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MIRACLE #0000001:

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MIRACLE #0000007:

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MIRACLE #0000013:

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MIRACLE #0000019:

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MIRACLE #0000025:

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MIRACLE #0000031:

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MIRACLE #0000037:

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MIRACLE #0000043:

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MIRACLE #0000049:

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august highland

muse apprentice guild
--"expanding the canon into the 21st century"

culture animal
--"following in the footsteps of tradition"


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(From The Artificial Human Intelligence Project)

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HEADLINE #0000001:

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HEADLINE #0000007:

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HEADLINE #0000013:

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Does the Bible tell during World War II?.

HEADLINE #0000019:

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HEADLINE #0000025:

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HEADLINE #0000031:

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HEADLINE #0000037:

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HEADLINE #0000043:

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august highland

muse apprentice guild
--"expanding the canon into the 21st century"

culture animal
--"following in the footsteps of tradition"





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august highland

muse apprentice guild
--"expanding the canon into the 21st century"

culture animal
--"following in the footsteps of tradition"




BODY JERK #0000001:

Why do you see pairs of Report: What's the Why are firehouse dogs. P.308 l.-9. from the Staff (log
cusps). In. Z` mzixebl`d siqen -l`a, valent to Omega (log =*. We come to the proof of Celeste? on
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BODY JERK #0000007:

People from their dental The discussion of DR]. 2 What do the mysterious On the old "Today" show,.
Is there a historical, sentence, 'See Spot money?. 1/20 of a cent"?, res ult in H. .ie`xk lrtz `ly
d`xed lk, new np.

BODY JERK #0000013:

Elliptic curves (e=s), 0 What's the secret of. (c). Australia's Vegemite: of women living together.
Z + y z, oven make a bulb light (f ) ~*. Me mr np The. Thing as cannibalism?, Chicago lyric "25
or 6 his patients with AIDS?.

BODY JERK #0000019:

Staff, + mileage: windows up, AC. omega k. the image of b, nose? ae B. Does it take more energy
Did scientists discover (Rp. P=0 in the set, Did scientists discover coins are in profile. Staff
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BODY JERK #0000025:

Rea dfl, Australia's Vegemite: `. What is the maximum cause acute anxiety? ,! B. Report: can a
baseball Staff Why is white meat white. =w(n Why is "Fido" a common "churchkey," meaning a. How to
detect tornados naval base in Cuba?.

BODY JERK #0000031:

`, X San Francisco"?. Woodchuck could chuck, names of hurricanes? Why do the British. An kodaira-
spencer type sting you. Denote the r-module of The Why doesn't the water in. Why do you see signs
naval base in Cuba? schemes S over Spec(R),.

BODY JERK #0000037:

Why do we celebrate Why did the Magi =. Restriction to n The. Sections a=h, How come portraits on
its sense of. In Is " The Wizard of Oz" a np. How many people have )=(p + one, hence the two.

BODY JERK #0000043:

. by replacing the basic mean?. Can some people K is locally free and P . Let f be a function. `,
flipperless pinball c; d are integers such. Like circus peanuts?, Z + Y Z =*. ,miiw dxwa lpbiqa (f
war syndrome"?.

august highland

muse apprentice guild
--"expanding the canon into the 21st century"

culture animal
--"following in the footsteps of tradition"