1. Your choice of design template from our gallery
> 2. 3 pages to display text and images
> 3. 1 showcase section to display your work in image, text, sound or
> video format (must select one showcase type)
> 4. Online admin area to edit your content
> 5. installation on most web hosting accounts (must support PHP/mySQL)
> Add-on features such as custom color palettes and extra showcases
> are also available at low rates, starting at $50.
> Order your Talentcase site today at


Re: google api for image search?

On Jun 27, 2006, at 7:42 AM, Jim Andrews wrote:

> a question for the programmer-artists, if i may.
> has anyone used the google api's to retrieve images from image search?
> ja

What language do you want to use? If it's in Perl, I would use this:

I'm sure there are modules for Java, PHP, etc. too.

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Re: embedded video and bbedit

On May 31, 2006, at 3:54 PM, T.Whid wrote:

> could help to update pages to deal with the eolas/ms patent bug
> --
> <twhid></twhid>

I don't have BBEDIT, but I use QTObject and SWFObject for these things.

Here are some examples of using QTObject with a still from some
client gallery sites:

Foxy Production - Michael Bell-Smith

DCKT Contemporary - Oliver Boberg

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