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Works in Colorado Springs, Colorado United States of America

Atomic Elroy is a time based media artist working in video installation and performance, and a combination of all three. Elroy considers himself an Art Humorist using a self mocking approach to all artistic values and standards. Never quite knowing if he is involved in self parody, or just frustrated with the art worlds pedantic nature, he always goes for the humor
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Re: Re:

SPAM, wonderful SPAM!


L.T. Wheeler wrote:

> What's up with this? What is going on here ... Please advise.
> Thanks
> Jim Dultz Jim Dultz wrote:
> > Some bextra attorney is of a kind of <a
> > href="" target=_blank>bextra
> > attorney</a>.


Re: Re: yet even More Artstar

hi y'all!

could this ( perhaps be nothing more that a publicity stunt by Deitch?
albeit with a certain benefit to the "winning artist".

or perhaps just another chance to delve into pedantic ambiguity?



Re: remove me from your emails

junanne wrote:

> please remove me from your emails...thanks

atomic sez:

can you send me more emails?



Re: CA, NY, TX, SC, PA, NJ, IL, AL, NV Movers

emil cohen wrote:

> California Movers from CA and to CA, all States Moving
> Tel: 1.818.439.3474

well colorado IS a bit backward.. but come on... can't we even get spam?



Re: Re: Fwd: [undercurrents] Fwd: Arts Intolerance: Emily Jacir/Ulrich Museum Wichita (fwd)


here is copy of an e-mail i sent to David Butler and copied to Kevin Mullins. I urge other to do so also.

I read a bit about the cowardly way you have marginalized the artist Emily Zghal's work by allowing a religious group to put some form of disclaimer in relationship to the work.
simply said art is about expression and not balance. You should be ashamed of yourself, this country does still have a constitution and it's first amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

which applies to all forms of expression artistic and otherwise in case you forgot.

t.whid wrote:

> I'm going to force a museum to allow my aesthetic opinion to be
> equally
> balanced the next time I see something I don't like in a gallery or
> museum.
> BLUE! I HATE BLUE! I demand space in the gallery for my opinion to be
> heard!
> It's absolutely ridiculous. The admins of this so-called art
> institution should be ashamed of themselves.
> On Dec 14, 2004, at 1:00 PM, Plasma Studii wrote:
> > while this would be outrageous in new york, this is in wichita.
> ever
> > been there? it's actually not totally freaky proudly conservative,
> > and anti-everybody else like much of texas, but about like nj. not
> as
> > glamorous, but not despondent. i grew up near there.
> >
> >
> > anyway, seems like nobody HAS to send their work to the mid-west,
> we
> > choose to (or we choose agents who choose to, etc) but the view of
> > what is decent policy for art will be different there. what we see
> as
> > a shocking breach, they wouldn't think twice about. this issue is
> > probably somewhere in between.
> >
> > here, art museums can give more "rights" to the artists and their
> work
> > and say "sorry" to investors. not on all occasions, but often.
> it's
> > seen as integrity. there, they just don't do that. investors come
> > first, and artists are way down the list of concerns. "artistic
> > integrity" (as we define it) might get a laugh. no doubt, this
> museum
> > was afraid of pissing off investors.
> >
> >
> > but more importantly, it's a cultural difference. here (and i
> don't
> > mean just ny, but metropolises where art is gets taken more
> > seriously), there isn't nearly as much compromise as acceptance.
> you
> > don't see hamburgers on a menu in an indian restaurant. there,
> people
> > tend to try to accommodate everyone with compromises. something for
> > everyone.
> >
> > and that's exactly what this sounds like. folks angry about only
> > seeing one side of an issue are appeased by seeing 2. i don't
> agree
> > and probably no one on this list does either. but we'd be members
> of
> > a minority mind-set there. we have an unspoken "respect" for art,
> > that just isn't universal.
> >
> >
> > we can choose to send works into that disrespectful zone, the
> > mid-west, where they don't follow our rules. we can shrug and
> accept
> > their reactions or just not send any there. we could also complain
> > that they don't speak english enough in bangladesh.
> >
> > judsoN
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> >
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