Barbara Sommerer
Since 2009
Works in Graz Austria

Development and exploration of contemporary means of expression

At the center of eeza is a pool of approximately twenty people who actively meet the daily challenges of the world of art and culture since 2005. Given its members’ expertise in this area, eeza is capable of providing services which are at the same time economic, new and unconventional.

eeza offers consulting, planning and organisation for cultural and arts projects. eeza also specialises in areas such as physical project realisation; technical solutions; exhibition/event technology; as well as realisation of artistic work on a commissional basis.

A unique feature of the services provided by eeza is their ability to provide a complete package, bringing a project from its basic idea, through all steps of its realisation, and successfully all the way to the opening event.

Our challenge is the realisation of elegant small ideas as well as the really big ones. In order to find a balance between theoretical and artisan work, a versatile workshop has been set up on our premises. This workshop provides the basis for many of our activities, as well as being the centre at which most of our activities are carried out.
After three years, eeza has successfully established itself as a service organisation which offers answers to many questions concerning the execution of cultural projects. The wealth of experience we have acquired through many diverse productions is gladly offered to any new project.