Since 2006

2 00
B r u s s e l s
The cranberry juice comes out of the eye.
The wind cries to Mary and shakes coconut trees on the beach. Waves crash into the sand. B l u e parrots fall on
their head and choke in the ashes. The red and green birds sing dramatic poems. Farther away, alien grasshoppers
trace circles in crop fields. Peacefulness comes back into the studio. Dust and buds are now fixed on the canvas.
My stare is anchored to that devastated landscape, horrified by SO MUCH violence, but fascinated by the
promise of something new. Where does all this come
from; my beastly nature?
Whatever, I had to let it go. As a mountain, I needed to let
the torrent flow. Let the volcano erupt. Let it blow.
Humanity slowly emerges from that chaos. Figures
appear and disappear between the curves
and colors. They still travel in vagueness.
How many layers of paint will it take before I can fix them on paper? Water boils ...
A lava fountain pours into the sea; steam and whistling.
“Why does my house had to burn” shouts an old woman to the furious sky. Time helps for the capture. Thinking does not. Pet food might help. Potato jelly!
2002: Exhibition ‘Dis mais’
2002: Bioengineer in chemistry and bioindustries
2003: Exhibition ‘Le crépuscule de la brochette’ (twilight of the
2003: Creation of the Art Blog ‘sixyeux’
2006: Exhibition ‘Le petit chaperon rouge’ (Little Red Riding
Hood ) at the ‘musée communal de Woluwé saint lambert’.
2006: Invited to exhibit with ‘Jean-Marc De Pelsemaeker
& guests’ at the Pelgrims house (Saint-Gilles)
2006: Exhibition at the ‘fondation pour la figuration libre’
(the foundation for figurative art) during the open house
days of Woluwé-Saint-Lambert.
2006-2007: Publication of the text ‘Les yeux de miel’
(honey eyes)
2007: PhD in sciences
2008: Exhibition ‘Hans Christian Andersen’ at the ‘musée
communal de Woluwé saint lambert’.
Schiele, Picasso, Dubuffet, Bacon, Hundertwasser, Baselitz
Born in Brussels (1979)
Started to paint in 1992
To know a little